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Hello my friend Noe, I'm Elena.
I'm very pleased to receive your response. Now I'm very interested to
find a soulmate. I hope that my choice will be you. I never believed
in marriage agencies. However, you answered me. Maybe it is our
happiness.Let us know. Good to hear from you! I apologize for the
delay with replying. The reason is local dating agency, which gave me
your email. I would like to get to know you and see where it leads us.
So, a little about me: I'm 29 years old, blond hair and gray-green
eyes, height 5 feet and 5 inches. I'm in great shape. I not when was
not married and I have no kids. I work as the dentist. I have serious
intentions and I do not want to make a wrong choice. Now I have
written to you. For me it is a way which will allow me to try to find
a man whom I could not find in the standard ways(such as -
acquaintance in a bar, in the street or on job). I do not play game
and I search real for the man. And I think we can begin to correspond
with you. Is it true? We are two people who want to meet someone. I
think we can try to know better each other. My hobbies: sports,
mountain ski, swimming, reading of books. I love children, animals,
the nature. I'm a good cook. Also I will be glad to find out more
about you and your interests. I really would like to know you better,
your race, languages which you can speak, a hobby? Today, I have not
enough time to write more about myself. But in the next letter, I will
write you more detailed about myself and my life. I will wait for your
letter. In attachment to this letter you can see my pic. With best
regards. I was hoping to hear more about you.

P.S. Please tell me more about you and lets get to know more about
each other. Also, I wait from you pics. If you have any questions, let
me know,

Yours sincerely
Elena mailto:[email protected]


Hello my friend Noe.
I am very pleased to receive your letter. I am very pleased that you
have responded. I hope that our relationship will be enjoyable for
both of us. Maybe I'm too cocky, but our friendship is this thread
that binds us. I think this thread will never be broken and lead to
mutual feelings. I hope that now you have a good mood, and after
receiving my letter will be even better. At the moment I sit and smile
just because I can share my feelings and experiences. I hope my words
did not offend you. I live in the city, which has a military
institute. Therefore, I have the opportunity to communicate only via
email. We have strict rules and without the permission of the military
is not possible to leave the city. At the moment I live alone and
fully provide for themselves. I am able to buy everything I needed,
including a plane ticket if I'm going to go on holiday. So I want to
say that I do not need your financial support. If you suddenly want to
see my nude photos, then I'll just say it's against my principles and
nude photos, I will not send. Tomorrow I will have a difficult day.
Early in the morning at 6 o'clock I, along with other doctors in a
special medical bus go to distant villages and will provide medical
care to the residents of these villages. In these villages there are
no medical clinics. People from these villages do not have the
opportunity to come and get medical care. We come back very late,
sometimes even after 10 pm. I will still wait for your letter. Your
letters give me strength and hope. I want to know you better, to touch
you and look into your eyes. Write about yourself, your photos come. I
am sending you a kiss. I hope you catch him, and he will warm your
P.S. I would like to ask you like my photos? In your country there are
buses for medical care to the poor?

Yours sincerely,
Elena mailto:[email protected]
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Ive had the exact same emails and pictures a scammer without doubt. There are 3 entries for this one.