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Hello my favourite Ludek!!! I am glad to see from you the letter!!!
As I called to you also to me spoke that such number does not exist,
What for so???
I wish to begin the letter with that that I remember ours date acquaintances, it is on March, 6th,
and I so would want that in the future we could celebrate this date
Together. But now we had problems. We much each other wrote
Much in letters, we learnt each other. And I have understood that is time to us
Will meet, for this purpose what to check up our feelings at ours
Meetings, only so we can understand as our feelings are strong. And I want
To speak all words of love not only in letters and at our meeting.
I would dream every day of that what to find that man which to me
The Internet approaches also has connected us. And so it is a pity to me, that I cannot cover
The expenses for our meeting, I tried to find money, I asked
Girlfriends, but at girlfriends are not present money, I as asked money the
Aunts, but she to me has told, that it cannot help me with this problem
As she has bought not for a long time plastic windows.
There are still bad news, in the cafe Internet are going to close, as
It does not make profit, I was informed today by the manager of the Internet
Cafe, I asked how many still the Internet of cafe and it will work
Has told, that he waits the answer from the heads, he has told, that the cafe Internet
It can be closed though tomorrow. The darling I think to us it is not necessary to play for time and
It is necessary for us will meet, and to check up as our feelings and I very much are strong
I hope for that I can be with you all life. I today
Spoke about it with mum and it is very happy, as she knows
History that I cannot arrive to you and my mum would help but it on
Pensions. I in general have become puzzled now, I do not know what now to do, and I
I do not wish to interrupt our correspondence, I wish to see you at ours
Meetings and so the darling it is not necessary for us to waste time, we need to search
Exit, I wish as still to go to other city to the old
The acquaintance, it can can help. And so the darling, I as would like
Ask you you could not to help? In general, I still as went yesterday
Also learnt as in general there is a trip registration, I was informed
The tourist agent, that I will need to conclude with them the contract,
After that I will need to hand in the statement on the visa, and the statement on
Passport for travel abroad registration, it will be necessary to make out insurance, I
As I asked for what time I can issue all papers and already
To arrive to other country, and the agent to me has told that all registration will occupy
Approximately 10 days. I as was interested concerning the visa under the invitation,
And in travel agency to me have told, that they will not help me with a trip
If I do the visa under the invitation as they are engaged only
Trip registration as the tourist, my dear and I have thought about all
well and if I do not do all through travel agency,
it will be very heavy to me to make trip registration,
I think that the best variant it to do a trip through travel agency!
As to me have told all that will cost:
The visa costs: 120 Euro
The passport for travel abroad: 105 Euro
Tickets: 348 Euro
Insurance: 90 Euro
Medical card: 43 Euro
And for travel agency work: 50 Euro.
City: Zelenodolsk
The address: Gogolya 24, 423450
The country: Russia
Name: Natalya
Surname: Efremova
And so my dear on it I will finish the letter. And
Tomorrow I wait from you for the answer. With love yours Natalya