Scammer Redrovska Tetyana

Chernihiv Ukraine

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I thougt we where in a relation for more then half a year .
We have visit each other , and the last time she was her , she forgot to close her email when she left , and then I did find out , that I was not the only one , she had at least 25 she was writing with , and she was inviting people over to Ukraine , and asking for tikets from a lot of them to get on a trip to them.
She always talked about a nice apartment they can rent ( I think it's a friend who is in to this to )
I was ad her home , so I did not use that , but the first time she asked me to rent , but I did not.
She is asking for money to buy food and clothing for her and her daughter , so when you are in contact with her for so long , and did meet each other and her daugther , then you think it's normal , so you do that. ( I'm glad I was always strikt in that , I did not give much )
But ok , that was my mistake , but I will prefent others the same mistake I made .
I did already did mail all her contacts , and informed them about the situation , and I talked with a few , and also with the one she is with ad the moment in France I had a conversation on the phone, and I explained it all , and told him to keep his wallet closed.
He already payed for plain tickets , so that harm is already done.
So this is I think a special case , but also a scammer , but then in a other way .
Next week she has planed to come her again , but I think that will not happen now I did find out the way she works, and after that her visum is finished , and I will not ask a new one for her.