Scammer Kseniya Scopina Kseniya

Kirov / Kirow 610044
Kirov / Russia
610044 Kirov / Mira 39-8

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Comment #147248
The woman Kseniya Scopina is a ticket and visa cheat and has been trusted for over 3 months and has stolen me by 3000 €. The baseness and playing with the emotions dominates you perfectly. I thought I had some knowledge of human nature, but this woman is washed with all the water. I have a picture of your ID Card. She should fly to Frankfurt today, the contact is quite by chance after she has received the 3000 € gone. It does not answer anymore and does not respond to any mail. I think you work in a scam team of several people. See the pictures with your girlfriends. This cheater belongs in the prison. This woman Kseniya Scopina has no honor and pride and enjoys playing with people's emotions.
Comment #147249
Good day my love, my dear and nice man x! I love you so much, I can write many times to you about it, and each time I will feel it more strongly! I yearn you, without you coldly to lay down at night in a bed, without you alone to walk on streets, that you never before were not near to me is sad only.
If at least once you would be with me, likely now would write every day some times. I will give you many emotions, it is a lot of love, pleasure. We can discuss a lot of prophetic, we can laugh that our conversation in the beginning will not be good, because of difficulty of a language barrier, but gradually we will cope with it. All needs time, time our doctor, time our assistant, time allows to rethink much, many things can be understood in due course in another way. In all it is necessary to see signs, destiny signs. All of us still communicate, still we love each other, this feeling does not die away even on distance, it too a sign, a sign on our fidelity, the purpose is already close, there was a kick, and I will be with you!!! I wait this delightful moment! I have good news, I was in tour agency and there is an information for flight.
My start from Moscow (Sheremetyevo) at 15:30 on August, 5th.
I will come to Frankfurt (FRA) in 17:50. At this time you will meet me at the airport!
Direct flight: SU2656
My dear x, I wish you good day, you in my thoughts always. I love you day and night!
Comment #147250
Good morning my love x! how are you? In Monday I will go to Moscow in embassy for visa. I will reserve the ticket on next weekend 4-5 August. It is convenient for you?
Dear I very much miss on you, I wait the moment more and more to be in your embraces. I want day and night to kiss you, I will be for you passionate, romantic, sexual, womanly, desired, charming! :) I can be different during a life, but each time you will fall asleep with one woman with real Me!
For me there is no the best award to see your happy eyes and a wide smile when we for the first time we will see each other. You will smile and will embrace me, and I in the answer will smile to you too and I will embrace you even more strong. Then you will tell "Hello my Kseniya", and I will answer "Hello my dear Maurice"! Later you will tell that is glad to see me and is happy that I have arrived, I will answer that could not make differently. My the life is connected with you for ever, and now we cannot go separate ways, there is only one way - for ever together! And we will laugh, you take my a hand and we will go to yours car as a married couple, we will communicate, and we will ask each other hundreds different questions. I will worry, maybe I will be nervous, because I will wait the moment to kiss you for the first time in lips! Mmmm... our first sweet kiss.
My dear Maurice, the life gives us many possibilities, gives a choice set of ways as there is a disappointment and many other things, but let's begin our life without superfluous illusions, we will live in present time, it is not necessary to feed excessive imaginations. Time will show all, we will simply live and enjoy in each afternoon together. The life itself will prompt to us correct way, that we will important love each other, respect. Now it is the most important qualities to start creation of a good family so we will have a strong base! I love you Maurice!
I have one imagination, I wish to tell about it, maybe it will force you to be surprised, maybe you will laugh, but sometime I wish to try unusual way to make love. Some role games, at you should be clothes superman then I will be catwoman! ^lol ^. Please do not laugh loudly, it only one of my imaginations. :))) I have many imaginations further to diversify our daily life.
I hope that now at you all well and your mood at high level. Let's go my tiger, I wish you great day!!! With love your Kseniya.