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Kirov / Kirow 610044
Kirov / Russia
610044 Kirov / Mira 39-8

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Comment #147251
Good day my love x! I here also write again you the letter. Thanks for your support, at you are correct thoughts. It says to me that waits for us the happy future!
It is a pity, what not in my forces to change all circumstances which keep us at arm's length. It is heavy to love on such distance and sometimes simply I become crazy, but I know that not one with me. Warm and care are felt even for thousand kilometres of roads.
We are really familiar with you already long time, we have written each other set of letters, it is so much compliments and warm words to me were not spoken by any person � only you. You stored our love. Has much made, and you would will make that our love could live till today, about day of our meeting. I wish to tell to you, that you are valid dear the man for me and as never I now understand it. I love you madly, you began to mean much more, than all my life. THANKS THAT YOU are MY DEAR!!! :)))
I have very strongly become bored of you. At all I do not know with what to compare that feeling inside, what to describe as me without you sadly. You in my heart take a special place, it only for you and is more for anybody. So you are a pity that now far. I so wish to see now you, your smile to hear your voice, to touch you. You are necessary to me.
When I will arrive to you, we will have a lot of time for the present nights of love. I will achieve that your body would burn from pleasure in pleasure of my caresses. You will feel tachycardia, will hear the brought down rhythm of breath, will see a sight displaying wild thirst. You will be in mine to a temptation captivity. I will present to you nights of caress and warm embraces supplementing passion of affinity. I wait for our meeting x!
With love your wife! :)
Comment #147253
Hello my dear x, it is wonderful day. I to see very glad again your message. Here today solar weather, and on my heart too pleasure! Thanks for your help, I thank you. I will do the utmost as soon as possible to arrive to you!
I love you, I feel myself as the happiest woman all over the world!!! This happiness to me is given by you, you my unique man, my hero! I wish to divide with you everything, every minute my life, each sleepless night, in pleasure and a trouble I wish to be for you the unique woman... The wife!
My love, you after all know that I for a long time already without work and understand that I cannot write to you much, even having written to these some lines, now I should save any means. But I cannot without dialogue with you, I cannot live in loneliness. It is necessary for me to see your letters and to read your words. Between us unique emotional communication is more than letters and love, between us, and I wish to see every day your letters, to read all your thoughts and recognitions, it delivers me great pleasure! Even any your letter pleases me. It says to me that you thought of me, you did not forget me!
I love you, I wish to write it in all languages of the world, but I am afraid that I at all will not have time! :))) I will write it only a few languages. Te amo!!! Je t'aime!!! Ich liebe Dich!!! Pleasant to you of day, with love your girl!
Comment #147254
Hello my dear and loving man!
Maurice, each time I accept you such what you are, another, different, new. In letters you happen short, sometimes write about everyday life sometimes about sex much.)) but each time it is interesting to me to read any your letter! I respect correct elections for you and decisions. I choose for ever to like you to satisfy with pleasure your requirements. You my future husband and I do not hesitate to speak to you about it! I want that you knew, I bear responsibility that occurs to me and in me, I bear responsibility for our relations, for creation of space of love, for the creative self-realisation in a life, for our future life!
Dear, at times we dream of impossible happiness. Perhaps, to you, as well as me earlier, saw, that when we will meet each other in a life the full calm for ever will come, or we are waited by something else. I speak it to that we did not think of the future. As did not wish to receive or change something, all it depends on circumstances and from that as we will react to these circumstances. And in some days all to change, and we will start to do our plans real! We will be together, it is our destiny.
I understand and I know that there will be too difficulties further, even when I will be with you, there will be difficulties, but I am ready to it. Between us there will be a cultural distinction, a language barrier, but all can study in it, these are only time difficulties. Only do not allow us to have in the future conflicts or to that similar. After all loving people should try to understand at the conflict, that their relations not war. Your victory in quarrel is my defeat, so defeat of our feelings as a whole. I know, that is necessary for you the same as also you, me. My dear Maurice, I swear to love you!
I know that soon there will arrive that day our appointment, our first smile when we will meet at the airport! :))) I promise to you that you will lose a head with happiness! :) We will embrace each other and to be turned, and all people surrounding us will look at us and to smile, but to us their opinion will be indifferent. Because our hearts will be full of happiness and delight!
Today I give to you many sweet kisses. Your Kseniya.
Comment #147255
Hello my dear x, now I in Moscow. Sorry, but today I have bad news. I was in embassy and I had an interview. All went well, but then there were some tricky questions, and it has spoilt definitive result. But all can be corrected if to hurry.
You know that now between our countries there is a political pressure, sanctions and all it influences usual people. The visa to receive more difficult, than it was supposed. Now it is a lot of people from Russia wish to leave from the country in searches the best life, but it not always happens lawfully and well. Usually there are problems at tourists at which money comes to an end. Therefore conditions and rules have become tougher. As you know I have only 1500 euro for residing at your country. But the visa is valid 90 days, and it is necessary to have means for residing on every day. The minimum sum which I should have for travel 3000 euro. Then they will not have reasons for refusal. It is one problem, but it is difficult for solving, because it is the big sum. I know your situation and from it is worse doubly. What you think? Tomorrow I will come back home, I will write to you tomorrow in the afternoon.
Sorry dear. I so have got tired and it is difficult to write about love and beautiful words. I need relax now. I love you so much!
Comment #148205
She wrote also to me..trying to get my love and then to pull money .
Be careful!

Hello my dear X, thanks for your letter. I do not know the average salary on Russia, this too different in different cities. In Moscow there are big salaries, in other cities it is less. I receive approximately 250 USD. I understand that the language barrier exists between us, I little speak English. But I study English language. I think that it only a time problem. I write through PC in library, it is convenient. On phone there are no appendices, and it is inconvenient to write long letters.
I wish to be limiting with you frankly, I think obviously, that between us there is something more than friendship, and now it is possible to discuss our strong and weaknesses. If I know your opinion it will be much easier to us to understand our feelings.
Dear, excuse me for persistence, but I wish to know your relation to me? Would be not the truth if I tell that I feel nothing to you. With each letter the feeling of liking to you increases more and more. But I do not wish to be deceived, I do not hurry you with the answer, I want that the answer was carefully weighed and honesty. If you feel nothing to me, I will not take offence. But if at you is though a drop of feelings to me, I want about it the nobility. I wish to be assured that all need to be continued it in the future.
At me was not during long time of the man, were wishing to occupy my heart. But nobody has caused in me of interest. I do not know, why and as it to explain, I am probable simply did not want it or was not ready. Now the situation has exchanged, this correspondence has changed my sights in relations. Any changes always to the best, but the most important, that in my life are now such man with whom I wish to change. It you my dear X!
In cafe where I work, married steams often come. I see as they lovely communicate, embrace, kiss. I see their fascinated eyes, and from time to time to me happens enviably. I know so not well to speak, but I the young beautiful girl why I cannot feel same most? Why I cannot be with the person who will look in my eyes an enamoured sight and to rejoice to each minute spent together?
I very tired to be one, and to live in hope of the good future. I wish to be assured, what with you my X, all it waits for me actually? What do you think of it, you consider at us there is a chance of the joint future?
Today evening I will go to father, and I will come back tomorrow morning. I will write to you after returning. Now I am going to choose a gift for the father, therefore I finish the letter. I wish to buy him a beautiful shirt, it is a suitable gift.
I wait tomorrow for yours the letter, and I wish to see from you new photos.
Hugs and kisses!