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De Rossi
Cabanatuan Philippines

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She said that she worked at a company that required her to be online to respond to customer of her company ... later she told me it was an adult site as a web girl ??

I know you are busy now that's why you didn't came on line so I write an e-mail to you! Well first I would like to tell a bit about myself. As the eldest child in my family I really love my family specially my mother and of course my brothers and sister. I am a sweet and caring since when I was a child, I am thoughtful and really cares a lot to the persons that I love. When I am at home I really like cooking as my favorite food to cook is spaghetti (that's my favorite food).
When i was 20 years that's the first time i got boyfriend and go into dating but of all of those three dates i have it doesn't go to serious relationship. And as time goes by I don't have time for dating because i decided to work for my family, well here if you work like kind of my work now they think that you are a bad girl, well it really doesn't affect me because what I was thinking is I have to work for the one I love I know my work is not good but because looking work here in Philippines I decided to work as a cam model.
Until I met you I thought you were like other guy that can judge me because of my work, but then as days goes by we chat and we talk I prove to my self that you are very different to other guys that I met. You are very understanding and don't judge me and you really threat me good like a princess,and that's the time I tell myself that you are one of a kind well not all guys are like you that's why I am so happy that I met you. Well i talk my family about you and they said whatever makes me happy they will just support me , because I already tell my family about our plans of me going there and if we like each other we will get married. just tell my mom she wants to meet you someday. And also my brothers want to drink some beers with you, would you like that? hehehehe
OK all for now, I will write more to you next time. Hope to chat to you soon as you promise me you will go online on my birthday. Take care and God bless!!! I love you

Loving and caring,