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She wrote me e-mails full of love. We were writing e-mail for three months. Her e-mail communication were typically written for bachelor, which had bad experience with women. Her e-mail and pictures were unique, but coming from wrong place or season. The responses were not in context of my messages. Basically, there is no way to live in Russia and to speak so good by Slovak, German and English as she was writing me in e-mail.
Look that communication in English and German:

Hallo Marian!
Bekanntschaft ist die Möglichkeit, sich gegenseitig kennenzulernen, was einmal gegeben ist. Und ich möchte diese Gelegenheit nutzen.
Sie werden wahrscheinlich überrascht sein, den Brief von der Frau erhalten, die sich nie getroffen hat, deshalb werde ich Ihnen zuerst vorgelegt. Mein Name ist Klara.
Wir haben dich auf der Dating-Seite getroffen. Dort hast du mir deine Email hinterlassen.
Ich werde es dir ehrlich sagen, ich bin interessant und süß. Und ich möchte dich besser kennenlernen. Was denkst du darüber?
Beantworte meinen Brief, sag mir ob du an unserer Kommunikation interessiert bist oder nicht.
Ich werde auf deine Antwort warten. Ich hoffe, du wirst mir antworten.

Good afternoon Marian!
I'm glad to receive your answer! How are you? How did you spend the weekend?
Can I write to you in English?
I will be pleased to continue to communicate with you.
I'm glad to see your photo. You are a handsome man.
This is my first acquaintance with a man on the Internet online. And that's why I'm a little worried.
Now I will tell a little about myself. My name is Klara. I am 33 years old.
I was born and live in Russia. My city is called Samara.
You can see my city on Google maps. It's an old and beautiful city.
Please tell me about your city.
I'm a lonely woman who is tired of being alone. I have a kind, caring and sympathetic heart.
I'm looking for a serious relationship with a man to whom I can give my warmth and care.
I sincerely believe that distance can not be a problem for our communication.
It seems to me that we should be frank with each other from the first letters.
I want you to be honest with me, and I'll respond to you in return.
You know, I would like to find a serious, honest, caring and decent person with whom I could share my life.
Love is the most important thing for me. I would like to find a special man and be happy with him.
On this I will finish my letter. I hope that you are not tired of reading my letter. I believe that we will continue our communication.
In my next letters I will tell more about myself.
I send you my photo. I hope you'll like it.
I will wait for your answer.
Your new friend Klara.

Hallo Marian!
Ich beeile mich, dir einen Brief zu schreiben.
Wie geht es dir? Wie wirst du das Wochenende verbringen?
Heute haben wir eine wolkige Temperatur von -4 Grad. Welches Wetter hast du?
Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende!
Ich warte auf deine Antwort.

Hello Marian!
I am happy to answer your message.
Thank you for your answer. How are you doing today?
I really want to get to know you better if you let me.
I'm looking for a serious relationship.
I want to tell you about my character. My character is very gentle and gullible.
I have a good heart. I'm a romantic girl, so I still believe in romantic fairy tales.
Sometimes I sit on the couch in the evening, covering myself with a blanket, and I dream of a strong man's shoulder.
How sometimes you want to bury yourself in a strong man's shoulder and feel defenseless.
And that the man sitting next to him could protect me. But unfortunately there is not this person with whom I could sit together in the evening.
Do you get lonely in the evenings?
Do you want that on a beautiful warm evening near you there was a girl who will love you and which you will love?
Oh, that I was dreaming.
Tell us about your character, your thoughts and dreams.
In my life, I have never been able to find my love. I've never been married.
My last relationship ended 2 years ago and so far I am alone. My man changed me with another woman.
I do not want to talk about this now. I forgot all this and left it behind. Now I have a new life.
I hope you understand me correctly. Let's continue our conversation.
I work as a fitness trainer. I love my job.
The work of a fitness trainer requires great dedication. But I'm used to seeing the positive sides in everything.
The work of a fitness trainer is quite diverse. I conduct not only training, but also dancing, aerobics.
I consult newcomers in the gym and lead the groups in the pool.
Can you tell me about your work? What are you doing? Do you like your job?
I send you my photo very much I hope you will not leave it without attention.
I really look forward to your letter. I wish you a good day!
Your friend Klara.

Hello Marian!
How are you???
I'm glad to receive your letter again.
I'm so pleased to learn more about you. I really like talking with you.
Now I will tell you about my hobbies, what I do in my free time.
I like to cook. I like to cook from childhood. My mother awakened my love for cooking.
My food is my way of life, on which my health depends. As a fitness coach, I follow my diet.
What kind of food do you like? What do you usually eat?
I really like riding horses.
My acquaintance with horses began long ago, even when I was a student.
We were led to the stable with a hike to look at the horses.
That day, I first swept a horse. It was excellent.
After this day, I realized that riding on horses grabs me very much.
I send you my video and photo, where I ride a horse. I hope you like it.
My hobby is reading. I like to read books. I spend much more time on books than watching TV.
I read many books in my life, thanks to which my inner world became much brighter and richer.
Marian, tell me about your hobby. What do you like to do in your spare time? It will be interesting for me.
By the way, I'm always glad to receive from you your new photo.
I'm finishing the letter, but I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.
Marian, I wish you a good day!

Hello Marian!
I am glad to receive your letter. I'm glad you did not forget to answer me.
I'm interested in communicating with you Marian, and I find this communication very interesting.
Let's continue our communication. Today I want to tell you about my family.
This is an important part of my letter. Frankly, I'm starting to trust you and I can tell you about my family.
I live alone in a one-room apartment. I have a mother. Her name is Natalya.
She lives alone in the countryside near my city.
By the way, today after work I'm going to visit her.
I have an older sister. Her name is Elena. She married for a long time, and now she lives with her husband.
In my childhood, I dreamed of a brother. But my mom and dad swore a lot and then divorced. My dream of a brother was never realized.
My dad left the family when I was small. Now nothing is known about his fate.
My mother alone raised us with her sister. My mother is a very kind woman and she always kept our home.
She works in a kindergarten for young children. Apparently the love of children was passed on to me from my mother.
Marian, please tell us about your family. I will be interested to know your family.
Now I'll send you a video where I'm walking with my sister Elena. I hope you enjoy the video.
Not so long ago, my sister and I walked in the park. This video was taken by my sister's husband. On this video, I'm in a black jacket.
I'm finishing the letter. I look forward to your reply with impatience.

Good afternoon Marian!
I hope for you he is really kind.
Every day of communicating with you brings me a good mood.
I'm so happy that I could find such a person through the Internet.
I could not even imagine that you can meet such a beautiful interlocutor.
After getting to know you, my life has even changed.
I had another interest in life, and in general many say that I have become different and ask the reason.
But I do not understand why they think so. About you, I almost did not tell anyone.
Just yesterday, I told my mom about you. I told her that I have a friend with whom I communicate on the Internet.
She was happy for me. Do you mind if I told her about you?
Tell me, did you speak about me to anyone? If so, what was their reaction?
Now I want to tell you about my thoughts.
For me, external beauty is not the most important thing. I think that the inner world of man is much more important than appearance.
External beauty disappears with the years, but the soul always remains unchanged.
People can be beautiful outside, but completely empty inside. Real beauty is in the soul of man. Do you agree with me?
Marian, you are an interesting person. I feel more confident with every new letter.
I can share with you my thoughts and feelings. I feel comfortable. It seems to me that this is important.
You know, I get the feeling that every new letter is a little date. What do you think about it?
You are very kind to me, I appreciate it. I'm sad to talk about this, but it's time to finish my letter.
I'll wait for your letter.

Hello Marian!
How do you?
You did not write to me for two weeks. I hope that now you can write to me everyday!
Marian, I'll tell you about how my usual everyday day passes.
I wake up early in the morning, two hours before the start of my work day.
I take a shower, cook breakfast, make a make-up and then go to work.
I use public transportation to get to work. It takes about 20 minutes.
When I come home after work, I cook dinner, then I read the book, sometimes I watch TV.
You can see that my day is not anything special. But your letters make my life much more diverse.
I want to tell you that after our acquaintance, I began to feel that my life had changed.
And these changes are for the better. I hope that these changes will give me a lot of new things.
I became more cheerful and cheerful. I again want to love and be loved.
And all this thanks to you Marian. I want all this to go on and never stop.
I understand that getting to know you changed my life. And all these changes for the better.
You have filled my life with new feelings and I want these feelings to be mutual.
I keep thinking about you. I think about you when I wake up in the morning.
I think about you when I go to work. I think about you when I go to bed and I fall asleep with thoughts of you!
I do not know how to describe it in words, I just do not have enough words to express it.
I have never felt this before, and so it's hard for me to explain it.
And with each of your letters, these feelings become more and more powerful.
And I can not live without you and your letters. I really miss you!
I think that this fate brought us together. And I am very grateful to fate that I met you.
Do you believe in fate? How do you feel about this?
My mom has a cat named Barsik. I played with the cat when I was with my mother.
She photographed me, and now I'm sending you these photos. I hope you like them.
I will very much wait for your letter. I'm already starting to get bored!
I hope that you will write to me very soon.

Hello Marian!
I'm very glad when I see your new letter. How are you? Did you have a good rest?
Thank you for the video!
In recent days, at my work, everyone started to notice that I have a smile on my face.
At work, my colleagues notice the brilliance in my eyes.
I'm grateful to you Marian, for this feeling, this is you giving it to me.
You become like a ray of sunshine for me. Which gives me more strength for every day.
Tell me, do you feel that there are some changes in your life? Maybe someone tells you about it.
I'm very interested to know that you have a change in your life, too. I have a very good premonition.
My intuition tells me that our friendship is just the beginning.
Yesterday my sister came to see me.
It was a surprise to me, because she did not even warn me that she would come to visit me.
We talked with her for a long time, and I told her about you.
You know, she's not against our dialogue, she even supports me. But, she said that I should be careful.
Marian, I told her only about your good qualities, which I saw in your letters.
When I communicate with you, I see a good, intelligent, honest and caring person.
By the way, today I had an unpleasant but funny incident. I went to work and broke a heel on my shoes.
It happened not far from my house, and I decided to go home to change my shoes.
I was late for work because of this little trouble. My boss is a kind woman, so he did not fined me for being late.
I think I should take my broken shoes to repair.
This incident with my shoes did not completely upset me. When I saw your letter today, I completely forgot about my broken shoes.
I like reading your letters. I send you my photos.
I'm finishing my letter, but I'll wait for your answer.
Have a good day!

Hello, my good Marian!
Now I want to call you that. Of course, if you do not mind.
I've never played in the Casino. I think that the casino is a terrible and dangerous game. This game draws a lot of people.
Many people lose a lot of money in the casino. Because of this, then families collapse and marriages break up.
In order to make money you need to work.
Marian, I want to tell you that I changed my opinion about online dating.
I thought that such dating did not work, but now I understand that I was wrong.
Our relationship develops with every new letter. I love to talk with you, read your letters.
You are a very good person, and my feelings tell me that I'm not mistaken.
Honestly, you do not look like the other men that surrounded me before.
I think that letters can reflect the human soul, the character of a person.
Your letters are very beautiful and kind, which means that your soul is very beautiful and kind, too.
But, I feel in you the manhood of a real man. I hope that you understand my thoughts.
It seems to me that only a real man can be gentle with a woman, without being embarrassed by this.
Marian, I've seen a lot of pain in my life. I experienced the betrayal of the person I loved.
These were very difficult moments in my life, but I coped with it. I think you can never hurt me. You are a real man!
Dear Marian, I can not hold back my feelings for you and I want to admit. It seems to me that I fell in love with you. I can no longer fight with my feelings.
My heart says these words. My soul is full of love. I love you Marian!
I send you my photos made specially for you.
I'm finishing my letter. I told you about my thoughts. It was a really honest and open letter.
I'm sending you a gentle kiss.

Hello my dear Marian!
I received your letter, and now my mood is even better.
Your letters always bring me much joy and happiness.
I reread your letters. I really like what you write to me.
Your words are always in my head, your sweetest words.
I'm so happy that I can write to you and can read your sweet letters. For me it's very nice!
Every word of yours is a great happiness for me.
How are you? How did you sleep today?
Today I slept sweetly. My dear, I thought of you and I was so pleased.
I'm very glad that I told you that I love you.
Now I want to tell you more about my feelings.
My dear Marian, you and your love brought me much joy. I love you!
Frankly, my love grows to you every day.
Now my days have a completely different meaning and now in every day there is much happiness.
You give me this joy and I'm very grateful to you for making me happy.
I hope that you are just as happy as I am.
You give me much joy and always, when I think about you, then a smile appears on my face.
I am glad that our relationship with you is based on sincerity and trust in each other.
For me it is very important.
Between us is such a long distance, but you are in my heart, and I feel you.
I keep thinking about you. Marian you are such a wonderful person that I could not even dream about.
Yes, I completely forgot to write to you. I'll try to call you, so give me your phone number.
I really hope that we can talk with you, I really want to hear your voice.
Now I'm finishing my letter on this and I'll wait for your answer.
I'll miss. I send you my kiss!
Your Klara.
Comment #146812
I do not wanna hurt that girl:
Maybe somebody missuses her pictures. Do you see how I am stupid? Links do not work, profile was deleted very soon to remove all tracking..
Comment #146815
One question for you:
Google did not match sentences from e-mail communication and Veronika's pictures with horse or cat. That's why I thought that the person is real that time and continued in communication. Could be pictures modified so that google will not match it? Scammers do not have time to build unique pictures and e-mails for everybody. They were very good.
I've found this on internet:, Veronika had very nice wedding. :-))
Comment #146833
These are further emails listed on this site for this scammer I checked some of the pictures on alreadt existing entries on this site. Some state these pictures are of Veronika Romanovskaya( Valkyrie)
Comment #146854
the written sign is a sure sign theyre fraudsters trying to con you