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Hello Dear ------
For me it is very pleasant to read your letter.
Thanks that has answered my questions and has told about yourself more
From your letter I understand, that such type of men to me are very pleasant.
And it would be actually pleasant to me to continue with you correspondence.
Probably in the near future it will give positive result - strong relations.
I think now time has come to learn more about the person directly.
I wish to tell, that I rather ambitious girl, but also kind and sympathetic.
I consider, that my character is loyal and compliant. But my mum brought up me since
the childhood
On a classical way of education of girls, that is I wait from the man of care and caress,
I love, when of me care and I give the person the same in replacements. I also wish to tell,
that if
We shall be married, I do not wish to sit without business. I spoke, that I
the ambitious girl and I shall try also spend time to work and career growth,
but also to not forget about family and children. For me also it is important
to know about your character more. I the big optimist, but in the same time
very romantic girl (only romantic, can trust in love at first look))
In relations for me the most important honesty and absence not motive jealousy.
If the person loves, is jealous, yes I know about it but if it offends by the jealousy
feelings of the girl?? Unless it is love. I consider, that it is necessary to
be constrained in the feelings, and emotions to show love and not jealousy.
Certainly I would like to learn, that you think of it.
Well and, certainly, I wish to talk about plans for creation of family.
It is important for me because my age already has approached to when I should find
the happiness and certainly this happiness is shown in love and family.
Tell to me more about it about representation relations and family.
I also would like to hear a little about children, whether you are ready to
have the child or not. And I have a small question, I cannot keep and I wish to ask,
you feel, that at us can receive something serious. Why right now when I finish it letters,
I have wanted to ask it you, that I’m glad write to you.I shall finish the letter
because feelings and memoirs are very strong.
I do not like alcohol, but if a glass of champagne for Christmas))) I do not mind) How do you keep a new year and Christmas??
I hope to receive from you the answer and think of you.
Kiss for you
Your Polina
P.s. All my photos are of my girlfriend, a girl, her name is Hope ...

Hello Darling °°°°°
It is very pleasant to me to hear, that you seriously think of our serious relations.
But I as would like to tell, that gravity of relations means for me.
understand please, at me romantic relations were natural much and not one of them has not given me satisfaction.
As the malicious destiny, always all to spoil mistrust and dishonesty.
It is important, in fact if we are serious, we accordingly should be fair with each other.
It is very important because therefore I very much appreciate honesty and trust
My parents have divorced, my father more precisely has simply thrown us with mother and the little
sister, it is a mean act from its party. It was really difficult to my mum to cope with it.
After that I began to concern very accurately with men because my father meanly has acted with us and I very seriously concern
to honesty and trust and I am upset, when to me speak not the truth. Therefore I want almost ideal family
that the situation with my father in my childhood has not happened already in my family. I feel honesty and
good intentions in your words. You also as well as I try to find love of all life. For me it is important to
read each your letter and to learn it is more. Tell to me please, what
you think of my words, °°°°°°°?
How much you are really serious and whether there can promise be you to me fair always?
Therefore I wish to ask you, please never do to me painfully, because
The broken heart to not stick together by means of glue.
I shall finish the letter because feelings and memoirs are very strong.
I hope to receive from you the answer and think of you.
Kiss for you
Your Polina

Hello dear ------
I really want my letter is a good beginning of our relationship.
My name is Polina Plotnikova me 28 years old, my birthday May 30 !))).
I was interested to read your profile, and I understand that you have what I need!
And I realized that I made the right choice.
I really want to find a man who will become for me a good picture of support
in difficult moments, loving father of my child's future and most importantly
your loved one. I believe that the correspondence is no substitute for real
communication, but I am still new to the internet, I draw up your mail,
I registered on the site!) I have enough
and I must say that it is not interested in a long correspondence.
Now I must talk a little about yourself.
I was born in Kirov, where up to now.
Now I live in the city of Kirov in Russia!
My parents divorced, his father went to work in Nizhnevartovsk, this is such a
cool city in Сибире!, There is very cold! and my mother now lives alone in Chelyabinsk!
I correspond with my mother every day by e-mail! My mom is like)))
Also, I have enough English, I know, so I have no problems in communicating
and able to engage in dialogue.
My interest in swimming, sports, I love to travel, like a collection of old books.
I can not say why I like to watch via the Internet, probably because the Russian boys,
I want a lot of sex, and I think that the money they can, but actually it is not.
What do you think, I work as a nurse! Regional hospital in Kirov!
I graduated from medical schools! And now medical work sister!
I would like to build a family, and I think that you become the person who will complement
my half, and we have become a single whole. I plan to have children, and if you are a man
Then we would succeed. I very much would like to raise children, because I love them
and quickly find a common language.
I will wait for a response, I hope to learn more about you, your city and your interests.
But to me, why are you looking for the girl on the Internet?
I would wait for a response as soon as possible.
Hello my darling -------
Darling again so it is pleasant to receive your letter.
Thanks that you think of me seriously.
I even understand, that you feel, that I spoke you
And ours the desire to see each other starts to grow.
I again start to test fine feelings when I understand, that you think of me.
To me so has bothered lie of many people. I was bothered with men who write to me
They think only sex or try to play simply with me. It is sick for me and I want light
and warm relations.
I do not know as to describe the feelings, simply I wish to tell, be please always frank
with me and if you start to love or you love already, show it, be glad to it, just as me.
Now it seems to me if I shall be mistaken
in you, it already will be very much not pleasantly and painfully for me.
Therefore I hope, that your feelings very warm to me and as I spoke right at the beginning,
that the desire to see each other will come and here it has come.
I understand, that letters I cannot tell any more,
that I shall tell when I shall see your eyes and I shall feel your touches.
I very much hope, that you feel too most and your answer will fill
my soul with happiness and heat.
I wait your answer with impatience
And I want kiss you
Your Polina

Hello my darling -------
It is very pleasant to me to receive the letter from you
Your letters for me mean much, I read your words and I understand not only your gravity,
but also your tenderness and care though it and apriori, but I feel for this reason
I so is frank with you in my letters.
I always try to show the private world, the experiences, in fact it is very important
also you the darling the letters always understand me
Also you think of me, you as well as I try to feel me my darling. I think for this reason,
it is very pleasant to me to think of you
I understand, that your private world is very similar to mine and I think, that our meeting
it will be simple very logical end sew the correspondence. I hope you completely
my darling agrees with me.
Honey, tell to me please, that you think of it.
I shall look forward to hearing with impatience.
Kiss and hugs Your Polina