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Seen other pictures of this person on here , they come unstuck as I’ve actually been to Bryanka and know it well . As soon as this person knew this they stopped messaging
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Hi, James !

I am very glad to meet you))) :-* Probably you are wondering right now
what I am doing here... A beautiful woman on the dating site... It is
unbelievable, right?

Do not want to sound immodest but, yes, I was gifted with good
appearance - thank God and my parents for genes ;-) But as it turned,
my gift is my curse too. The curse because all my admirers were either
arrogant and selfish playboys or rich men who thought that they can
buy me for money. And normal decent men are scared even to come up to
me. They think that I have great demands and expensive tastes. And it
is not so. I am usual girl and I just want to be happy in love.
Because you will agree that without beloved person life is incomplete.
That is why I am here - to find kind, easy-going and caring man who
has open heart ready for love, the same as mine :love: :love: :love:

It seemed to me that you are such guy. Was I wrong? ;-) I will be
happy to get to know you better.

Hope you will reply to me soon)
Yuliya (or Julia if it is easier))
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These girls have so many different emails, it’s impossible to keep up with them, yes I know this girl very well, she calls herself Julia, Yulia, Yuliya,
Who knows what name she is using now none of the names she uses is her real name, I can tell she doesn’t operate on her own !
Yes us decent guys, we only have one profile with the same photo and same life story we use on sites, but these girls who are always the same but using different emails, stolen photos, stories find you again and if you have been kind to them before God help you and every guy that is sincere
Just be alert if you were like me and thought you could change them to be your beloved knowing what they are really after ! Sometimes we should allow our thoughts to overrule what our hearts say !