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Hi hi my dear Yoshiaki
How are you? I hope you're glad to see my letter.
When I see from you the new letter, I immediately become more joyful.))))) smile:)))
I mostly read your emails at work and here to answer your letter .
I couldn't even imagine that my correspondence with you so interested .
To be honest I'm glad we met. I couldn't fully eat all the ice cream , it's a pity you were not there , would help me eliminate it .)))
Yoshiaki in our city there were no big holidays or fireworks . Mainly large festivals and concerts arranged in Moscow . So my day of Russia was calm .
I want to tell you about my daily routine and my Hobbies.
I get up in the morning and go wash your face and apply a little makeup.After in order itself, will lead, I'm going to the kitchen.
I eat Breakfast coffee with milk and a sandwich. After that, I go to work.
My job is a 25-30 minute walk from the house. In the summer I always go on foot
I really like to walk before work. Work schedule my be irregular .
But mostly I work Monday to Friday sometimes on Saturday , I also have the night shift , but very rarely .
At lunch I go to the dining room , which is located in the hospital .
And as soon as I have some free time, I write you a letter.
After work I usually go home. Cook, do the cleaning in the house.
Sometimes my friends come to visit , and we have fun. Sometimes we go at cinema or in cafe.
And often I sit alone at home, what a pity that the house cannot use the Internet.
So I sit and miss you. Usually I sit at home tonight and watch TV different TV shows.
So monotonous and boring pass my days in solitude.
In the summer I like to go to the forest for berries and mushrooms. Then in the winter to prepare various preservative jars.
( for example mushrooms or stewed fruit , jam)
Yeah, so I think if we were together, it would be wonderful. We would always go everywhere together
and had fun and rested.
My life is not enough strong male shoulder . If you will be near me the man needs to do things for him and only him.
Hope you liked my letter and my photos.( photo from last winter and a couple of recent photos )
kiss. Elena
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Vladislava is the other name