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Classic scammer.

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From: Anzhelika
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= person: Michail Bilkevich
address: 43/3 Drelevskogo st., Kirov, Russia, 610000
address: JSC "VolgaTelecom", Kirov branch, CAIT
phone: +7-8332-359848

Hello my friend.I am very happy to receive your letter because earlier I nevercorresponded with people with the help of the Internet. I learned thatis possible to correspond with men with the help of the Internet frommy girlfriend because she corresponds with the man too. She spoke thatmany women find the destiny with the help of the Internet andconsequently I have decided to use this chance and to find the destinytoo. I have no own computer and consequently I visit the Internet ofcafe to correspond with you. I studied the English language at schooland in technical school when I studied as the seller. I hope that youunderstand my English language. Now I work as the seller in groceryshop. I work 6 days in a week. I live in Kirov city and this city islocated in the north of Russia, our weather is cold. It is more1400-km from Moscow. I have no brothers and sisters. My growth 169 cm,weight of 57 kg. Earlier I was never married but I had the friend andwe were friends 1 year and then I have understood that the Russian mennot for me? I shall try why the Russian men not for me but I do notwant to offend men and I understand that in Russia there are worthyand family men but it is not enough of them. When I was friends withmy the friend, he did not notice me and always spent time with friendsand he frequently took alcoholic drinks. When I have understood thathe does not love me I has decided to find the man from other countryand I hope that my dream to be carried out. I not against if the mantake alcoholic drinks but not every day. Also I understand that theman should meet friends and spent time with them but not every daytoo. I think that the man should spend greater time with loved theperson. You can not agree with me but this my opinion. I live withmine of parents in one apartment and I very much love my parentsbecause now this my family but I hope that very soon I shall havefamily separately from my parents because I think that when I shallfind the man of my dream I should live separately from my parents. Theman of my dream should love me and care of family and for me the ageand appearance does not matter because in Russia we have a proverb "For love all age are obedient ". I think that it is impossible tolearn each other in one letter and consequently I hope that we shallcorrespond with you in the future and to learn each other better. Ishall look forward to hearing from you. Anzhelika.

Letter 2

Hello my friend ----.I am happy to receive your letter because now I know that we shalllearn each other better. I spoke you about me a little in the firstletter but I think that it is impossible to learn in one letter aboutall. I know that I cannot speak about all and consequently if you havequestions to me that I shall be glad to answer your questions. I shallnot tell lies to you and I shall always speak you only the truthbecause I the fair girl. When I was the little girl my mum spoke methat I never told lies and what to tell lies it very bad. I theChristian and I believe in the God but I do not visit churchfrequently. But I not against if someone have other religion because Ithink that each person chooses itself what religion to him to profess.Do you agree with me???At leisure I like to go in for sports because I want to support afigure and health and consequently I visit aerobics 3 times a week.At leisure I like to walk on park and to visit museums, theatres.Now I want to speak you about my parents. OK?? Mine mum a name -Rima and the daddy - Aleksey. Now my mum on pension and the daddyworks as the taxi driver. Earlier my mum worked as the cook. Now mymum the housewife. Tell me about your family, about your relatives. Iwould like to see your photos, send me please some of them, if youwant. I spend a lot of time to write the letter for you, but I reallylike it. I hope to get your new letter soon. With the best regards from Russia Anzhelika.

Hello!! I am glad to receive your letter. Today I worked andconsequently I am very tired but I shall try to answer your letterbecause when I write you the letter I very happy and now I understandthat I have the man with whom I can speak about all. I am very happythat I have got acquainted with you in this world. And I hope that inthe future we shall have more close relations. Yes I have friends butthey only friends and I hope that come day I will shall find the manof my destiny. I live in Russia all my life and now every day I thinkof sense of my life because now I have no the man to create family. Ithink that each person should have the family. I think that we live tocreate family and to live with loved the person. Do you agree with me?I want to share with the man of my dream all the things - glad fulland sad, everything which we will meet in our life. My man is cleverand has strong spirit, he is kind and magnanimous, generous. The onlymy man who needs love and can give love. This is the man who needsreliable family and honest relations. What do you think about it? I amsorry but now I should go home because I am very tired after work. Ishall look forward to hearing from you.

Hello my dear ----. How are you today? I am happy to receive yourletter and I read your letter with the big pleasure. It really becomesregular pleasure to get and read your letters. I never thought that Ishall correspond with the man from other country and now I believe init. I am glad that my girlfriend advised me to correspond with thehelp of the Internet. I am very glad that with the help of theInternet we can correspond with you and to learn each other. Now everyday I wait for your letters and I try to write to you every daybecause I am very happy to read your letters and when I receive yourletters I understand that there is a man to which I am not indifferentalso who thinks of me. I hope that you are glad to receive my letterstoo and also I hope that we shall correspond in the future and tolearn each other better. I like to listen to lots of diffent types ofmusic - dance, techno, disco, rock and roll, surf, jazz, classical,and some opera. You want to know my favourite cinema? I like to seethe Brazilian serials about love, romantic films and comedies. I likecats and dogs too.Now I understand that my life has changed also Iwant to speak you fairly that I never was such happy as now. You wantto know why I became happy? I am very happy because I have met you. Inthe world some billions people but we have found each other and Ithink that it is destiny. Do you agree with me? My parents havenoticed too that I became happy because earlier every day I was tiredbut now I know that in my life has appeared the man to whom I cantransfer the feelings and emotions. My parents did not know that Icorrespond with you but my mum has understood that someone hasappeared in my life. If something changes in my life my mum alwaysunderstands it. I spoke my parents about you and they are very happyfor me. We for a long time spoke about you and as we have gotacquainted with you. My parents are very happy for me and also theyspeak you "Hello." I hope that you do not object I spoke my parentsabout you??? But if you do not want that I spoke about you that Ishall not speak about you. Ok? Now I became cheerful and I hope thatwe shall correspond with you in the future because I want to be alwayssuch cheerful. I want to speak you fairly that you help me to be suchhappy. I would like to know more about you, for example, tell meplease something about your usual day? What have you done today? Now Ishould finish this letter. I hope that you write to me very soonbecause without your letters my life seems boring. I shall lookforward to hearing from you. Anzhelika. P.S. Today I went to a photographic studio to make photos for you. Ihope that you like my photos.

Hi! Thank you for your letter. How are you today? I am O'K. I am veryhappy to receive your letter because it fills in my heart pleasure. Ido not want to be rich because I think that pleasure and happiness notin riches but I want to be happy. And now I am happy because I havemet you in this big world. Also I am happy to write to you lettersbecause I think that you are glad to receive my letters too. My fullname: NIKIPHOROWA ANZHELIKA. Now I would like to tell you some thingsabout my city. We have a beautiful, green Central Park in the centreof ur city. I like to visit this park when I have a free time. I liketo walk in this park very much because it is like forest and there isalways fresh air and there are a lot of green trees around us. I spokeyou that it’s really difficult for me to write you more often.Unfortunately, it’s really so, but I want to write you more often verymuch. Now I want to tell you about my work. I work as the seller infood shop and I very much love my work. It is interesting work forme,because I speak with a lot of people and they tell me what is newaround them. Some of them tell me about many interesting things andyesterday one woman told me that her daughter married in anothercountry. She told me that her daughter was corresponding with herfuture husband and after that they decided to marry. When she wastelling me about it I thought about you. We with the woman spoke for along time because it was very interesting to me but unfortunately Ishould work and woman left. I hope that I can meet woman once again tospeak with her. I believe in God and destiny and I don’t know whatwill happen but if we have the similar destiny we will know about itafter sometime. If we are really happy I will follow you. I have neverthought that I could meet so unique man and I would so sincere withhim. I am sorry but I should go home, yes I am very much afflictedthat I cannot write more because I should go home and help my parents.When I shall come back home I shall go through on park and I shallthink of you. When I walk I always think of you but I do not know whymy ideas only about you but I cannot make with it anything. I hopethat I shall receive your letters in the future and we shall learneach other better. But I know also I is sure that I shall be neverafflicted that I have met you in this world. I shall look forward tohearing from you.

Hello!!! I was very glad to see your new letter. It makes my mood verygood. You can represent my ordinary day when I work. I am so tired inthe finish of my working day but I am always happy to forget about myproblems and weariness when I again read your letters. I'd like totell that I start to understand, that it is very interesting for me tocommunicate with you and I am glad, that we could find each other inthis big world. I hope you share my pleasure. I never had a lot ofreal happiness in my life. But now I am happy because I have met youin this world.I have no phone and when I was registered on site I usedmobile phone of my girlfriend. Also I wanted to use mobile phone of mygirlfriend to speak with you by phone but my girlfriend spoke me thatthis very expensive to speak by mobile phone with other country but Ihave no money and consequently I cannot use mobile phone of mygirlfriend. Do you understand me? I thought of you all the day longand I dreamed about our future. I shall never forget you and I hopethat you will not forget me too because now I cannot present lifewithout you and your letters. You have changed all my life. Every dayon work I very joyful and many my girlfriends are very much surprised:why every day I such happy!? I want to speak you fairly that you helpto live to me. Today I could not restrain and I spoke my girlfriendsabout you. I spoke my girlfriends that in the world lives such finethe man without which now I cannot present my life. My girlfriendsspoke me that they never saw me such happy. All my girlfriends havethe husband and they are very much surprised because I have no man ofmy dream. I want to find the man that he really cared of me. In thedays off I and my girlfriends we walk in park or we drink coffee incafe. Also sometimes we visit theatres and cinemas, museums but onlyin the days off. I love my girlfriends and I too try to cheer them upwhen they has grief. Because they have home life and there are casesthat they have quarrel with husbands. I hope that sometime I too shallbe married but I confident that I shall never have quarrel with myfuture husband. Because we shall be close morally and in heart, areclose in soul, we shall be not simply the husband and the wife butalso the best friends. But now I should go home and I shall lookforward to hearing from you.

Hi!!!I am very happy to receive your new letter. Each your letter bringhappiness for me. My ideas always only about you. You have changed allmy life. I do not understand that happened with me. When I at home, onwork, in the street I think of you always. Every day I think of you. Ihappy to write to you again. I think of you very much.You are alwayswith me: in each my step, in each my deal, always.My parents very happy together, and I really hope that may be somedayyou and I will be together and will be same happy couple. How it couldbe sweet to be together with dear man. If you don't think about it,you may not notice it. But there is some emptiness in the heart, whenyou have no beloved person near with you. And this emptiness can't befilled with job, joy, food or something else. It's emptiness in soul,and I truly feel that you begin to fill it. I feel so strangely andunusually. Just peace of happiness came to me from heaven, and Ienjoyed it.I frequently in the evenings look at the moon and I ask thegod that he has helped me to find my destiny and to not be mistaken.Sometimes I like loneliness but sometimes I hate to be one. Happensthat I pay at night because there is nobody near to me in a bed, thereis not strong man's shoulder to which I can to nestle in sleep and toembrace.... Minutes of a melancholy frequently overtake me and then Istart to reflect on sense of my life.... What with me will befarther?... Really I shall lead my stayed life in loneliness?... Butno, I shall never despair! I should live a life adequately! And Ishall be happy! Sometime. With the best regards your Anzhelika.

Hello dear ----. Oh, how I want to share my feelings andimpressions with you. I so want to say you that I met you and youreally brightened my life. I am so happy that you came into my life,and I can only pray and thank the God, that he connected us. I havenever believed in destiny too much, but it seems to me that I have tostart to believe more!I want to tell you about my usual day: I wake up at 5:30 at themorning take the bath and prepare the breakfast, and later we have thebreakfast all our family. We always have breakfast together and talkabout everything. After that I go to work, it's about 7:30am. I liketo start work early and I have the dinner on my work, more often Ihave no time to eat, because our shop has a lot of buyers and there isno the time to have any minute of rest. All people need food that iswhy our shop is always full of buyers, specially, in the evening time,when people go from work to home. My work does not consist in heavyphysical work, but it is very difficult, because I work with people(atfirst it is difficult from the psychological point of view), I must bevery polite and affable with all people. I have said you already thatI am so tired after work. But more often despite of weariness Iprepare the supper and do some work about the house. I continue thedescribing of my usual day: at the supper I usually try to cooksomething very tasty and special. I can't describe the dishes which Ialways ?ook, but all members of our small family are pleased of it andeverybody says that it is very tasty. Then we have a supper.Sometimes after supper I go to the Internet of cafe to write to youthe letter but frequently I visit the Internet of cafe after work. AndI send the letter to you with sweet feeling that very soon I willget your reply. When I go to home I think about you, I dream aboutthe time, when we will be together, I imagine different pictures ofour happy future life, for example, that we sit on the beach andlook to the sunrise, or sunset, or sit in winter near fireplace andheat each other. We think about each other and understand each otherwithout words. We are just parts of one family and we are together.We are talk how it's wonderful to be together forever. We try toremember that there was the time when we didn't live together, andthese memories are just in deep fog. It seems to us that we alwayswas together. I want much but it dream and I hope that this dream tobe carried out sometime. I shall look forward to hearing from youvery much because my life without you very boring. Your Anzhelika.