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When she learned that there is nothing to count on any money from me. She broke off contact claiming that it was my fault :) Sample emails:
Hello my love! xxxxx, I am glad to see your message. I have noticed that my day goes better, only when I see your letter.
I dont want to live in a dream, i want reality, and as i told you before, there is no guarantee in life, perhaps our chemistry is not there when we meet, but we have to try, if we dont try we will never know. I just dont know if i only want us to write together the next some months without us even had met, that is too hard and difficult on my soul. I want something to happend, i want to move forward, and not stay in the same place. Do you understand what i mean??
I thought much and consulted on relatives. For myself I can tell with full confidence - I wish to begin a new life together with you, let this meeting will be a new stage of our relations. I wish to see and hear you personally, I wish to study your culture and language. It is all it will be difficult at first, but together we can overcome any difficulties. I know that sometimes real love comes quickly and unexpectedly, and it would not be desirable to miss the moment for our meeting. I want to be with you!
If you think that to me will be difficult to leave relatives and friends, of course I will miss. But I already adult lady, and I can assure you my dear Jarek that these people for ever remain in my heart. I am ready to resolute actions to construct my a life with you. Any obstacle, only strengthens our love!
It is fated to us to be together or not - but our meeting is not casual. Maybe it need to understand and reconsider our vital positions and sights. Probably, the meeting has been created for something more, as a family. I am valid believe in it, and I do not wish to wait alms from destiny, I wish to take the initiative in my hands.
I wish so much to tell to you, that now I can not simply find the necessary words. Now my dreams only about you, as though I would like to plunge in your embraces and to feel taste of your lips. I love you my darling.
I wish you good day. Sweet kiss from your girl.)

Hello my dear xxxxx. I have read your letter. I understand you perfectly, but you as should learn to understand me, you should learn to trust me, differently without it we cannot be together. I know that the demons of past relationships and experiences with other people have the ability to leave scars in our hearts and fears of being hurt again and even when we find what we are looking for the doubt still remains. I am not looking for a short term relationship, on the contrary I want a lasting relationship that I can be proud of and so excited about that everyone can see it. You seem to lack the confidence in yourself to know that you are truly a wonderful person who is special to me.
You the adult and clever man, at you were errors and difficulties in the past, I too had it. Now when we prepare for a new stage of our relations, we recollect last problems, we search the information, but we read only the bad information. People cannot be trusted, people cannot believe in words. Because words may lie, but actions will always tell the truth. I already spoke to you that to you communicated with several men. They were rough and impudent, and I too was rough with them. Possibly he has taken offence and has decided to revenge me. Therefore has laid out my photos on that site. I think that it silly and mean act! You know that I never deceived you.
We speak with you in different languages, but a thing about which we speak, from it do not vary. If you wish to have that never had, you should do that never did! Success rules are that.
You should trust which person never met, differently as you can love me if you did not see me in real life? It is difficult to explain it, but there are things and emotions which outside of human mind, and feelings which arise in us, arise simply so, without any visual proofs. It is necessary to trust not only to eyes, it is necessary to trust heart!
Today it is difficult to find that person that you trust. I trust you...... until you prove me otherwise and you also can trust me. Trust is very important! Trust is all we have right now and our words. I will be honest with you, and upfront I will not waste your time or mine. All that I want, only come to you.
Ask me anything you want to know. If you still have doubts, please tell me! I do not want that you feel pressured.
Until then, I am sending you a long hug and lots of sweet kisses.

Good day my love xxxxx. How are you? I'm fine, recently you do not leave at me a head, I often think of you, I think of us. I am happy that now in my lives are such remarkable person! I understand your problems with health, I am ready to support you at any moment. Together we will struggle with your problem, I in all will help you.
I am very glad, that we have met, that I can trust completely. Now I understand, that happen, I have the most important the person who never will leave me, will always support and will give a piece of good advice. I wish to see happiness in your eyes, and to know, that I am necessary to you. I want that you trusted me, and we could understand each other, support and protect. After all we should make still much together.
I LOVE YOU, you the especial man, your judiciousness, kindness, the intelligence, all it involves me. I understand that real the love will arise in due course, with emotional bond, relationship souls, ideals, outlooks on life. But let's be realists, how many would not write each other, let it will be 20, 30 or 100 letters, whether we never can understand it will turn out to be a single whole - a family.
Yesterday before laying down to sleep, I thought concerning our future much. Tell my dear Jarek, you really wish that our relations from correspondence, have grown in something more? You are ready for creation of relations and to accept me in the house how it will be apprehended by your relatives and friends? I do not wish to create for you discomfort.
I do not want that this trip was as a thoughtless step for the sake of entertainment or adventure. Please only do not press on me and do not hurry, I do not wish to accept hasty conclusions, therefore I need time to think, consult to relatives.
I like to discuss with you the most serious things is a feeling, that you with favourite are connected still by friendly relations, such moments can show all many-sided nature and depth of relations between us.
I hope, reading this letter, you test the same feelings to me, too love and miss. Believe in sincerity of my words, after all earlier I could tell to nobody that I speak to you. Why? Yes because never loved nobody how I love you! I am surprised to it, but anything I can not do. Also I do not want! You the person unique and favourite for me! With love yours Kseniya.

Hello xxxxx. I have come to library only for some minutes to make this message. Now it is very difficult to me to write you, because in my head only unpleasant thoughts and emotions.
I worked yesterday all the day long to late because at my the boss there was a party. He and two men drank at him in an office and celebrated any event. The working day came to an end, visitors any more were not, I remained alone the waiter, except me there was still a girl the barman, she too gathered home.
Before leaving I needed to clean empty dishware from an office. Having entered there I began to collect dishware on a tray, behind I have heard a deaf sound. One of friends my boss has closed a door. I have tried to leave, but he have barred my way. He has sharply pushed away me, the tray has fallen and dishware has broken. I did not understand that occurs, it was as in a fog, he the beginnings to grab me, tried to lift up a skirt, speaking different insults. I wished to be pulled out, to clamour, called to the aid. Trying somehow to bring to reason drunk men, to invoke collect oneself, cried, even bit, but my actions them only amused all. I did not hope any more for a good outcome of events. My shouts were muffled by their laughter and music. Further all was as if in a dreadful dream as-as if I have appeared in mute cinema. I remember only face barman Liza, then again any noise, here we already run to an exit, she puts me in a taxi.
For the morning after she call me, me many it becomes clear, as that night I have tested the strongest shock and could not many recollect. When these bastards tried to rape me, and this laughter, these shouts.... All it has caused suspicions in the barman and she has gone to check up why me so long is not present. Having come and having seen all this nightmare, she has seized me by a hand and has literally pulled out from these hands bastards!!! For what I her am immensely grateful! If she has not helped me, I do not know that than all it would end.
Dear xxxxx, me it is very heavy to go through again, telling you in the letter. But I very much would like that you knew about it. You my darling the man, and I hope for your encouragement, I need it. I do not have thoughts, there are no plans what to do further. Only a clot of a neutral pain, and with it I now leave home.
I had enough boldness to write about it to you. I cannot be one with the problem, I hope you will understand me and divide with me my experiences.

Hello my dear xxxxx. I have attentively read your message, many thanks to you for your support. I really thank you for these words, they heat me constantly. As though I at all do not know was restored after all event, if not you. Without you it would be difficult and all is sad to go through it alone.
Thanks, that you find time for me when I stand on moral breakage, you offer to me a hand and rescue me. Your ease and simplicity you give me smiles. As it is good, that I have such help of you, after all you for me now the loved one, I will listen to your opinion. I any more do not work in cafe, I have left, have written the statement and have left. I consider to work humiliating there where my work do not appreciate and see in me only object of a sexual inclination. I cannot bear humiliation and harassment.
Unfortunately, in our country the law on sexual harassment on a workplace is a little developed. It is difficult to prove something, and I do not wish to entangle myself in difficult litigation. The god for him the judge! I also do not wish to speak father about it, I do not want that he worried.
My love xxxxx, I am surprised by your man's, strong-willed force. You show to me that you can protect me, to be my support! I very much appreciate it, and I am proud that now in my life there is such strong man!
I have left this morning, now I do not have work, I am a little afflicted by it. But I consider that have arrived correctly, you agree with me. I have now called my friend Mila, have told about happened, and tonight I am going to visit her. To us is what to discuss, I will necessarily tell her a greeting from you, is final if you not against. Simply now very difficult moment in my life, when I do not know what to do further? After it incidents at me are not present the slightest desire to live and work in this city, such impression that passers-by in the street go and look in my eyes, and know that happens. I feel ashamed!
You know, I all life waited real love, it seemed to me that if the love comes, then all will change. Love come together with you, but only I have changed. I am glad to such changes and is grateful to destiny that has met you! After all only with you and your letters I feel happy and in safety, not looking on any difficulties in my a life.
I love you my xxxxx!

I have many more sweet emails.
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The same here. She is a scammer 100%. The last letter after i told her that i will not send her money.
"Thanks for this show of love! You have opened to me eyes. You have shown to me your true face!"
She send me the same pictures but different e-mail
[email protected]
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Is now operating as Nadya on Email [email protected]

O well, as soon as you realize every contact is fake, it's quite a bit of fun actually :-)
I greeted one on a chatbox yesterday with 'Hey Igor or Boris, what's up with the beard?' She was so furious she actually started a real conversation. She'll try to scam me eventually, but at least I'm having my fun moments :-)

Hello again XX. It's Nadya.
In my first letter it is very difficult to describe myself so that you have made out in me the interesting and intellectual person. You can estimate before only my external qualities, it seems to me for men it is important criterion, or I am mistaken? :)
I try say about me. I'm positive girl with good sense of humour. I like people who are kind, original, loyal, intellectual and have common sense of humour. I am valid - very sensitive and romantic girl. The kind person and gentle, amusing and passionate. I love emotions because it is a unique thing which connects all of us together and holds us in movement.
Allow to say, I search for the good person who loves a life, and appreciates, that has. To me today have written some men, but it is visible, them something interested another, instead of relations. The first constantly asked my phone number, and the second asked my intimate photos. I wish to warn you in advance, I do not give phone number to unfamiliar men, and I do not have any intimate photos!
As I do not know anything about you at this time, I cannot think of a more uncomfortable situation as trying to have a telephone conversation with someone I do not know and with the language and cultural difficulties. For me, a great deal more can be understood about a person through the written word and letter writing than a five minute fragmented and uncomfortable telephone conversation. Also, letter writing takes time and effort, which shows an individual is serious about what they are doing.
I only ask not to do similar errors, eventually we are familiar with you only short time, and it is difficult to trust the person on other end of a wire.
For the best representation about me I send some photos. I promise to you to answer and tell more about me and my hobbies and interests, but under one condition, if you also will write more about you! I hope to receive your reply.

Hello XX, I am glad to read your reply and see your photos.
I think that the first thing that attracts a person towards another, are the external qualities, especially when you do not know who you have in front of you. What I can say about you, I think that you are a "good looking man", and I am sure that with time, I will be able to appreciate your inner qualities, which, are for sure, the most important part in any friendship, relation or love. It is useless to have near someone beautiful if that person has not good inner qualities, like human values, correctness, and truthfulness. Maybe after some letters you will not like me or I will not like you, and all will finish, or maybe it will be the opposite. Than more we tell with each other, then more we will to know each other.
I understand, maybe you have many questions to me, but let's study each other gradually, it is impossible to tell all in one letter. I work as the waiter in cafe and I live in Kirov town. My work to take a lot of time and for this reason the Internet is the best way for acquaintance. I am recently in search and would like to find the fair, decent person with whom I can divide a life and create a family based on love and mutual understanding. I do not search for the prince on a white horse, but would like to find the especial person with whom I can be happy. Each normal woman wishes to have a family, wishes to love and be darling.

As a person, I'm quite happy with the things I achieved in life so far with education, independence etc., but I'm definitely reached a point in my life where the absence of a family of my own is quite painful.
Some people think, that if we live once - probably to drink alcohol, to smoke, cheerfully to spend time on the full coil. From a part they are right, but it is not necessary to enjoy a life, the healthy way of life is my pleasure. For this reason I go in park for jogging. There are no such people who from the first meeting can see in you your rich private world, first of all it is necessary to be beautiful outwardly.
Tell me about you because I should know the person with which I correspond. It is interesting to me to know your temperament? Because temperament of the person is very important. I do not like people who have very spoilt character or have very highly a self-estimation. Such people do not notice those who really loves them. You like your work? Because work for the person also is very important in a life. If there are constant problems on work, you come back with these problems home, and as a result sad result. I not have found work which wanted, because here it is difficult for finding. But nevertheless I am happy to that, that I can be independent and I can provide myself.
Tell you often travel, in loneliness or with someone? I love different flowers and consequently my a hobby gardening. It is hoped that this letter may give you more of an insight into me as a person and as said previously, I'm very happy to answer any questions you have! Bye.

Good day XXX. I feel that you are interested in me because you are so eagerly waiting for my letter. This sets me up for a certain positive way. And it certainly raises my mood and makes my day better.
I understand that have interested you before as the nice girl, but I want that you saw in me not only beauty, but have understood my internal the world. I am not a quick tempered person but I am firm on certain things when it deals with principles and rules. I do not like lazy and very spoilt people. I respect people and I like to be respected. if I do a mistake I recognise it and apologise however I also would like other people to do the same. I do not like boasters, and men which cannot respect the women, and also those who abuses alcohol. In my to the country alcohol is big problem and consequently for me the important criterion that the man did not drink or did it seldom!
I have no kids, I live one, but in the past I had serious relations which have ended one year ago. My ex man was not with me honest and loyal, thus it became a principal cause of our rupture. After that I have decided to take a great interest in work that it was not difficult, so to say to be interested in something another that will help me to forget the past. I was arranged to work as the waitress in cafe, it not the best work, but it did not excite me. And now I have decided for myself, that the life proceeds, and it is not necessary to think of last errors. The life gives chance to create new relations, and it is necessary to use this chance.
Now I have decided, that I will begin a life with a blank leaf. Considering last errors, I know how to create correct relations which will not lead to divorce because of nonsense. I hope, what you too will tell more about your last relations?
At leisure it is pleasant to me walk on fresh air, to remain far from city bustle. You know that my a hobby to grow up flowers, to care of them. It is pleasant to observe, when you to plant the little sprout, and the big flower which pleases eyes then grows, and after a while pleasantly smells as sweet aroma. Then you see result of your work, and are proud of yourself. Now we also to plant a seed of our friendship. smile :)
I consider you as the pleasant man. Between us there is an age difference, my age 30, but it does not influence in any way me. I not look age as a hindrance, it only a stereotype. For me age is just a number in passport, if you are active and young at heart you can be whatever age you wish. I like you such what you are, please be always natural and honest and I will respect you!
I not good I know English language, I only study and now I use translator Google. I hope that you understand everything, that I have written, I will continue to write in English because I wish to study this language further.
I wish you nice day, yours Nadya.

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Same to me..
[email protected]
18.9.18 .
Name Nadya.
Hello my dear X, thanks for your letter. I do not know the average salary on Russia, this too different in different cities. In Moscow there are big salaries, in other cities it is less. I receive approximately 250 USD. I understand that the language barrier exists between us, I little speak English. But I study English language. I think that it only a time problem. I write through PC in library, it is convenient. On phone there are no appendices, and it is inconvenient to write long letters.
I wish to be limiting with you frankly, I think obviously, that between us there is something more than friendship, and now it is possible to discuss our strong and weaknesses. If I know your opinion it will be much easier to us to understand our feelings.
Dear, excuse me for persistence, but I wish to know your relation to me? Would be not the truth if I tell that I feel nothing to you. With each letter the feeling of liking to you increases more and more. But I do not wish to be deceived, I do not hurry you with the answer, I want that the answer was carefully weighed and honesty. If you feel nothing to me, I will not take offence. But if at you is though a drop of feelings to me, I want about it the nobility. I wish to be assured that all need to be continued it in the future.
At me was not during long time of the man, were wishing to occupy my heart. But nobody has caused in me of interest. I do not know, why and as it to explain, I am probable simply did not want it or was not ready. Now the situation has exchanged, this correspondence has changed my sights in relations. Any changes always to the best, but the most important, that in my life are now such man with whom I wish to change. It you my dear X!
In cafe where I work, married steams often come. I see as they lovely communicate, embrace, kiss. I see their fascinated eyes, and from time to time to me happens enviably. I know so not well to speak, but I the young beautiful girl why I cannot feel same most? Why I cannot be with the person who will look in my eyes an enamoured sight and to rejoice to each minute spent together?
I very tired to be one, and to live in hope of the good future. I wish to be assured, what with you my X, all it waits for me actually? What do you think of it, you consider at us there is a chance of the joint future?
Today evening I will go to father, and I will come back tomorrow morning. I will write to you after returning. Now I am going to choose a gift for the father, therefore I finish the letter. I wish to buy him a beautiful shirt, it is a suitable gift.
I wait tomorrow for yours the letter, and I wish to see from you new photos.
Hugs and kisses!