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She ask for money for a ticket after she tell you how much she loves you

Hello my love! Thank you very much for all hot letters you wrote me
and for your care! There are nobody at this world, only you and me
now, you are my one man for that moment! And I am sure that my
feelings are mutual. I feel, that our feelings became stronger and we
getting new step in our lifes which we chose and this is my dream and
most important for us! I do not want to meet so much nobody but you! I
would like to thank you for your understanding, care and support, that
are so great for me! I so much want for our meeting, but
unfortunately, they make me a little worry. As I said, I was at Visa
center asking and answering some questions for making visa. I bring
them and show a ticket that I bought. They said, that its ok, and copy
it and wrote register number of this ticket. But they said, that its
not enough to leave my country and I have to have with me return
ticket too. I was really surprised to hear it and answered, that I
don't know about a date of my return and I would like to buy ticket at
USA, when I will decide with you about my flight back. But they said,
that its not a problem of visa center and I have to show the ticket to
American custom, else they will not let me to enter your country. Its
a rule of American Embassy and everyone know it so I have no another
way. The ticket costs 1100 dollars and I don't know what to do. I am
very worry about it and I would not like to make you worry too, but
its seems I have to do it, I have no another way. I was very worry at
visa center and I asked why they did not tell me about this first day,
they said that everybody knows it. As they can do is to fire that
manager that did not tell me all information. I think whole day about
this all, but I understand, that we anyway have to buy it. Thats
really unpleasant for me to ask you about any more help, but I have
not know any more but you and this all is necessary for us, for our
luck. I sure that we are both worthy for it. Please write me what do
you think? How to do the best? I will do anything for you and for us
for our luck but, you have my heart, now I am a little worry. I am
waiting for our meeting with so much impatience!
I love you,
forever your