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thank you that you write me again.I appreciate it.
Its wonderful to know that someone is waiting for you.
Today I want you to know how my day usially goes.
I get up early at 6 o'clock.
Every day(just imagine!) I have my morning 5 minutes cold shower morning excersices.
It helps me to wake up and to be cherrful during the day.
By the way, i think it helps me to be healthy. Usually i do not go to doctors very often,just for year observation.As for my studies i do not
go to the university every day,because I study in a corespondent
department,so i go there twice a year in January and in May from time to time
to pass my
exams. but i should study at home,i study a lot of different subjects
such as pegadody and languages. I know have small work , heling holmless people. Its like a
shelter for very poor people. what do you think about it?
Every weeknd I go to Church, I pray for God.I put some candles and I pray that my family will be healthy, I know God hear me.
I send him my prayers and He send me his blessing.
I also like to go to the movies.I like drama movies and I like theather very much.
We have a small school theather I play somtimes in it.
I love nature a lot. it's amasing when you
just go through the forest, and feel the chellenge of it. I think you will agree
that its wonderful.!!!
Also i like travelling but,you know,i have never been abroad. i
traveled with my parents only to Crimea in my country. I like to spend time on the sea.
iahve a big dream to go to the Dead Sea. I like to listen sounds of waves,I like to tuch it,even if it's cold and salt.I dream to sea an ocean.
You known. I'm close to nature.I have flowers at home.I like to water it,I enjoy seeing how my flowers are growing bigger day by day.
I also Like snow,I fell myself happy when i see the first snow on the ground.
I feel like I'm in fairy-tale.
We have moderate climate here with hot summer and wet and cold winter.Anyway there is no bad weather.When i was 10 years i opened a law of rain!It appeared if you go slowly in a rainy day a
melancholy will appeared,and if you just follow the rain you can hear its song, catch it and feel how blood is running all over you and go to the head!You want to live and feel every piece in such wonderful moments, its unforgettible!!
I'm also interesting in different culturesand I realized that my country is not the ideal place for living in. I know i will miss it, bit if i have my soulmate i would feel happy. now my happiness is not complete as i have no man in my life. I agree to move abroad.
I want to know you better, I hope my story wa not borning for you.
Do you like traveling?where have you been?possibly, if you
want to share some photos you are welcome!!
I'll be waiting for the next letter from you!kisses!!!
Comment #145637
She has email templates and she sends them one by one without reading the reply, i have put some nasty words in the emails to find out and it turned out right
Comment #147776
Great fun leading her on. When it came to money I said no. She disappeared.