Scammer Dina Orlova Dinochka

Alchevs\'k, Lugansk, Ukraine
Lugansk, Ukraine

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Comment #145329
It was my own fault that she scam me, because she did make a few mistakes at the start...... and she did even lie about a few things..... for example: she told me she visit 2 days her mother, but when she wasn't at home.... she login on her skype profile, how is that possible? Because she had skype only on her home computer. She doesn't have a smart phone! It is a small lie, but lies are lies........ and when you like someone too much...... then you forgive it))) And she was talking with another man too, because she did make a mistake..... but when this is at the start then it can be normal, but now I'm thinking..... she try to scam more man
Comment #145330
Just upload the picture that I did make from her when I was talking with her on skype.
Comment #145394
another sucker gets cleaned out despite all the warnings online .criminal gangs at work for easy money ..a million $ industry in russia and ukraine .which has been operating for years
Comment #145443
Eastern Europeans are red warning. They should be banned from dating sites
Comment #154828
After I learn something new on internet…… I did a new search and I found the real person behind the pictures. The real person who I speak on skype.

Her real name: Дарья Шатова from Украина, Луганск In English: Darja Sjatova is born on 11 August

Check her profiles:

The facts:

1, same country! Ukraine Украина
2, same place! Lugansk Луганск
3, same face!
4, same earring!
5, same tooth! (watch the 2 big teeths.... and you see what I mean, nobody else has that)

Is 100% the same person, only she play with fake name to scam other people!
And I did have much more pictures and movies to compare then I did upload.