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Svetlana, Elena, Galina Plyusnina and others. Scammer, 28 y.o. from Novosibirsk, seller in a clothes boutique. 6 years foreign experience from work in Australia. Wants to study and work in YOUR country, without to know which one.
Comment #151023 as Irina
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This is what she sent me............
Here in this letter is my last proof of my attitude to you!
You know my situation. And you know that I can get help only from you.
Please, don't use me! Help me, please!!! This is my last chance.
Yesterday my friend Vika came to my home. And she made fantastically
beautiful naked photo for you!!!
Here you will see my naked body completely! BUT this will be my last
naked photo.
Don't ask for new one!!!
I did everything so that you could trust me:
1) I already sent you copy of my passport.
2) I sent you a letter with your name.
3) I sent you very candid photos of my body.
And you every time look for new reasons not to help me.
Now I will know for sure, do you want me or not?!
If you deny me or look for a new reason, I will take it as a refusal to
have a relationship with me!
Then you just play with me! And you were not serious from the beginning.
I already wrote to you that I must pay my visa very urgently. URGENTLY!
And I need 20000 rubles for all documents.
This is about 300 usa dollars or 280 euros. I already said that
this is the cost of a visa, insurance, medical card and many other documents.
I also wrote to you so that you wouldn't worry about ticket. I can get it.
I PROMISE! because I put my fur coat on sale. You can find all this in my
previous letters.
I wrote to you about it. Reread this carefully!
Understand the main thing! I'm not asking you to give me $ 300!
I ask you to borrow money.
I will not be your dependent when I arrive. I will study and work.
I will refund your money to you.
And I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life for your help!
Also I will do everything for you, everything you want, when I arrive.
Comment #152003
the same person : kseniya kirillova., novosibirsk
same email she sent to me...
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She write me internet address . She says she's called Tatyana. Pray me not to not write in Russian language, so that other people would not understand what I'm writing. She writes me from internet cafes because she no computer at home. She says she can only use internet cafe 3 times a week for 15 minutes.