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Hello !
Happy day for you!

My day is yes, happy here a lot – I have your news – that is nice
start of a day with your reply!
Thank you for your photo - I like you and your beautiful kind eyes,
feel so warm getting closer to you!

Thrillers I adore... and to watch them in cinema or at night at home,
mmm) and tremble in some moments.. with you watching that will be much
ore safe he he)) which is your favourite?

Enjoy cuddling and kissing, lovely time together - this is what is
making me to be covered with shivers))

I am glad for you to be so kind to my letter for you! And back to my
story)) whole my life I am facing questions – where are you from? But
I am from Ukraine!! I was born here!) for such a forms) I should
be glad to my daddy and his mama, still I never met them... when my
mama was a student she had a boyfriend from Argentina, he was at 2
years older and was studying in a same college. In USSR there were a
lot of multinational students. Dad was about to end studies and to go
home but then he met my mama, they fall in love and I am a plot of
that love)) but when mama was pregnant he went home, because something
urgent happened with parents and.. Daddy never came back.. maybe
something happened to him or just his family were against to go
back... I feel sad I know nothing of that story. But that is what is
my life and my bases from! all what I know)

Me is a usual girl who want to make unusual fairy tale real in life))
are you with me? I am sure we can make all what we wish real! That are
not just words – that is my motto! Do you have motto in your life way!

My age is 37, not a girl young but more then ready to be serious and
to have real happiness! My B day is on June 17! I ended the same
college my mama did - I am a seamstress. By the way - look at photos -
here is one with my mama :) My profession helps me to look well even
here, in area which is called ATO zone. East part of Ukraine where war
is from summer 2014, I am sure you heart of that. My native town is
Alchevsk and I am here with my mama and a hamster) two hamsters)) they
smell so... not well) but I have them so need to take care)

This is a last lonely spring for me... I've decided!:) if you want the
same – to be happy mutually – then we are choosing correct road –
together! Are you with me?

Will wait and hope for your sooner answer and with you great day!

Kisses - Valentina!

P.S. Look what a spring is here starting already!! Made a photo for
you today, do you feel that warm coming?))

About other photos:

Also me with my colleague at work – she is checking my hips, ahaha)

And few more for you to feel me closer, do you like me??:)