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Alla started to built trust in usual way and then she mentioned her problems and as a fool I sent the money. Then did she disappear from the sites Freedate and FD date her account was cut off probably have someone else reprted her to the sites. I found her on other sites:
She does not contact me after recived the money so I was a stupid fool. You out there do not send money to Alla she is a scammer. See letters below:


thank you for your perfect letter to me.
At you very interesting style of the letters. I, certainly, not so well educated, as you. But I shall try to write to you about everything, that you interests. You to me very much pleasant. And I hope to continue correspondence with you. Anyway, while to you it will not become boredom.

I was born and has grown in small city at the centre of Ukraine, city of Kirovograd. It was based by the queen Elisaveta in 17 century, as a fortress, which should protect southern borders of Russia. This fortress was named Elisavetgrad. But this fortress was in very hot steppe area, where strong winds constantly blew. Therefore soldiers did not want there to serve. And to attract the soldier and officers in a service in this fortress, Elisaveta has ordered to collect of the most beautiful girls from cities and villages, which were near to a fortress, and to give back them in the wife to the soldiers and officers. So there was a small settlement area of a fortress. Gradually this settlement expanded. But when to authority came communists, they have decided to name city in honour of one of the leaders. Therefore now our city refers to as Kirovograd. It is very green city, which I very much love.

Except for me and my son, in my family there is still my mum,
grandmother and my younger sister Larisa. My son is 13 y.o. I'm not
sure that I want another child for now. May be in future in the happy
My sister have worked in the big hotel in Bodrum Turkey for the 4 years. She marriage now with the
Turkish man and happy. She have small son - just 1 month old.

Tomorrow we shall make anniversary of death mine the grandfather. . He was the man, closest to me, which could perfectly understand
me. We with him were very similar both externally, and internally. He always tried to make
environmental kindly, nothing demanding in exchange. He was for me an ideal the man, and I tried
to bring up the son, that he was similar to the great-grandfather.. With us in family have
remained only women: I, my mum, my younger sister and grandmother. The grandfather has died so
unexpectedly. It was by such impact for me! Behind all these vital problems I and had not time
to tell him, as I am strong him I love, and as it is a lot of he for me means. Before I never
lost the people, close to me. I somewhere was carried in this life, not realizing, that our
ancestors are a connection with the past, any our internal core, losing which, we are deprived
of the large share of support and understanding. And on some time I have lost orientation in
life. To me is still sick about it to recollect.

So enough about the terrible thinks.
Arne I thank you for the in-depth letter. It was very interesting to me to read about your family. And about your activity, though I believe in it a little. Write to me about everything, that you interests.

I shall be very glad with you to meet when you like! Now I'm quite calm, exept one more little thing - my English, but I'll try to do my best.
Arne I can give you my telephone. Now I quite buzy with my clients. We can speak some later when we'll ready.
And I wait for your letters.
Bye for now.

Hello dearest xx!
Thank you very much for your response. I was very busy with my work and can?t answer you for the last 3 days ? sorry very much!
It was very pleasant surprise to me to receive your letters! And thank you very much again for your perfect letters to me. And many thanks for your compliments to me.
Sorry very much about your son! How do he feel for now? You are very kind father I think. I have the warm feeling to you for now. I like your personality inside, your letters and your attitude to me. I?m tired after bad attitude of our men to women. They drink much and like just bars, alcohol, money and sex. They do not care of they wife?s and even forget names of they kids after divorce. They prefer to drink alcohol and use bodies of other women. I have such life in the past and I do not want such terrible future for me. My ex live in the other place and he do not take care of his son, we even do not see his for 7 years, no calls from him, no letters, and he even do not give congratulates for Valentine with his Birthday. I do not want that my son will be the similar with his father. I have much pain in the past, so I appreciate everything people do for me. Our women like to look for they husbands so good as it?s possible.
I'm not boasting about our women, but we here joke very often about foreign women in this
point (sorry) how careless are about themselves. I don't want to be rude, but I think it's not a woman at all, who has 100 kilos bottom, never brush her hair, forgot what's sex is, but at at the same time she feels and behaves like a quine, having highest self estimation
demanding love and care from husband, but doing nothing even to attract his mind and feeling. I know foreign woman hate us either, that we are poor as a church mouses. But it's not our fault.
Everything that depends upon us we try to do of best quality even without thinking about it. Do you know that no one woman here (except of course old pensioner) will not go to rubbish bin outside without make up and carefully brushed here. And nobody do it by purpose, it's
just in blood. It's very easy, every human being wants love, love means sexual attraction, kisses, hugs and sex itself. Not accurate, fat end etc lady is not sexual - so she will not be
loved. Here this thing knows every child, so everybody try to be attractive, care, educated end etc. We can't do things connected with money and business, but we can develop themselves - I mean body and sole, it's very easy even without money, and we actually love to do
it. It so nice to give somebody whom you like your care, you thoughts, your body, your passion and feel at once, that somebody admire you, wants you, care about you protect you. And we don't want equal rights - we so tired to be working horses all the life, so we dream about
strong man near by to take a half of burden on his shoulders. It's so nice to be weak and tender near the strong man. I must tell you that we very sexual nation, we have no one problem about it here, we have no laws, protecting people from sexual harassment, but it's not so bad,
because as far as I know abroad, men and woman scared of new acquaintances, because they can be sued in court, even if they are not guilty and etc. So we don't have such things, no laws working, because we can do anything. We never thought that we are sexual nation, only
after realizing, how people leave abroad, we understand we really do. But we have quite opposite problem, our men mostly not loyal because of such freedom, and it courses lot's of moral sufferings. But don't forget, my darling, that our women also want man of high
standard. I don't want now to discuss philosophy here, but you really feel, as I think what woman want inside.

XXX for me is very pleasant that you teach Russian. I speak Russian and Ukraine. So we can speak both when you come. Do you have your tickets already? I ca repeate again that I?ll be very happy to meet you.
I like very much your letters to me. It was very interesting for me to read
about your life and your family

my mobile number is 38(095)1337933 You can call me in evening as within the day I?m very busy with clients.

My dear ****, I can't wait our meeting, and I'm so excited to see you
in person. I was very busy with a hard work during even days
off, and I'm tired like a dog. Sorry I stuck in such problems with all
this, it's very difficult morally and physically, but this story with
my granny and Valik's sick made a huge pile of
financial problems for me, because I had to find baby sitter to be
with Valentine and do
cooking and study, while I tried to work to cover my debts. But
because of this weather trade was very bad and very little people at
the market. So I'm complete ly stuck in troubles with paying my debts
for gas and electricity and baby sitting. It was deadline of payment
already and they gave notification for me, that they will cut my gas
and electricity. That's why I asked you for help if it's not difficult
for you, because I really don't know what to do. All my thoughts are
occupied with this nightmare and all my time busy with hard work that
mostly don't paid. I received notification for debts 973 hrivnas and
plus my debts for baby sitting. This is around 200 dollars but any <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
help is nessasary for me. If you really
can help me with all this, I'll cover it for day for this payments
that they don't disconnect me it.

Darling I also want to thank you for your
care about me and understanding all my difficulties and offering your
help. Of course, for me it’s very difficult and almost impossible to
pay for it, but the fact that you offered me it pays much more
attention to me then money. Our men never think of such kind of
difficulties and always try to replace it on woman’s shoulders. I
have been in the different banks yesterday I also asked Vika about best
way. You can dispatch money on bank system Western Union or
MoneyGramm. (like Vika's Grant did it for Vika when she lives here -
this is best way)It is
necessary to specify the country -Ukraine - and surname and name Alla
Porada. Then it is necessity to send me code from 10 figures. I can
receive it in any separation of Western Union in our city. (For
example more close to me is adress of Western Union bank: Popova str.
1518, Kirovograd)
You can write also the address of any bank of Western Union in
My home address

Geroev Stalingrada str., 24/27, korpus 1, apt. 145,
First name Alla Vladimirovna.
Last name Porada

I wait for our meeting very much, and I'm happy
that you exist in my life even so far somewhere in Norway.
You are part of my life!!!!!