Scammer Ekaterina Alekhina Ket

684 1st East Street, (po box 214)

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Comment #144862
Said she is orphaned and no income. all the usual lies, but that she has only 1 cousin as relative, Dimitri Aleukhin, in Kherson. I was told that is her husband. I met both at the railway station and he is got the worst, ugly smile. He seemed to be NOT related to Katya.
So, I believe it's really her husband, as someone else who checked on these people said they are a couple. I did see a photo of a child and she never did show any photo of Dimitri's purported wife (Larisa). I was told they are Kherson mafia, and in cahoots with the police. So I really had no inclination to talk with the police in Kherson.
I returned on 2nd trip to Kherson, and had given a lot of money to her and Dimitri. She just disappeared and he did write some emails. But I supposedly saved Larisa from certain death, by paying for her surgery. As Dima asked me a few weeks before my traveling. lost big to these two subhumans. Really bad, but cannot do anything except report them. I will get Dima's email address on here too!
Comment #145137
if you send cash to strangers what dya expect ..durrhh... i can sell you london bridge if you want ..theres a sucker born every minute