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Hi xxx

i just read your very interesting e-mail, i see you also pursuing your career in real estate, property business is still doing relatively well in our country, but because of interest rates people have stopped buying a lot, they just renting, some are giving up on their bonds because they cannot afford anymore, such is life, we are concentrating on letting at the moment especially in summer we make a lot of money because of tourists that atleast stay over a month in our country, enough about business.

taxes are still manageable at the moment but really affects employees bonuses at the end of the year, but its a once off unfair contribution towards country tax, the more you earn the more tax you pay,
i was born and bred in South Africa,Cape Town, i have elder sister and younger brother, my father died 3 years ago, my mom is still alive but we do not live together,she also lives here in cape town, in our family house, but i do visit her every weekend,my dad taught me to be independent in life

i also like to explore new things, i eat almost anything except for the things the doctor warned me that im allergic to, which is i find them delicious but not allowed to touch them. my favourite colour is pink, grey and blue, i also like yellow but no too shouty, i like watching news to be intouch with what is going around the world especially in our country, we have just voted a month ago, there is a lot of changes regarding politics, really interesting how negotiations can change peoples lives, we are hoping for a better change, now that we have a new president in place, we hope for the better change for all races, documentaries are also informative, sky-5 fiction, horror, but prefer to watch it with people around they can be creepy, romantic comedy as well, they feed my soul. I like
R 'n B, Jazz, house, rock.

i also chase after bargains, our food prices have gone up drastically, i only buy what i need, not what i want, i spend money wisely, i agree with your concept "people dont get rich by earning money but by not spending it foolishly" i rent a 2 bedroom apartment not far away from he city centre, i have also taught myself to live with what i have and appreciate small things, i never take anything for granted.

i do understnd and speak a bit of Afrikaans but i am English, im my country you must atleast speak 2 languages, as we have about 11 official languages, i havent been to Europe, one of the countries i would like to visit in the future, still in the pipeline,
i will do send to your other e-mail addresses to make sure you get all my e-mails, i wouldnt want to losse this special connection with you, also thanking you for the compliment, i believe the outer beauty is the reflection of the pure open heart, the warmth that come from within.

Here i stop, you have a great time further

take care!
Hello xxx,

How are you doing today? hope that all is well with you over there and also that you are having a great day, as for me am doing well just too much work to do but so far all is well, thanks for the mail and also am happy to hear that it must be pleasant to have conversation with me because from so doing we will get to know each other better and be able to share our idea and goals together, well at the moment i am doing free lancing but our office based in green point, i do report to the office from time to time, i do love my job and i try to give all to it, i am sorry that my mail will be brief because i have so much to do this afternoon but will surely email you again this evening together with my pictures and together with few question that i have for you,

bye for now and have a nice day,

From Rihana
Hi xxx

sorry i could not write to you last night, i had difficulties with connecting, i guess the server was down, i am not working today, i'm on 2 days leave, but will try to clean up few things from my workload, if that would be possible

i have attached my pictures,hope you like them, i have few questions for you, tell me what is your ideal woman, what is it that you really look for in a woman, what tickles your fancy, what motivates you, most people would say money motivates them not knowing they have to earn it, what are your weak points and your strenghts? that was a mouth full of questions right, i will have more as we go along so we can get to know each other better, feel free to do the same

have a great day further

Dear xxx

I am so sorry to hear about your dog, you are not bothering me at all, you can share everything with me, doesnt matter wether it means us crying or celebrating, i know how it feels like to losse something you loved, it will get better with time.

I'm glad you like my fotos,face doesn't matter to me as well, as i was reading your e-mail i was smiling all the way, because you you have revealed most about yourself, i feel i know you better even more, thanks for the time taken answering my questions, you have also involved yourself in sport i see, atleast you tried and sure worked hard to win in every aspect, i also try to keep fit i go to the gym 2-3 times a week sometimes (for health reasons), i did sports at school, netball i used to be the best player of all times, but i guess i haven't lost that side, if i were to go back i would still be good, its a skill that i best posess and can never be taken away, as we grow older we have a tendency of eliminating some activies because of exposure to diferrent environments for example business meetings, appoinment with clients after hours and we can never fit all that in our daily schedule, i agree with when you say "slim and fit people have much better sex" you are not a freak at all you are just sharing your views, i also like straight talkers, beating around the bush never get people anywhere in general, concerning relationships

In every relationship no matter how hard you work hard on it when there's differences the never wotk out, we have to learn to let go if they were not meant to be, you just have to wait for that special one and you do not have to look any further, they say "good love come to those who wait" age difference is never a problem as long a partners are on the same level of understanding things work out better. I do believe in horoscopes myself, they are sometimes relevant to me, especially when I have lost touch with my innerself, sort of put you back on the path, leads you, to know what is ahead of you, what to expect, i sure will go to the site you sent and read more about us, most things you mentioned are really similar, we are sharing a star sign. I find you really interesting they way you give me attention, time you taking to respond to my e-m,ails, what more do i want myself, I have found you should i say we have found each other,

I am religious, i will not charge you of the way you perceive church, sure you do pray?,

the money you make is detemines by the had work you have put in to achieve it, it never falls from the sky or grow on trees, don't we all wish it did....

Is that a dog or a tiger in your picture, because it looks like our family tiger, please see picture I am reattaching it, i have it in my profile as well.

I do believe you are the one for me,

looking forward to your response

Dearest one,

Is always nice to read your mail cos they put smile on my face each time i read from you, you really made day by sending this warm and lovely mail, i am getting use to you now bit by bit, i wake up in the morning will smile on my face knowing that i will have mail to read from you, i feel this way already for you how much more when we meet in person, i will never make you bad unless you ask for it by cheating on me, in my culture, we don't look outside our marriage or relationship for a man to hangout with beside the culture am not raised that way, when i love i love with all my heart and and i feel something very strong for you already, yes i can say we are meant for each other and you are my Angel, i forgot to tell you about my date of Birth, i was born on the 26th of June 1978 you can also see that on my profile if you can go through it again,
i love this part of your email so much: on this earth I can only do one thing : let me be your king , and I will serve for ever my mighty queen and fight any dragon to defend you from evil,
i promise you the same in return and i pray that God will grant of our Heart Desire, i do think that we need communication to feel in our distance gap, let me know what you think meanwhile nice photo you have there and the guy next to you is wearing the same one, what is it for?,

bye for now and have a nice day,

My dear xxx

I'm sorry i could not write to you, thanks for your patience and your understanding, as i said me and my sister we were visiting my mom weekend passed, she is feeling so much better. There's nothing that heals a person better than the love that you get from your loved ones, knowing that there are people that care so much out there. I like the factt hat we are sharing a star sign, we know each other's characters better, i do have a strong intuition, very knowledgeable about things and willing to acquire more, there is a programme that i like most "The weakest Link" I never miss it for the world, we learn everyday don't we?

63% is a good sign, even though deep in our hearts we know it is 100% already, could be even more with time,

Spain is one of the countries i would like to visit some time, you must have had a good time there, South Africa like any other country consists of different cultural backgrounds, some tribes they use their fingers to eat, some roll the food into some sort of a ball before they place it in their mouths to chew it, funny hey!

I'm glad you will feel comfortable around me, we are matured now we have found each other to settle down, human have to pass all stages, I'm a woman who sticks to what she believes in, because man like fooling around, i had difficulties to accept those type of things, i take things easy, but don't let real love pass me by which i believe I am finding it with you and it looks like there is more in store for me from you, hope you feeling the same way about me, don't feel pressured by that just be yourself, things should come naturally, I am not a jealous type, because we know what we both want, I would not feel intimidated by anyone it is line of your business that you speak with people everyday, a business is not a business without people, doesn't matter whether it's face to face or phone to phone.

I am not on Skype, maybe we could exchange mobile numbers to keep our communication going

Since its winter time here, i like taking holiday in July for one month, South Africa gets very cold that time, you are welcome to come, because everyone in my family is asking when is this man that sweeping me under my feet going to visit? or you can invite me over, as i mentioned before I haven't done much travelling I would love to see how the world is out there besides my country.

Please do send me those pics of your house, you just don't know how it makes me feel to see new things from you, awaiting in anticipation for those.

I have attached my 2 beach pics taken in summer and 1 extra for you, enjoy

yours truly
Hi my angel

I don't blame you for checking your mail 10 times, i sometimes do the same, the fortunate part i always have something mailed for me, that is why i really felt so bad when i couldn't write to you, i hope you accepted my apology, it is love. thanks for appreciating me, i like the pictures of your house, it looks really nice, its a mansion, we can chase each other around it hey...ha!

that is my elder sister, but she looks a bit fat now, she just had a baby, but she still looks pretty though still, we actually took after both our parents. i will try and give you a call later today and mine is 27730358201 you can call me anytime.

yes i do have a computer, mobile office when i ned to tie up loose ends of my day i think i work better at home than at work, office is always busy and get disturbances, but i get contacted at home still I not complaining, since i told you i touch base with office now and then, mostly for meetings, so to speak.

we do have a strongest link ofcourse.

I would love to live in Spain will discuss about that as time goes, that would be the best thing that would ever happen in my life and I understand that you can never live here because you have businesses that side. you can come to visit as you know that my family will expect to see what you look like after i have paid you my first visit, i will try and see if i can take my vacation on the 27th of june will let you know on time ok,

yes i do need a tourist visa to europe so do you think that the best option is to check for the visa reqiurment from your embassy here in cape town? i will try and find out the next step to take about it and i will try to speak to my elder sister because she has been to the state once so i think she have a bit idea on how those things work, do you think that you need to do my booking now or should we wait to comfirm my date of travel? about the airline i don't know much about the international airways but i think i will love to use South African Airways since they also have a good deal,

you have a great day

with all my love in you
My dear xxx

You've got a beautiful voice, you made my day, was nice talking to you,

I will go to the Spanish embassy during my lunch hour tomorrow and find out about travel visa, they should allow travel visas from 1-6 months, I will sure need a return ticket to show that i am coming back after the holiday, you are right it gets expensive when booking flight closer to the time of travelling, whichever way of travelling I wouldn't mind anything whetherr I will be connecting or straight flight, the most important thing i will get there eventualy, I wouldn't mind to be kept there for a while, ha! but i do need to come back because of my work here but in due time, we can arrange on how i will settle there that will be after you have visited to see my family,

I will give you feedback after lunch tomorrow, just cannot wait

Yours truly