Scammer Nadezhda Надія Nadya

Donetsk, Ukraine
Gorlovka Donetsk, Ukraine
15 57 ST. Kirova Gorlovka, Donetsk ,Ukraine

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[Money Fraud]
500.00 USD - Passport / Visa Processing
900.00 USD - Round Trip Tickets
300.00 USD - Trip Expense For Interview
600.00 USD - Traveler Checks
Total: $2,300.00

[Final Letter]
My good, dear, my beloved, I do not know what words to find, what will now pass before your understanding. I just want you to hear me and understand everything. I write to you, because, unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to tell you about this personally. I ask you, try now just to read everything and think. Honey, I was so happy when I got on the bus and realized that in a day I could take your hand. While we were driving, I smiled and flew in my dreams and thoughts. At night, we reached our border with Russia. People and buses were very. A lot of people in uniform with dogs, in general, it seemed that everything was as usual.
When it was our turn, everyone left the bus and went to the building to go through the X-ray scanner. Attentive to the policemen was occupied by men, since the situation in my region is normal. In addition, as explained later, there is a lot of sabotage, many carry information and all that. The men checked for a long time, making their way through the bases, and then came across a man, as I understood, by the one they had been looking for a very long time. And then it all started! They began to check the entire bus, check all the compartments, began to check children, pensioners, women. And, of course, my turn also came, I was searched from head to foot, shone in my hands with a lamp that shows traces of gunpowder, if that's the case. They checked all the things and all pockets, checked even the insole in the shoes. I was in some kind of daze !!! This was really scary! He warned that those who have nothing to fear from hysterics do not like. The children were crying, the old people clutched at the heart. It's just a nightmare! And, of course, all my documents were found, and my tickets, they just caused a lot of questions !!! They took my documents and took me to the interrogation! I have never experienced such fear in my life !!! I understand that maybe you do not understand this, you do not have a war, and you do not know what it is !!! During the interrogation, it seemed to me that the time lasted forever, but I knew that I had done nothing, besides, three were detained from my bus. At night, they contacted their travel agent, and she confirmed that I was their client, who was going on a trip! when all the information was confirmed, and I left at three o'clock in the morning and realized that, of course, the bus was let go, and no one was waiting for us! I was just powerless and had a hard time understanding what to do now, besides, I was afraid to name my mother, because I realized that she could not stand it !! On the border, I had to take a taxi and go home, because I did not catch the bus. I cried all the time. In the morning I came home, and when my mother, opening the door, she took the gift of speech. She embraced me and said that the main thing is that I'm alive and well. And the travel agent, when he realized what happened at night, she canceled the morning tickets and returned some of her value (since they returned all the cost when they did not issue a visa). My beloved, I know that maybe you are not a person passing through this. I ask you, do not worry and do not be nervous. Now your support and understanding is very necessary! I will come to you anyway, what fate has put me through! I need a couple of days to rest and collect my thoughts. I will learn how I can go to Kiev through the front line, to find out what is needed for this. I beg you not to make hasty conclusions, I'm looking forward to your letter...
Your Nadya.