Scammer Anastasia Kovalyova Nastya

June 1 1994
+380637757522, 380632847813, 380633795647
Zaporozhye, Dnipropetrovsk
Volgogradskaya St. 26a/32 Zaporozhye Ukraine 69035
Elena\\\'s models

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Comment #144508
Sveta is the ringleader of a professional dating scam. She employs many young girls including Anastasia Kovalyova (Nastya). Her mother Svetlana Shvetsova, stepfather Edik, 8 year old son and her grandparents and others are also part of this scam. She claimed I was corresponding with Nastya, but it was really Sveta. Asked for tourist Visa money and gifts for Nastya and Sveta's family. I visited them in Ukraine. Edik was the driver. Sveta and her group also works with stores and restaurants like the Veranda Restaurant to raise prices or allow purchased items to be rerurned and split profits. Also made money on apartment rental. Nastya had a boyfriend the whole time and used money she took fraudulently to take a trip to the Maldives with her boyfriend when I went to visit her in Ukraine. I ended up spending time with Sveta.
Comment #145419
i can add to this. I dealt with her a couple years ago. I am a researcher by trade so I looked her up. I found not only her (Nastya's) VK but her instagram as well. I actually added her and her boyfriend under a pseudo profile. They both have photos together still. She's not very smart at hiding that. She also has a VK account called "Nastya Titova (as of 5/11/2018 this VK page is still active" On this VK she uses it to sell clothing, phones, and items it seems she scams off men. A big red flag was when I asked her if she'd been to Paris. She had photos in Paris on her Instagram and she lied and said she had never left Ukraine. The actual girl (Nastya) would meet me on Skype and talk to me but it was like she didn't remember our conversations or things we had talked about by e-mail, so I stopped talking with her and never sent her money. Of course she did try to get me to visit her in Zaporozhye and that she would set up the room/hotel when I picked the days. It was too sketchy so I didn't pursue it further and met a very nice and authentic girl instead.
Comment #162189
Please note, this scammer now uses email... she claims that she is from Rossoshki, near Volgograd, Russia. She has offered to speak to me via Skype and after just 2 emails was so anxious to read my email. She also says she works in a factory in Volgograd. I have terminated all contact because if this callous scam.