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Hello my dear man!
I hope you will write me your reply soon. Because I think you didn`t
received my previous letter that I sent you some days ago. I want to
learn you better. Because I like you. And if you didn`t received my
previous letter, I resending it for you one more time. Dear, I will be
waiting for your reply with great anticipation! :
How are you today?
I`m very glad that you interested in me dear! And I'm glad to have a
chance to get acquainted with you. I hope that we will learn each
other better trough our correspondence. Because I think that open and
honesty communication between us will help to build a strong relations
with each other. Don`t you think so? And that`s why I'm glad to have
an opportunity to tell you more about myself.
Well, my name is Jenya and I`m 27 years old and live in Alchevsk. It`s
a small town that`s why I have to work in Lugansk. I`m a seller in the
footwear shop. I have a technical education. I was graduated from
technical school. And my profession is an ecologist. But there is in
my town I can`t find a job my specialty. As usual I don't have
problems with how to spend my spare time as I have many hobbies. But
sometimes I just like to relax in a cosy atmosphere at home, talking,
reading a book or listen to music or watching a good movie in TV. In
the summer I like to sit on my balcony with a glass of juice
overlooking the reservoir and planting to see the sunset. My innermost
dream is to travel all over the world as I think that every country is
unique and has much to boast. But unfortunately I have never been
You know, I enjoy watching the fire, I like how it smells after the
rain. I dream to meet my lover, my soul-mate and to have splendid time
together. If your dream is a marriage and friendship, where there
always someone waiting for you and where you feel comfortable and
being loved, then I am waiting for you. I like to welcome you into my
I'm finishing now. I hope that I've got you interested and you won't
leave my letter without a reply. I'll gladly answer all your
questions. Please write me back on my e-mail address
[email protected] I look forward to your letter.
Have a nice day!
Sincerely yours, Jenya


Hello from Ukraine!
How are you today dear xxx?
I hope fine as me! I`m very glad to receive your letters. I`m
interesting in you very much! I think you are very kind and honest
person and I like you. I would like to know much more about you. I
hope we have a lot in common.
To tell you a little about myself: I think I am a kind, nice and
loving person, which are looking for the man in my life who will make
me truly happy and be my lifelong companion and who I can make happy
too. And I will try to fulfil all his dreams. I hope that this man
will be you.
You know, I love to cook and most of all I like to create some new
dishes myself without any cookery books and so on. I think it`s very
important for woman to know how to cook. Do you agree with me? I also
love gardening. I love to plant trees and flowers. My favourite tree
is an apple tree and my favourite flower is a lily of the valley. I
like to dancing and singing. I like caraoke! Do you ever singed on
caraoke? I often go to the cinemas and theaters with my friends,I like
cars!! But unfortunately I haven`t one. And that`s why I haven`t a
driver's license yet. Taking care of animals is something I really
enjoy!! I have two cats. They are twins. I called them "Rizik" and
"Kukla". They are so sweet and affectionate. I love them very much!
What kind of animals do you like more?
I`m very romantic and tender woman. I like to dream and create new
different things. And I want to ask you dear. Are you romantic person?
I like optimistic people who smiles even when something is going
wrong. That is what I am always trying to be. I believe that true love
exists and perfect relations between men and women are possible. I am
sure my soul mate is looking for me and we will be happy together. I
want him always to take care of me, to be kind and honest, loving and
tender. I am of that kind of people who like making small miracles for
their beloved. I think mutual understanding is very important in any
relationship, so I hope you are a warm and patience person with a good
sense of humour. I like to have a good laugh and a good time.
As for my letters to you dear. I`m using the translation company for
communicate with you. I don`t know English well. I studied English in
school but my knowledges is not enough for communicate with you
through letters. I have been in the Internet cafe but the one hour of
Internet service is cost very expensive for me. Because I haven`t a
computer at home and I typing very slowly. So, I think that one hour
will be not enough for me. I hope you understand and you will don`t be
disappointed with me as for about it...Because I want to live abroad.
It`s my greatest dream! I think there are a good people living in your
country. Am I right? And now I`m sure that I`m not wrong. Because I
met you!

Please tell me about yourself, your dreams, your feelings and your
life. Wishing you a future full of love, happiness and prosperity.
I send you my photos. And I hope you will like it`s.
Please send me more of your photos too. I like you very much!
I hope to hear from you very soon.


Hello my dear xxx!
How is your mood today?
I feeling so happy you wrote me a letter and you photo! I
like you very much and I want to know you better! And I
think our correspondence will help us to learn each other!
Don`t you think so? I like to write letters very much!
Because I think, it is easier for me to communicate through
the letters. I hope you do not mind. Because by letters we
can share our photos and all thoughts!
I try to give you now some more details about my person and
perhaps I can answer so questions, which you have perhaps at
me . At first let me start with my serious intention and
honest wish to find my real great love in life and to build
up a happy family together. I want simple to make you happy
with all my energy and to enjoy at a together life with you.
It is not my education and nature to play any games with you
now and it is important for me, that you know that.
Dear, I want to tell you something about me. I was born 20th
of July, in 1982. My zodiac is a cancer.Do you have any
experience with cancers???? My height is 167cm, my weight
around 50kg. I have piercing in my navel. Do you like
piercing? I think it`s very cute. When I did it I was 23
years old. And my mother was a little angry with me. But now
everything is ok`.
My childhood was not very interesting. My parents had to
work very much. My father died in 2007. It was so hard
continuing our life without him... But now everything has
its place. My mother is 51 and she lives in our house in
Alchevsk. She needs help and I have to support her in the
daily life. That`s why I have to working in Lugansk. Because
in our city is very small salary. I go work early morning
and then come back home at 19.00pm. I have just one rest day
from my work, it`s Sunday. I`m spending one hour to get to
work in one side.
I think, I`am a easygoing and uncomplicated person with a
lot of patience and without any bad great habits. So I
think, you would have no great problems with me in a
relation. Also I can say about me, that I`am very romantic
with the possibility to dream . I like to be outside in the
nature a lot and a great feeling for me is to walk for
example at a beach and to feel the waves around my feeds or
to watch the sunset sitting at the beach. Or simple to walk
in a beautiful forest and to hear the sounds of the birds.
Another great interests of me is to draw sketches of shoes
and clothing. So I can say, that I`am a very creative person
with a lot of ideas in my head. But I think honest, that
this all personal qualities make me very worthful! I don`t
smoke and drink and prefer a healthy life way with a little
bit sport to keep my body fit !! Further like to laugh very
much and to make jokes !! So I like very much also cartoons
and my favourite movie are "Madagascar" and "The Ice age"(1
and 2).
I would like to know more about you, your likes and
dislikes, your hobbies and what you are doing presently. I
like to meet understanding, loyal, sincere, trustworthy,
kind, friendly and more to that, person of vision and truth.
I will tell you more about myself in my next mail. Hoping to
hear from you soon!
Yours Jenya


Hello my dearest xxx!
How are you?
I`m fine! And I`m very glad received your letter today! I`m
here writing you, because I feel that you person who I`m
looking. I want you to know, that a woman can’t survive
without love. When I write you a letter I feel free to tell
you everything about myself. I'm sincere with you as it
seems to me that I know you during all my life. I decided to
open my heart to you and to tell about my feelings. I
believe that you will accept them.
I want to tell you that you are the most important part of
my life because I think, from you depends my happiness and
my hopes for the future...I feel that now that we have met ,
we are both counting on each other, we search each other and
we want both to build our happiness together...You are the
most important person of my life and I really think that for
a man like you I would give all myself and all the best I
can...I'm ready to leave my country and live abroad. And I
do think that we will be happy together because I think we
are compatible. I have so many dreams! I love children. And
I want to have my own happy family with my beloved man. I
hope it will be you. There are always to many ways to live
the life, and correspond to these personal dreams that we
have. Don't you agree with me? You really are a wonderful
man, hope that soon we can communicate face to face. And of
course I`m sure that I`m not a professional model! I just
made some professional photos for sending to you in the
photo-studio. I hope you don`t mine with it? I just wanted
to be the best on the my photos. And I see you like its
because you told me such compliments! Am I right?
Do you believe in love at first sight???? I do, and also I
believe that two people can fall in love, while writing
letters, do you agree??? For sure a million letters cannot
replace one meeting, but let`s try until I am ready for it.
Dear, I hope you remember that in one of my first letters I
told you that I don't know English and I haven`t a computer
at home. That was the reason for me to turn to the
translation service. This service is not free and I paid for
our correspondence during all this time. I would gladly
continue paying for our communication as I think that my
happiness is worth it. But now I have difficult financial
situation and can't afford paying for the translation
service any longer. This situation makes me feel awful as
finally I've found the right person for my life.Dear, I hope
you understand that I can`t ask some money for our
correspondence from my mother. Because I am all the time
helping her with it. It's first time for me to turn for
something to the man I didn't meet in real life but now I
really need your help. I'm afraid even of a thought that I
can loose you. I need you in my life! I would never disturb
you with such a request but now I really need your support
with the payment for the translation service. I hope you
won't leave me in this trouble. Don't let me disappear from
your life.
You are the first thing that I think of in the morning,
during my day, and the last before I lay down to sleep to
dream about you.
Send you my warmth and tenderness! Your Jenya