Scammer Natalochka, Nataliya (Natalya), Natasha Natalochka, Nataliya (Natalya), Natasha

Natalochka, Nataliya (Natalya), Natasha
Natalochka, Nataliya (Natalya), Natasha

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Comment #433
Listen, my lovely stranger! I want to find my second half and that's
why I have put all my courage together and wrote you this note to grab
your attention!!! Want to warn you that if you do not have the same
intentions, you should better not answer me!

So about me shortly... I am 33 years old woman from Ukraine who wants
to find a serious man for building strong relations and afterwards
friendly, happy and real family! I have a very simple but beautiful
name Nataliya so I do not think it will be hard for you to remember
me! I am very kind, easy-going and reliable lady with the ocean of
warm feelings inside... waiting for the ONE who could release them
like "a genie from the bottle" Smiley I have no exact demands for the man
except being trustworthy, honest, careful and with big heart. If you
regard yourself the man I need so do not waste any second and write me
back here: ! I would be really glad to get to know
more about you and your way of life. Let's forget about the troubles
of past but look only forward and I'm sure everything will turn out
for well! By the way, send me as many photos as you have! Would like
to see you from all the sides Smiley

With care and respect, Nataliya
Comment #434
Nice to meet you, dear John!

As long as I am serious in searching my life partner and I do not to
waste anybody's time, I want to be honest with you from the very
beginning of our correspondence. Please, read carefully what I will
say further and please, try to be honest with me also. I will treasure
and respect that very much!

So, you can see from my photos that I am a beautiful woman, and I know
about this. That is why I think that I deserve more than men in
Ukraine can give me (and frankly speaking, there is nothing about them
that can make me interested:)). I am not a material person, but I have
a son who I need to grow up healthy and good-educated, and I do not
want him to face any hard situations in his life. That is why I am
looking only for a well-to-do man, who will be able to provide me and
my son with good life. Please, if you think that you are not able to
do this, than just let's not waste each other's time.

As for I, my full name is Nataliya but I prefer being called Natasha
or Nata. I am 33 years and my birthday is February, 4 1976, I am
Aquarius and like water very much! For example going to the sea in
summer is one of my favorite things and as I live not far from Odessa
I used to swim, sunbathe and relax usually on the beach. My town is
called Lubashevka and it is 700 km from Kiev - our capital. By the way
I have never been there but would really like to! I'm not very tall,
only 163 cm and weigh about 54 kg. Is it interesting for you? Let me

I am not that good in English, though I am planning to start learning
it, because I am looking for a man from abroad and I understand that I
will have to know the language. I have a translator who I pay to to
help me deal with the correspondence. This is the other point on which
you can whether agree or not.

So, dear John, if you think that you want to continue, I will be very
happy to get your letter.

Hot kisses to you from me.

Comment #435
Now is 15:47 our local time and I'm writing a reply to your letter .
Hello darling John! Missed me? Your new friend Natali is back and tell
me what time you have there now, is our difference very great or not?

By the way, thanks a lot for your letter, I was very glad to receive
it and it made me smile, so now I'm in a cheerful mood and will have
it during the rest of this shiny but not so warm day! By the way what
is the weather you have there?

Let's get back to our common interests and desires... I'm here to find
the ONE and this word means everything: friend, husband and lover. So
I am divorced for 4 years already and I didn't manage to find
Ukrainian man or may be the previous experience scares me very much.
But at the moment I have a great hope and this lets me move forward in
the search of my man. Want to tell you about the photos I attached,
they were made a few months ago. One of them is my son Danil
of 5 years. I love him very much! For a pity, my ex-husband did not
love children very much, so he did not take a lot of efforts to treat
our son good.

You see, I'm very fond of perfumes, it may sound strange for you but I
have enough of the different brands' aromas like Nina Richi, Dolce
Gabanna, Salvatore Ferragama and so on. I like to smell beautiful,
light and tender flavors, also I used to smell well as surrounding
people like pleasant aromas.

As for my other dreams, I have not too much of them. As I told you
before I want to have strong family with lovely husband. But going
abroad is my next dream which has been in my mind for a long time
already and if I had a chance I would visit some foreign countries. It
doesn't matter which of them because I am sure that every place has
its own beauty, traditions and interesting things to look at and to
get to know. I have never been abroad though I really wish to! Tell me
about your skills in visiting other countries, do you travel much? May
be we can go somewhere together one day and explore a real paradise,

Do not want to bother you any more, darling. So I end up this letter
and send you warm hugs. Tell me about yourself what you want and I
will be happy to read your next letter soon.

Truly yours, Natasha
Comment #436
My honey John,

Having someone like you by my side makes me feel protected from all
the dangers you may come across around each corner of the world.
Having you close by makes me feel capable of walking all the paths
life puts before me, for there