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Luhansk Ukraine

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Comment #2855
> Hello my dear
> How are you sweetheart? I have been thinking about
> you so much and wondering how you are and hoping that
> you are happy and feeling well.
> I dream about being the woman of your life and the woman of your
> dreams. I promise you that I will work hard every day to love you like
> you have never been loved before and I will never take you for
> granted. I will always find new ways to keep our romance and passion
> alive and burning hot! Don't you think it will be so much fun doing
> all the little things and inventing new ways to say "I love you" to
> each other? I think it will exciting!!
> I love being YOUR woman and you will always be MY one and only man. If
> I searched for a million years I could never find anyone as fine as
> you or half as handsome. You have a heart of gold and a sweet soul. I
> would not trade you for anyone if this world, ever!
> I want to meet you so badly and I'm trying to be patient but it's hard
> being so far away from you. It will only make our meeting that much
> sweeter when it finally happens.
> You are always on my mind and very deep in my heart! I can't wait to
> ready your next sweet words. I think it will make us much closer,
> don't you?
> I love you more than anyone I have ever known!
> Yours Ira.
> P.S. I have to strike a serious conversation with you honey. I wanted to ask
> you about one thing. I'm afraid of that but still I'll tell you. I must
> say in advance that if you answer no,I'll understand and appreciate your
> decision because it is difficult to make it for the person you have never
> seen. I wanted to ask to help me with my Internet expenses. I pay for it
> 100$ a month. First when I began writing I thought I would be able to do
> it myself. But now it is getting more and more difficult to me.
> And now I have to pay for the Internet instead of buying for
> example,jeans or sweater. I do not ask you to pay fully but if you
> could give me 50$,the half of the sum I'd be so grateful to you for
> this my dear! Then I would breath with relief. If you could support me
> I would be the happiest girl in the world. It could be the best present
> for me. And i could say with proud that you carry about me.
> Still I understand that it might be also difficult for you. If you
> refuse I DO understand that.