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Hello my friend .
How are you ? How was your day ?
I am fine . It's nice to receive your message. If you wrote, then I'm interesting to you.
you are also interesting to me and I want to know you better. I will try to send in each letter my new photos.
In this letter I send you a photo with my friend this is a dog, I just love animals so much. I hope you like it.
I also hope to receive your photos. I think that now I can tell more about myself.
I was born in Perm and live in this city. My birthday is March 25, 1985 of birth.
My height is 175 centimeters, and I do not even remember my weight. But I'm not fat you can not be afraid :)))
I think these parameters need to be known, because we must learn each other.
As for my character, I think that I'm rather modest and calm. I have a good sense of humor.
I like everything good and positive and when I have small problems, I always try to find in them positive moments.
I like to help people around me and see how they become happy with my help.
I like kind, polite, honest, reliable and responsible people, and when people are rude and aggressive, I try to avoid them.
My mother is an English teacher at school. Thus, she devotes much time to my education, and since childhood I have known very well foreign languages.
My mother also tutoring foreign languages ??after school.
I work as a manager in a store. This store is engaged in the sale of building materials ..
I also like to go in for sports, almost 3 times a week I go to the gym and do fitness.
Do you go in for sports? I usually like to read a book in my spare time.
Of course there are dreams that I really want to realize, this is a journey. I read many books about many countries.
Now what I read I want to see live.
When I was at school we had English. Therefore, I can write and speak English well.
I also read a lot of books about Italy. I was interested to learn the Italian language.
I bought a lot of books, and for 4 years I've been studying the Italian language. And now I can speak and write well in Italian.
Every day I want to improve and know for many more. Honestly to me in many respects carries. Life somehow helps me.
But there is one problem, I still can not find my other half. Here I am on the dating site really want to find my man.
Of course in the future I will even be ready to move to another country. Everything will depend only on us.
Now I like our communication and I want to continue it.
I want to say that I live in an apartment with Mama alone. Unfortunately my father does not live with us. I will tell you about this later.
so I really love animals, so I have a dog at home. Please ask me any questions, I will be happy to answer you.
I hope I was not boring. I'll wait for your new letter. Till !!! Your friend Yuliya