Scammer Kudryashova Tatyana Tanusha Tanu

Tatyana Tanusha Tanu
Cheboksary Russia

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ello, my name is mikey. Several months ago i was contacted by tatyana. She made a mistake with me, she contacted me thru I have her membership number, she has a fully paid up account that she regularly visits and then hides her profile. She uses simple psychology so do not be ashamed if you have fallen victim to her. She is a very clever women and she does not work alone. I am currently talking on-line to her best friend. I will expose her when i have enough information. The site, should be able to find her payment details and hand them over to the relevant authorities. One guy lost over 3,000 euros to her. Anyways you may find these of interest. (she did not get money from me, my hobby is baiting scammers by the way) hey its better than watching tv : ))))
Do not send money, FULL STOP GUYS.

Enjoy -

My name is Tatyana. I'm cheerful and sociable woman. I have many interests and hobbies. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances but I would like to have more. I’m here to find a new acquaintance with a man. Perhaps it’s you? :) I would like to get acquainted with an interesting, cheerful and sociable man. If you are brave and sociable write to me or give me you email
Looking for He should be a good, kind, cheerful, brave and interesting man. The basic qualities which I like in a man are kindness, honesty, decency, sincerity and other sincere qualities. First of all in relations I appreciate sincerity and trust. If there is no trust there can not be love or anything else besides that. It is my motto and I adhere to it. Age is from 25 to 55 years old. She has fallen silent. After a large "money letter" scammers often change profiles, introducing Marina. They are in contact with each other : ))))

Tatyana or Tanusha as i liked to call her has many more profiles on over 50 dating sites.
I am currently baiting marina : )))) oh and also Mariya - they all know each other.

Scammers often work in teams or cells. When a guy sends money, its often called the "money letter". This is when they all go out and celebrate. Its a disgusting way to make money i think.

Before i go, if you have fallen in love with her you will not listen to my words. Don't send her money instead offer to visit her in her home town. Then she will make excuses. She told me it was not safe to travel to her because of the russian

If your are still writing to her, tell her "mine elephant says hello : ))))" You must put the smiles in as i have wrote them. She was a book keeper but i told her she is an accountant. I see she has re written her first contact template email. She also uses the word "mine" Well that's my fault too : )))) She's convinced its the correct word to use. Well she is well known on many german dating sites after all.

60% of her letters are templates, she just changes the names, she uses "The Bat" Its a powerful email client, check her email headers. You will see it there.
She has v3.99.25 installed.

For those who are broken hearted - the pain you currently feel is nothing more than the breaking of the shell that enclosed your previous understanding of her. As the shell breaks of course it is painful but through the cracks enters the light, illuminating this person for who she actually is. The pain and embarrassment will fade in time. You are just one of many and they do not care, simply they want your money.