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this is the last letter:

Hello my lovely xxx! I am happy to receive your letter today I very
much I wait ours with you a meeting, I so want to see you and to
embrace you. I think, that it we shall be the big meeting and she will
be remembered to us for all our life. I also want to speak by with you
to phone and to hear your voice. I have no phone now. My phone is on
repair because I dropped him in water. I could try to call to you from
phone of my girlfriend if I can it make. Write to me number of your
phone that I could call to you. I spoke you, that today I should
travel to the city of Kazan and visit travel agency. I went in this
city some hours and when I came into travel agency, I saw, that many
people want to travel abroad. While I expected the turn, I talked to
the girl. The girl spoke me, that she also got acquainted on the
Internet with the man from other country and she already went to the
to the man. They had a remarkable meeting. She told to me as they have
met for the first time and as then they spent a lot of time together
and learned each other, visited beautiful places together. Now they
want to meet again and she wants to prolong the visa again to travel
to the to the man. To me so has liked her the story about their first
meeting, and I very much want, that we had the same fine meeting. I
very much got tired while I waited for the turn and talked to the
tourist agent. But I am glad, that I could learn all necessary for
ours with you of a meeting. The tourist agent spoke me, that for
visiting your country it is necessary for me to have: the visa, the
international passport, medical documents and the ticket both sides.
The tourist agent spoke me, that they will help make to me all
necessary documents. The agent has told, that to me will be make the
tourist visa. The visa will be make during 4 - 14 days and will
operate during 6 months, but I can be in your country only 90 days. I
shall take holiday for 2 months and we can be together during all my
holiday. The tourist agent has told to me cost of all documents. The
visa in your country cost 35 euro, the international passport cost 100
euro, medical documents cost 100 euro. The ticket in both sides 413
euro. It is necessary for me to have 648 euro that I could travel to
your country and we have met you. Dear, I have 200 euro, it is money
remained with me after I paid for all bills several days ago. And it
is necessary for me to find 448 more euro. It is very a pity to me,
that I have no enough money to pay for all necessary documents and me
it is necessary to ask your help. I asked the help my friends and
familiar, but they also have no such money. It is inconvenient for me
to ask your help and I not make it if I had enough money. But I very
much would like will meet you and to be some time near to you and
consequently I ask you the help. I hope, that you can the help to me
make ours with you a meeting. Here the main thing not money, the main
thing, whether you will help me. The tourist agent spoke me, that some
your information also is necessary for them: your full name, your
surname, your address, the country and city, and your phone number.
The agent has told, that this information that they knew is necessary
for them where I shall travel and where I shall spend time for the
sake of my safety. Write to me this information in your following
letter. I very much want to meet you. And I hope, that we shall meet
you very soon. I shall wait for your letter. Yours Elena