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Hi my most desired xxx. I am very glad to receive your letter again.
> Thank you that you do not forget about me and always continue write
> me, even if I cannot answer you. Ok, I will send you my last photo
> once again. I have received your wonderful picture. It is a photo was
> very pleasant for me.
> I am very glad that have met you! Your letters always radiate so much
> light in my dark sky. Thank you for your fine words. Today as well as
> always I have seen you in my dreams again!!! You were going to me but
> you will not kiss me, you only look and smile, you put your hand upon
> my face and look into my eyes. It is a loving feeling but yet you hold
> back, not knowing what to do. It is a wonderful feeling, one of
> contentment, one of security. I felt myself very strange, I wanted
> embrace you my arms, to gently kiss you and tell you everything will
> be ok, to feel our passion, to share all things in our beautiful in
> life. I would be your sweet heart and soul if you would wish to be in
> this way. Mike, you know, in the childhood I dreamed to find the
> Prince, with whom I can go on THE Edge OF THE EARTH. Only later, after
> many years I understood: in real life I cannot meet prince, only in
> dream... and in a fairy tales. There is NO ideal men. But very similar
> to an ideal match which is necessary for you, you can find. I can
> confidentially tell you, that you are - man of my dreams... I can not
> explain an origin of love. I can not explain why woman draws to the
> man. And I can not explain why man draws to the woman. It occurs at a
> subconscious level. Mike, I know that you feel something to me, and I
> feel that my heart is open for your. I need you very much. I do not
> present my life without your letters. I know that I want to give you
> all my tenderness, which for a long time I saved inside me. Nothing
> can be compared to this feeling of filling up somebody's life. The
> excitement, which tortures me while I'm waiting for your letters every
> day. The feeling, which fills every corner of my heart. Every step I
> make is safe, because I feel you around me. You are my dream, you are
> my angel, you are my soul, you are my life! I want to be your "Lady in
> red", about which sang Chris De Burgh. And I want you to know, that I
> have never felt like this before. You brighten my days and give me the
> strength to carry on, fighting every day for you. You have shown me
> deepest emotions and feelings I've kept inside of me for so long. I
> feel that our relations with you develop into something greater... It
> so excites my mood. I don't know what I shall do without your
> letters... I every day with impatience wait your letters. I always
> worry when I see your letter in inbox. These feelings are not similar
> on anything.
> I want to ask you xxx, what we shall do further... I think that we
> should undertake some steps... Because I cannot, I shall not sustain
> long dialogue through letters.
> Every day I understand that you borrow more, more and more places in
> my heart. I for a long time was alone. And our dialogue becomes bigger
> than simple dialogue. I am so glad that have met you! You seem to me
> man of my dream. And I very much want my dream came true... Mike,
> think about it. I shall wait for your letter... As well as always.
> Irina dreaming about you...
Hi man of my dream... xxx I am so glad to receive your letter. Your
> letters always make me... It makes me the happiest woman on this
> planet!!! I also am happy to listen to a song today which you have
> sent me. I am very romantic song which has mentioned my heart. I am
> grateful to you. It is a magnificent song. I will think about our
> meetings today. I have strong desire to shout, I want to shout and all
> people heard me. I want everyone knew that I have you Mike. You are my
> prince!!! You the man of my dream!!! We have found each other... I am
> ready to tell you about everything concealed in my soul... I don't
> want to have secrets from you... I want you did read every pages of my
> book... I want to write together with you our common book... I hope
> very much, you too want write with me this book... You and I! Like
> "Scorpions" song... Our book will be the most unusual and interesting,
> I'm sure in it! This idea make me crazy... I never thought earlier,
> that I can tell such frank words to somebody... May be someone will
> think that the letter can endure everything you like... But only not
> I!!! I do not want to hide from you anything......... It is very
> important for me, very important! You should know that in depth of my
> soul is hidden the woman who wants to be happy, which aspires to be
> happy. I want you here with me, I very much want you will be the
> happiest man. We deserve happiness! Don't you think so? I want to go
> with you, keeping for a hands. I want everyone envied us... In fact we
> have found each other! Last nights I very badly sleep... I have
> received a sleeplessness because all nights long I think only about
> you. My ideas with you...
> And it makes me sad.... Because you there... You are far in USA. I'm
> here in Russia! We are divided with huge distance. Thousand miles... I
> am glad and it is very sadly for me in the same time. I have so much
> different ideas in my head... Why I do not live in USA??? Mike, why
> you do not live in Russia... Why we are divided with this huge
> space... It makes me from mad...................... Only I'm grateful
> to that person who invented a computer and the Internet... It helped
> me to become the happiest woman. In spite of anything I am happy,
> because I have you. You became sense of my life. You as a beacon which
> shines and direct me through a fog and darkness of my lost life...
> Yes! It is true! Probably you are very confused and embarrassed now...
> Probably my words are very unexpected for you... How I want to see you
> now. Right now, during this moment!!! Through the letter it is very
> easy to tell these words.. .. I could not tell you these words if you
> will be here right now. I do not know... Now I'm not self-assured... I
> am sure in my feelings, but it seems to me that you will not want to
> talk to me anymore... May be I was vain so think... But I want that
> you knew about my feelings. I don't want something was inexpressible
> between us. I very much hope to receive your letter tomorrow... I very
> much hope for your understanding. Just Mike, the happiness is such
> strange thing... It is necessary to struggle, struggle with itself and
> with other world to be happy. Let each drop of a rain and a snowflake
> of a snowfall will be my kiss on your cheeks... Let beams of the sun
> will be heat of my gentle embraces...
> Irina dreaming about you...
From: "irinalol28"
Subject: I want to meet you

> Hello my lovely, most desired and gentle xxx. I am very glad to
> receive your letter. I will call to you this week, in some days as
> soon as I will find the nearest post office. I will warn you about my
> call in advance. All night long I thought of you my dear Mike. I very
> badly slept because of different ideas in my head. I thought What
> reaction you will have after my last letter... But today I am glad
> find out that you understand my problem concerning work. It is a pity
> to me that it happened... Very sadly that our correspondence soon will
> end... But simultaneously with it destiny gives us a new push in our
> relations. Now we have two variants. I think you understand it. Mike
> we should make a choice: meeting or to interrupt our correspondence
> for long time. I do not know that I shall do if I shall receive not
> your letters every day... Therefore I think that we should make a
> choice for benefit of a meeting.
> I send you other photo which you asked from me. I miss you!
> You know my situation concerning money. I have very a few cash. About
> 75 dollars. But I shall have additional money (severance pay, money
> for holiday), about 200 dollars. I think ,Mike, you understand that it
> not is enough for purchase of tickets. I know precisely that I should
> buy the ticket to you in the USA and back. Date of return flight has
> no value because I can transfer it for any other time. I should
> convince workers of the airport that I have an opportunity to return
> back to Russia. The international airport is in Moscow. It is not so
> far from me, about 500 kilometers I can reach there by bus. I want to
> meet you, but it will be impossible without your help. It is sad
> truth... But if I shall arrive to you, I think I can be employed and
> shall return to you all money. I would not want to miss our chance to
> be together.
> We should define when we can meet. I think the best variant for us
> would be a soon meeting, in 8-10 days after I'll receive holiday. I
> have only 6-7 days up to the end of it. Then I cannot write to you.
> You know that I write you from my work. Mike I am always so glad to
> receive your magic letters every day. It always gives me million
> positive emotions. People meet once. They get acquainted. They begin
> to meet. Some force of them draws. They want to be together to learn
> each other better to like each other. Some people when learned other
> person, they have enough of it, and anything does not occur any
> more... "The Book became read"... "Book" put on a shelf in a case.
> Either for him or her it is necessary other "book"... Some people all
> life loving, they reading this "book" all theirs life. Other people
> when will read this "book", do not put it on a shelf in a case, and
> they writes itself continuation of this book. Each person is the
> writer of his or her life if he or she wants... I am "writer". I hope
> you too... Let's write our book together. I do not present my life
> without you. You became for me the only man. I very much would want to
> meet you and to continue our life TOGETHER! I hope my words do not
> shock you... Mike we are familiar not so for a long time, but you
> already in my heart... And I do not want you left from there. I so
> want to see you every day, to feel you, to speak with you, to breathe
> aroma of your body, to feel heat of your strong hands... I so wish to
> kiss you... I think you too have same desires. Mike, I'm not little
> girl anymore, and I want to be near me strong, loving, kind man... And
> which would wish me as the woman. I do not want to be alone anymore, I
> want to be happy... Mike, I want to make you happiest man in the
> world! I think it is possible! And lawful... (Smile). I definitely
> want to be with you! I ask you to think about it. I shall wait for
> your letter with impatience. Thousand the most gentle and passionate
> kisses.
> Your loving Irina.

From: "irinalol28"
Subject: I have 1 week...

> Hi my heart and my soul xxx! I have dear friend - xxx, and I always
> think about him, I want to know all about him. Absolutly everything!
> (Smile). I'm so glad to receive your letter today. I very much hoped
> that you will understand me and will write letter for the woman which
> thinks and dreams about you. Tell me about your ideas and dreams. And
> now I shall make it. The name of my company is "Vse dlya glavbuxa".
> I have no phone in my rented apartment because the mistress did not
> leave it. If I shall find a way I shall try to call to you. But I
> should know your phone number.
> I have news, may be it will be bad or good to you. I do not know...
> Yesterday in our firm came people from housing committee (State
> Supervision of the Available housing). They made extraordinary check
> of our building. They gave to us very bad results. Today my boss told
> me I shall have 3 months of a vacation. Because our building is in an
> extreme condition. A building where located our firm, will be closed
> on repair. Approximately in 1 week, and I shall have a vacation, but I
> was not pleased. I cannot refuse this vacation. In a building of our
> firm will be made major overhaul. Repair will last 3 months. I have
> begun to cry, because it means that I can't write to you, I can't use
> a computer. Mike, I was so frightened that I can lose you. I imagined
> that I should spend this vacation in my apartment, between four walls.
> I should sit in loneliness and think of you. I should aimlessly wander
> on streets and fall asleep with tears on eyes every night. I have been
> waiting for my vacation in the next summer and I receive it NOW, but
> they don't bring pleasure to me. Because in the next summer, I cannot
> receive my vacation. I imagined that I should spend some months
> without you and awful emptiness had appeared in my heart. All world
> around became uninteresting for me and I told myself: "NO! It is not
> for me!" Last night I thought of us. About you and me. Mike, I
> couldn't fall asleep again. I had been crying for a long time because
> of despair. My thoughts were mixed, like inking waves during a storm,
> and I, like a small ship was sank in the sea of despair. With the
> rising of sun I calmed and hold on myself. And I have put a hard aim,
> the aim of all my life - to be with a man who loves me and I love him
> by all my heart. I thought what I can see you. I decided to spend this
> vacation with you. I thought that I can meet you. Just meet. That's
> all what I want now. I have passport and I have American visa. Of
> course our relations still very short. But our correspondence became
> very important for me. I hope for you too... I thought that we should
> continue our dialogue, but this situation makes impossible to continue
> it further. I should stop to write you in a week... It is so sad.. I
> do not want it happened. Besides Mike through letters is impossible to
> learn completely each other. Letters will not give the full
> description of the person. I hope you understand about what I told
> you. But I already could understand and feel you, you seem to me very
> good, lovely, serious and the most important reliable man. I am so
> glad that have met you!!! I very much would not want lose you, Mike.
> Your letters became the important element of my daily life. I do not
> want very much live without you. I ask you to think about it. I shall
> be very glad and happy if we can meet.
> Since I started talking to you, I just can't stop thinking of you
> xxx
> Your Irina.