Scammer oksana unknown unknown

29 (april 10/88)
fdating, but her profile was deleted

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my life is not easy
now, you know that the long hard blood war is going in my region for a
long time:(( I am very shy to tell you about my difficulties and
problems now but I can't keep my problems in silence now because I
need your help and without your help our communication will stop, we
will not be able to write letters to each other if you do not help
me:(( you know that I and my parents are the simple people, my parents
are pensioners and I am working in the shop as a seller of food. my
salary is very little, only $100 per one month. my salary is very
little, it's hardly enough for food for me and my parents, for the
community services and the daily spends we have in our life. and now
communicating with you, writing our letters to each other i have more
spends because I need to pay for Internet at home. you and me are
writing letters to each other, you know that i am writing you myself
from my own computer at home so i need to have Internet at home to be
able to communicate with you all time. if I don't pay for Internet at
home these days - I will not have Internet at home and our
communication will stop:(( I would like to talk to you too, I have a
phone but it is broken now, the repair of my phone costs $70 and I
would be more that happy to fix my phone and to talk with you by
phone, to hear you and you will hear me too. my darling, I am very shy
to ask you to help me but i want to communicate with you further very
much!! i will be very happy to have Internet at home to be able to
write letters with you further and also to talk with you by phone so
if you can help me in size of $120 for i will be able to pay for
Internet at home and to fix my phone - i will be more that happy!!
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too good to be true .model photos
Comment #150333
She goes by the name Oksana Savenkowa, and list Bondarivka, Ukraine as her town. She also list a birthday as 09-10-1988. Her Parents names are Nina (Mother) and Alexandr (Father)
She also shows a telephone number of 380-668-363-788
Comment #151408 Oksana
My name is Oksana,
I was born on the 10th of March, 1989. I live with my parents in a
little town Bondarivka, it's situated in Lugansk region in the eastern
part of Ukraine. (same pictures as above)