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Hello again !

That's so pleasant to realize you paid attention on me and
you are still interested in me. I worried waiting for your
letter. I wrote it but after I sent I began to think of
maybe I said something wrong or if I said enough or was I
too annoying or maybe less. But I can surely tell that I'm
very interested in you. Otherwise I wouldn't worry
as much probably.

I can also tell you some more about my personality, about
how my life looks like and I think that will be right for
our acquaintance. As you know I'm down to earth easy going
person by character. I'm a bit shy. I've never been married
before (truthfully, I was in true relationships just once)
and I have no kids. I'm not as young as a fertile woman but
I hope you don't mind that. At least I don't mind of the age
difference at all. I'm 28 years old living in Yasinuvata.
Even in spite on
all politics I like my country because of people who lives
here. There are very sincere and open. But I don't mind to
relocate if it everything will go right between us.

I work at the shop and sell baby cloths. It's interesting
that I can as easily find a right size just looking on a

When I have a free time I like to watch movies and listen to
music and I have my favorite on tapes. As you can imagine I
don't really like modern movies. I don't know what has
happened but it became more money oriented than culture

I wanted to ask do you understand everything I
write? I just ask this and worry about it because i write by
myself and I hope my English is not too bad. Sad that I
can't write whenever I want but it's because I don't have my
own PC but at least my colleague at the shop has a tablet
and she gives it to me and I go to the cafe with wi-fi to
write. So I'm a bit restricted in this case but I hope you
don't mind that. At least it's not too bad to start writing
this way and later we'll find some other way, right?

I'm so excited. It's the first such an experience
and it looks like I found a really good man in you! I can't
wait to read your next e-mail.

Comment #143242
too good to be true
Comment #143383
I received emails from Russian Cupid from this same scammer , same photos . Didn’t reply as I thought she looked like a British bulldog licking piss off a Scottish thistle .