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Hello !

Thats was nice to receive a letter from you,thank you for the answer. Your mail is good surprise for me!
How are you? I hope everything is okay and you will have a good day :)

Foremost, I want to explain to you how I got your email address. Some time ago I went to dating agency in my city.
This agency help to single woman find a man. A lot woman's in Russia use dating agency or online dating, it is really popular here.
I decide to try it... I buy membership in this agency and they give me your email.
They say to me just that you are single man who looking special woman,you are member some dating site.
I want to know-it is true? Are you want to find true love? Whom do you want to find?

How I know, you are not from Russia and we can ignore the fact that we are far away from each other.
But we live in the age of technology and I think long-distance relationships dont will be a problem.
Are you okay with that? What are you think about it?
We have Internet and can try to know each other know the thoughts, some wishes and dreams, facts from live...
Internet give to people opportunity to be closer. You can
meet a person whom you will never meet in real life and who knows, may
be its your soulmate :) It would be a new experience for both of us.

Clearly, I should tell to you about myself.
I`m single and young woman. I was never married, I dont have kids.
I`m 27 years old and I was born 12 of July.
I live in small russian city Cherlack in Omsk area.
I`m nurse,work in hospital. I graduated medical college.
I have a lot interests and hobbies. I like walking on nature, attend some exhibitions and theatres and cooking.
I like to read a books, my favorite one is "Pride and Prejudice".
I non-smoking person and dont drink alcohol.

By the way, I like music. I`m meloman, I listen all types of music: pop, rock, jazz, soul, classical sometimes.
The choice of music depends on my mood.Sometimes you want to listen to cheerful and dance music, and sometimes sad or romantic songs.
But I have some favorite groups,of course. My favorite bands are The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Abba, Bee Gees.
I like retro music, but sometimes listen the modern songs from Beyonce or Katy Perry,for example.
I like musical movies to, my favorite one is "The Phantom of opera". I like some comedies, dramas and some movies about love,of couse :)
My favorite actor is Tom Hanks, I like "Forrest Gump".

I think that's all for the first letter :) If you have any questions-just ask me!
Now it`s your turn write to me about yourself. I really want to know you better.
What are your hobbies and interesting's? What are you do for living?
How are you spend your free time? Where are you from?
Please, write to me about yourself, I want to know everything :)

My biggest dream is find a true love. I`m romantic person.
I want to find a special man who can feel a real love. I want to care about my men,
give to him all my love,my tenderness. I believe that two people can make each other happy.
May be you want to know why I use online dating and why I dont try to find somebody in my own city.
Unfortunately, I`m disappointed in russian man. All man around me love alcohol. They are cruel,don`t intellegent and
don`t respect woman. I know,people are different everywhere, there are good
and bad people people in any country. But now I really want to meet somebody special and I think
Internet will help me with that,find a good men,but may be in other country. You know, I hear a lot stories with happy-end
about that and I decide to try it.

I write to you from home,thats my own email address. I will wait answer from you on this mail.
Sorry for my English, may be you find some mistakes. I studied English a long time ago in school and in university.
I send to you a few of my photos,I hope you will send to me your photos in your email to me :)
I will glad to see your photos.
Hope to know more about you from your next email.

Best wishes,

Your Nadya.