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Scammer from the well known Yoshkar Ola/Mari El scam organization. Profiles in Gofreedate, Datemefree...

Greetings, xxxx!
How are you doing? It is probable, if you have assumed, it - Ekaterina:) I - very much
Pleased to receive your answer, xxxx! First of all, please let me
Apologize for a delay of my answer to you, xxxx, but I was
Borrowed last time. I am happy so, that you have written to me, trust
I, xxxx! Also, I hope, that my e-mail was so the big surprise for
You also, really? But the most important, I would like to tell to you that I
Have decided to write to you through gratitude of the Internet my best
The friend Sofia. My friend Sofia has met the good person through the Internet
From Denmark, the Internet also. Its friend - Peter.
Sofia and Peter are very happy together! I see, that they are happy
So together, and I have decided to find the person from other country
Also, as Sofia has made it:) Possible, you can ask me why I did not find a
The Russian person? I shall be very serious, I shall answer you which I had
The friend from Russia from my City, I loved it very much, but it
Has thrown me last time. It has found other girl as I have
Understood. Also I saw, that it liked to drink alcohol very much
Very much, so it is a lot of men in Russia do it, can be you, know about it. I do
Not similarly to this when men like to drink as, my last friend has made
It! I - teetotal and the girl for non-smokers! Simply, I have no a
Harmful habits! Also I want to tell it concerning words of my friend
Sofia, men from other countries, is very much
Good, and they can to estimate and respect women as significant
Men also. It - opinion be relative Sofia, and I want to agree with Sofia
Completely. Sofia has chosen its friend Peter from because she
Know the English language a little. I can
Speak and write the English language, and I have decided to find the person
And I have decided to write to you, xxxx. Well,
xxxx, let me to tell to you about me more... As I have told you
Earlier, to me 28 years, I - the Lion on the Zodiac, on me leaned
August 1980:) And when you have been given birth? What is - exact date of yours
Happy birthday? Tell to me, well? I - the White Russian girl on a nationality. On
Religion, (the Russian Conformist), and I believe in God Jesus.
I have been never married, and I have no any children, I unique
The girl. I am sensitive, kind, thoughtful and is easily surprised.
On opinion concerning my close friends and relatives, I - a kind, rather,
Clever and intellectual, purposeful, sociable. About my City, where - I
Alive? I would like to tell to you, that I live in City Cheboksarskom
Here in Russia. Cheboksary are located approximately 1000 kilometers from
Our Russian Capital the Moscow City. Time zone of Cheboksary - GMT+3.
Our City Cheboksary - one of beautiful cities of Russia, I like
My remarkable City very much. There are many beautiful streets, squares
And other sights in our city. Also I would like to tell to you about
My formation. I studied in Tollyati Multitechnical University. I
Have finished university in 2002. Also I want to tell to you that I
Have learned the English Language when I studied in
University, I can speak English without any problems, I think so...
But I can see, that I do many spelling mistakes, I think so,
I hope, what you can will understand my English language without any problems?
Really, xxxx? Please, tell to me about it in your following e-mails, well?
Also I would like to tell to you that after the termination
University, I have received the diploma of a speciality " Book Storage
And Audit ". But unfortunately I did not require my formation nevertheless,
Because here in Russia, as in many other countries, it - very much
Difficult to find good work on a good speciality. Now I work as
The waiter in бруске. I like to work here in ours бруске, and our visitors
Are good clients. Also I want to tell to you, that I have access
To the Internet a computer which is located in a cabinet of ours
The boss here in ours бруске because I have no computer in my house, and
I have asked the sanction in our director for my use
The Internet, and it allowed to use to me a computer at leisure from
My work. Anything to myself, I have written so! I did not think, that I can to
Write about me directly so, really. Probably, I finish my e-mail
To you. xxx, I shall be grateful so if you will write to me about
Independently how I have made it. I would like, if you will tell to me, for
The example, about your family, whether really your family is big? About your city
Where - you residing, I never was in other countries and in
Denmark also, and I shall be pleased to know about your country. Well, let me
To finish my e-mail, I hope to see your answer soon!
Your new Russian friend,

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X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.0.1.33) Professional

Network Operation Center CJSC
ER-Telecom Company
Mari El branch
address: 12, Lenina st., 424000, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

Greetings my friend xxxxx!
I am pleased so to receive your answer again! It is very interesting
For me to read your messages, from them we learn more about
Independently, and I start, know more about you, xxxx. The my dear friend,
The rate, can be you, want, learn about our correspondence, about
Essence of the correspondence also, really? As I want to tell, that I have
Resolute to get acquainted through the Internet, due of my girlfriend
Sofia which about a floor of year became acquainted with back
Foreigner Peter, I has told you about it earlier.
xxxx, maybe, it is possible, we shall be together during future time, can
Be I the marriage also if you will want it would like to look, I do
Do not want to hide it so the important fact, but we should to study more
Things about each other more and more, it will be reasonable and
Correctly, really, xxxx? I hope, that you agree with me with
This fact also. Please, tell to me about it, well? But in my opinion,
Again and again, we should learn about the friend the friend more and more, me
Recurrence it! Please, agree with me, xxxx! My most dear friend
xxxx, I would like to tell to you about my family. I want to tell
You, that I have the big family also. It - my mum Marina, mine the daddy
Павэль also. Also I have two sisters. They - Katya and Masha. Mine
To sister Katja 21 year. But Masha the smaller sister between me
And Катья also, Masha 10 years. On trades my mum - a
The seller in shop, and mine to the daddy - the engineer at factory. Mine
Sister Katja - the student of university, she studies on
The lawyer, and Masha - the schoolgirl. Our family lives without anyone
Conflicts also, we have good understanding between our members of ours
Family. As, I think, that our parents educated us good formation.
I think, that it is so good, and I am so proud, that we have my mum and mine
The daddy. Also I want to tell to you, that I live with my family in one
Apartment. Also I want to tell, that I consulted to my parents
About the account my familiar with you through the Internet, them
Have estimated it as positively because they care of my future life
Certainly. My parents would like it, I have a happy life, and would be
Want it, I shall find my person. As I have told to you earlier, I never was
Married. So already I spoke with you earlier, I work as the waiter in
брусок here in City Cheboksarskom. It - accomplished and convenient брусок. My work
Very pleasant for me, people in our city are kind, and visitors
The cafe - not roughness to us, certainly is cases when
Visitors are not correct with us and spoil mood, but it happens very much
Seldom. I very much am interested to learn about your work, xxxx, and
What you приканчиваете free from an operating time? During ours уикэндов, in my free
Time, we - with my girlfriends, also with Peter and Sofia
Sometime, leave on walk to city, we like to sit in cafe also for a
Cup of tea. I love my girlfriends very much, especially my best
The girlfriend Sofia. She - as the native sister for me! How I want to
Tell to you, that Sofia works as the waiter in ours бруске. Also I want to tell
To you, that Sofia and Peter live in City Cheboksarskom now. Sofia
Have visited Peter to Denmark last time when Peter has asked Sofia
To visit in Denmark his ambassador that when they have understood that they
Love the friend the friend. I remember, Sofia was so happy at this time. They
Living together within two months in Denmark. And then they have, has arrived in
Russia, to City Cheboksarskomu also, simply, Sofia has told to Peter it
She was absent about its parents, and that she wants to visit on the some people
Time its parents, and they arrived to Cheboksary from Denmark. They
Very happy together, they like each other very much, I envy to Sofia
And Peter is a little:) and also, certainly, we meet with each other
Sometimes also spend a lot of time together. We - so good friends!
Also I want to tell to you, that I never was outside of Russia, me
Never were in other countries, but I would like to travel in
Once, it - so romantical, I think:) it is Good, xxxx, I should to end
My e-mail to you, I hope, that we shall continue to correspond to everyone
Another and you will tell to me much more about you directly, and I shall try to
Tell about me directly as more as far as possible in future e-mails. I want to ask
You about a lot of things, xxxx, and I hope, that you will understand
My questions also will answer me for them. I want to study more about
Your country, please, speaks me about your family, about your friends. A
Greetings to you from my family, my friends to Sofia and Peter also.
I hope to see your message soon. While...


Greetings, xxxx! How you do? I do fine! Thanks for yours
The answer to my last e-mail so, xxxx. In my opinion, it - so
Wonderfully, that we write each other because from ours
We learn messages about the friend the friend more and more, really, xxxx?
I am interested in our correspondence very much, it is very interesting
To learn about you, about your life in your country, trust me, as a
The whole, I read your letters with the great pleasure! Well, xxxx, I hope
That it will be interesting to you for learning about my enthusiasm, mine
Favourite things as a whole:) From music??? I like to listen
Russian and foreign musical executors. From the Russian musical executors
I like to listen to songs of following groups ' Zemfira ', 'Splin',
'Ariya', ' Bismuth 2 ', and so on. You heared about these groups musical?
Well, from foreign executors I like to listen to ' Check Джови ', 'U2',
'Cranberry', 'Scorpions', ' Elton John ', and so on... In general,
Like to listen good and modern music, xxxx, and what music
You like? It would be interesting for learning to me about it. Please,
Tell to me, well? From cinema? I like to look comedies, fantastic
Films, romanticism and so on. But very huge impressions have left to
I films ' the God of Rings, 'Harry Potter'. I hope that you
Looking these films? But the especial impression was for me as film '
The patriot ' actor Meljom Dzhibsonom, where war between England
And America is described. This film liked to me that this film
Show natural patriotic spirit, love to the Native Earth!
I examine, that it - very important qualities which should have all
People on the world! Really?
I liked to look film ' Severe Intentions, on my opinion,
it - very sensual and instructive film for all youth.
Aslo fromcomedies I loved film ' me, is direct And Ирэн ' comic actorJim Carrey:)
I hope, that you looked it so ridiculous film:) From a
Imagination, I loved film ' the Planet of Monkeys, it - very much entertainment
Film in my opinion '. Also I want to tell to you, that I like to read
Books, especially the literature of internal authors: Thick,
Чехов, Pushkin, and so on. But I was in huge admiration from reading
From th order S. King ' the Dark Tower ', in my opinion, it - very much
The interesting book, where main hero Roland - the purposeful person, it
Goes in the purpose, in a dark tower, and I love quality Роланда
Is purposefulness! I examine, that this from important
Qualities of any person. I hope, that you agree with me, really,
xxxxx? About the foodstuffs? Well, from favourite dishes of the foodstuffs, I want to
Assign a fried potato, a various kind of soups, also I like a
Meat also, I do not want to hide it from you:) I love a fish and
Chicken very much, make you love a chicken? It is so tasty, really?
Also I love a pizza very much. It is very tasty also, I love a pizza with
Cheese. I would like to tell you, that I love a fruit and vegetables,
Especially, a lemon of an apple, an orange, a banana, tomatoes, cucumbers and so
On, there are many kinds of vitamins. xxxx, you like to prepare? I
The cook not poorly as my family and friends has told me at once:) Also about
My favourite kind of sports meets, I like to sports very much, you is similar to this?
In the winter I like to ski, cool to be on fresh air. Also I like
To play on a volley also. But most of all I like to aerobic, we - with
My girlfriend Nata borrowed aerobic at leisure, on mine
The opinion, this kind of sports helps to support my body in the good form.
Also I would like to tell to you, that I like to dance dances of a sphere:)
You ever danced dance of a sphere with any girl? It - so
Attractive and it is beautiful, valid, xxxx? I am confident, that you would be
Like to dance a sphere dancing with me at once? It will be
Remarkable! Probably, in the future, we shall dance dance of a sphere
With you, it would be cool! Really? About mine hobbie? I like to
Collect various beautiful female magazines, about style, about
Female life for example and so on. During the small period of time, me
Have the big assembly of various magazines. Simply, I like to read
The best magazines. By the way,
My parents and friends ask about you all time:) Especially my parents,
I have told to my parents, that you are the decent and good person, mine
Parents are very pleased to ours norrespondence on the Internet and ours
Attitudes, xxxx. My parents wish to us good relations in
The future, and it is possible, in the future if we shall be together in
Your country, they would like it, we shall be magnificent pair also:)
But remember, xxxxx! We should study each other ever more and more!
Really...? It is very important for me, xxxx! The fact in it, if
You know, that on statistics, the majority of pairs is separated
Because they knew each other insufficiently, and I do not want to make a
Mix at once, I hope, that you will be can to understand me, xxxx,
Really? As I spoke you earlier, we should to learn about the friend the friend more
And it is more from our e-mails. Dear xxxx!!! Also I want to tell to you,
That I would like to speak by with you to phone at once, I hope, it
It - good idea, really, xxxx? I want to hear your voice,
xxxx, I hope, that you want to hear my voice also. But
Unfortunately, I have no phone in our apartment, because
It is very expensive to install a telephone now at this time in
City Cheboksarsky, but it will be possible, which can be through the some people
Months we will have phone. Also, I want to tell to you, that I
Interested in our director for use of phone бруска,
But our director has told to me, that phone бруска is for work
Needs for our establishment! Director has told to us, that work
The personnel бруска cannot use phone бруска for our individual
The purposes. Also I have asked to use phone in my friends, and
Ната and the Christian also, but all from them have no phone also,
It - a difficult situation with phone. From it, I thought
And I have come to a conclusion, I shall be can to call to you from
Чебоксарский Telegraph of city, it - the best variant, xxxx! The most dear
xxxx, you can give me number of your phone, I can call to
You from Telegraph of City, please give me your telephone number, well? I
Have huge desire to hear your voice, xxxx, I hope, that you want
To hear my voice also. Please, send to me your telephone number in your following
Send by e-mail, well??? Please, do not overlook, xxxx! xxxxx, I cannot
Trust, I have written to you such big e-mail. I hope, that it will be
Be interesting to read about me more. Really? xxxx, I would be
Grateful to you if you will write to me in your following e-mail about
Your enthusiasm, about your hobbies, what music does you
Prefer? What cinema and another also? What your favorite
Color also??? My favourite color is dark blue, it calms so much. Well, let me
To finish mine messgae. By the way, my parents, my sisters and my friends ask me again
To tell to you the big congratulations from them! It - as is usual. xxxx, I
Will wait for your following e-mails! xxxx, please, write to me as soon as
Possible! Well? Good-bye, see. You it is fast.

My best regards to you,
Your friend,

Greetings my most dear friend xxxxx!
xxxx, I was so happy to receive your answer again and again, it was so
The good part of my day when I have, saw your words in a computer. Also
Except for that today, I should serve very bad client in ours бруске. It was
Very much a drink vodka, and it all time has prevented me to work. It was
It expressed in it tried to capture me, and all time spoke me so
Various offensive words. Finally our service of protection, police
Has sent it from бруска, but my mood was awfully bad. And when I
Have saw your answer in a computer, my mood became so good.
xxxx, please, do not excite about it so a bad case with it so bad
The client, well? Yes I heard about football, the daddy constantly it watches on TV mine.
I know, what on a field of players 22 if I am not mistaken? It - is good now. The most dear xxxx, I see, that we
аинтересованный the friend the friend more and more, and I think, that it is so good
For us because I have so good and loved friend as you, xxxx. I
So аинтересованный you xxxx, that my life became better than before
Acquaintance to you, xxxx, I feel it, really. You are so good
The friend, you can understand me as the good friend to the good friend, and me
Think, that it - the important thing in a life. xxxx, I see that you
Trust me as I do it with the great pleasure to you, and I think it
It - so a good thing in our friendship, really, xxxx? I hope it
You understand me, xxxx, that in my opinion, all people in
The world should to understand each other in the spiritual plan of dialogue.
You agree with me, xxxx? Tell to me about it, well?, how I
Want to tell to you, that trust in the God very much, I believe in Jesus,
I am a Christian woman as I have told you earlier. I like to go to Church (
The Russian Conformist), it - near to ours бруска also. Church of our City
Very beautiful place, there - many beautiful images also, me
Similarly to this. Priests sing beautiful songs, and I love it very much.
It so calms my soul when I have bad mood also. But now, I want to
Tell to you, that your e-mails calm me also when I have bad mood, me
Feel it, xxxx. I want to tell to you that some people of our work
The personnel, here in ours бруске knows, that we with you write each other
The Internet. They have told me, that it is so good for us, they ask me to
Tell to you the friend greetings and they as I, want, know more about yours
The country, about your culture. The my dear friend xxxx, also I want to
Ask you your full name and your home address on any emergency
Also. Please, send to me it, okey? xxxx, I would like to send you mine
Home the address also. Actually can be, it is possible, our director
The computer will interrupt any time as director has warned me, and me
Think, that it will be so pity, that we willn't can to write to everyone
Another e-mails during long time. But I think, that the God willn't supposes
It because it knows, that we like to write each other our e-mails as
I feel it. xxxx, I can send you postmails or cards
Usual service of mail also. But you should know, that it will be better if you
willn't Send me postmessages or other any usual parcels, for example
Our city usual pochtamt. xxxx, I want to tell to you, that it
So a shame, that we in Russia have peoples or some organizations of mail
Who loves theft of a postparcel of any peoples. I know many so a shame,
So bad cases about it from my girlfriends. It - a shame for this purpose
Peoples and the organizations, realy? I hope it in your country all well
With the postorganization. Please, do not send to me anything to ours
pochtamt cities, I do not want that your postparcel, will be stealed
Any thieves! But I shall give you my home address and my full name on
Any case. It - here:
My name - Экейтрина Белова,
And my home address:
Lermontov 15-8,
Cheboksary, 428000
The Russian Federation
Please, write this datas on a paper on any cases, well, xxxx? Today I to have long conversation about mine mum about you. She has told to me what to trust the Internet dangerously. My mum has told, that we should speak with you to call necessarily.

I want to tell to you that, that I do not trust idle time the letter. I want to be convinced, that you are real and serious under the attitude to me. For this purpose I want to hear your voice in a telephone pipe. Tomorrow or after tomorrow I shall call to you, and it would be necessary for me, that you have written to me ALL PRECISELY CONCERNING YOU. I to demand from you the detailed information on which as I can call to you and hear, that you are real. And your real voice. Now I to write to you mine questions for a bell to you. You should answer them all precisely. From it will be, we depend in the future telephone conversation.

1) Yours Mobil telephone number
2) The code of your country + the code of your city
3) Your full home address + the full name

I send you my kiss. I hope, that when to you my kiss, you will arrive, will think of me. Trust me I, only I want you!!! I believe, that our attitudes will pass in what it more.........
I shall wait for your messages, xxxx.

Sincerely, your dear friend,

Greetings the most dear xxxxx!
I have received your answer as usually, and I was so happy from your words
Again! xxxxl, I want to tell to you, that your messages of steel
The important part of me and my life, your e-mails help me to live, I do not do
Have boring mood in general, but it there arrives, when - bad weather in
Street when it - is cold. But when I receive your warm messages, me
Overlook about bad mood at once, I have a smile on my person and
Magnificent mood from your e-mails. I cannot without your messages
Now, xxxx. Excuse, but I have not understood your question,
write to me please it is legible in the following letter, I was
necessary on him I shall answer!You can see, that I write to you, so for a long time inform e-mails
About me it is direct, because I want it, we know about us directly very much. I
Idea, what it - so imortant for us xxxx, realy xxxx? Today
In us maintain 1 degree C, and in the street there is no sun
And the snow cannot how to thaw. But I love summer very much! I shall be
Have a vacation the next month. I like to spend this vacation with mine
Family and with my friends also. Basically, in a vacation I like to go in
Camping also in a wood which is located around about Cheboksary
City. xxxx, I hope, that you know, that our Russian wood - so
Beautiful, I hope in Denmark also. Is a pine and beautiful
The Russian birches basically in our wood. Also through this wood
The small river, this place - so continues real romanticism, to trust
I xxxx! We - with my family, mine the daddy, my mum, and my sisters
Pack backpacks, we take the big tent, we take necessary foodstuff,
And we - together with my family, go in a camping. I love it very much
Very much, xxxx. Especially, I like to be about this small river also, mine
The daddy likes to fish very much, I - not the fisherman:), but as soon as I tried to
Fish, and I have catched small, criticize also:) I have been so surprised
It, also what concerning you? You like to fish? you Also do know,
xxxx, that the foodstuffs which is ready on character more better than
The foodstuffs in the house? It - soup of a fish basically. Also we eat the fixed fish
The foodstuffs. It - sprat in tomato sauce. It is so tasty is on
Character. Everything, I like to break camp very much, xxxx, and as you
Spend your vacation? Tell to me, well? It will be interesting to me. Dear
xxxx, also my friends in ours бруске ask me about you very much
All time:) I speak them, that you are very good person, also I want to tell
To you, that some my girlfriends envy me a little because I have found so
The good person as you the Internet. But I do not address on their envy
Any my attention. Also I collegues from my work has asked me about it
Has made you, has sent me any gifts. I have answered them, that it - not nessesary for
I. The main gifts from you up to me - your warm messages and you,
xxxx! Also, if yours to remember, xxxx, I have told you in my last
The message on it is not necessary to send me any packages
Usual pochtamt services and any Services of the Post of others. I have told
Sofiya and Peter about larceny of postmails and parcels of others
Some my friends have told about it of me. Peter was, agree with me also
That it willn't nessesary, to send any things Post Services.
The fact, in what when Peter and Sofiya have acquainted, Peter
Resolute to send Sofiya good gifts to Cheboksary to anyone Federal
Immediate-service. These are gifts was beautiful colors and the good woman
White dress for Sofiya. When Peter has sent, it to Sofiya, Sofiya has not made
Receive it so a good gift from Peter. Gifts have been lost by it
Service for not the clear reasons. It was so pity to Peter, and,
Is especially for Sofiya. She shouted very much from it up to mountain.
Peter wanted to obey court on this Service, but Sofiya
Repeatedly convinced Peter to not obey court on this Service. So it
Beautiful gifts have been lost without a trace, xxx. From it my dear
xxxxx, please, do not send me anything any Post Services,
Well? I do not want, which happen, as it was, happen with Peter and
Sofiya. Also Sofiya and Peter want it if we with you shall be
Together, that we shall visit them. xxxx, they will leave Russia
During some time, they will arrive to the Native Earth Peter. Peter has told Sofiya, that it does not want to live in Russia,
Because it loves his native Denmark more, than Russia, Sofia wants to
Alive in Denmark also as she has told, that me, also I shall be absent about them. Also
They see, that we have the good relation with you, and they wish us it
We shall together soon and that I shall arrive to you, and we shall live
Together, as Sofia and Peter live together. I want to tell
You, xxxx, that I shall think of you more and more, possible,
About my arrival to you xxxx, I feel, that our attitudes - it is more
Than friendship, realy xxxx??? I feel it my heart and soul,
Because I cannot without your e-mails now. Well, xxxx, on it I
The termination of my message to you as it is usual congratulations of heat from mine
Family to you, and from Peter and Sofia also, xxxx! I wait
For your e-mails as it is fast, as far as possible!!!

Thinking of you, xxxx,
My kisses of heat!