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ello my friend xxxx I am glad to see your letter. I am very happy that you wrote me. As you pass the day? What is your mood today? How are you at work? What is your weather? I have all wonderful. From the morning I go to a good mood. We have hot weather, sun shines. I'm just pleased life.

I do not want you to write a lot about yourself. As you already know my name is Marina. And to me 26 years. I was born in 1982 on 9 October. My growth of 173 centimeters, and my body weighs 64 kilograms. I live in Russia, in the city Medvedevo. I work as a manager. I like my job. I write to you about it later, if you will be interested to know about my work. Write to me as not a lot about yourself. Where were you born? How old are you. What do you do? Just send me your photo. I also send you my photo. I hope you like it. I wish you good day. To look forward to your early reply. Marina.

Hello. I am very pleased that you have written. What are you doing? How was your day? What are you currently involved? What is your weather? We have bad weather, rain cats. Today I was all day at work. I am very tired, that even you can not write a great letter. I want to sleep. I hope that you do not take offense at me and write me a letter tomorrow.. And now I went to sleep. I wish you good night. Your friend Marina.

Hi. I am glad that you wrote me a letter. Each your letter to me cheers up. With each your letter I know you more and I am more and more like you talk. As you pass the day? What is your mood today? What is your weather? We have to weather all normal. Day passes merrily. We laughed all day. The mood I simply wonderful. And today I want to tell you not many of their relatives. I live with my mother. We have a two-room apartment. I do not have a dad. I did not even know he passed away when I was only 1 year. He refused me. All the children I brought up my mother. I am grateful to her, I believe that not every woman is ready to raise a child from the cradle. I love her. Close it from me who does not. It has to finish work and educate me. Now she works accountant. I still love to cook. This is for me as a hobby. Taught me to prepare my mother. She prepares herself and very tasty. I love her. Tell me also about their relatives. Do you have brothers or sisters? I've been in one family. You live with family or alone? And send me photos of their families. I also send you a photo with his mother.

I am writing to you all my letters from the soul. I hope that you also write and write me a letter from the heart, from the heart. I will wait for your letter. Marina.

Hello my friend Rafal. I am very glad that you answered me. As you pass the day? What is your mood today? How are you with the weather? I'm all right. Weather we have today is warm. I read your letter and I am glad that we shall continue our acquaintance. I'm pleased that you are looking for not only communication on the Internet. I promised you that talk about their work. As you already know I am a manager in the company "Metromet". I send you photos of their work. I hope you enjoy them. And where do you work? What is your work? You can send your photos to work? I come to work by 9 o'clock in the morning. And I finish work in 18 hours. From 12 to 13 hours on my lunch break. I go home for dinner, because my job is not far from home. And if I have time I will meet you at the letter during lunch. Since I work 8 hours a day. On Saturday, we have a short working day. In the resurrection of our output. In general, my day starts from 6 am. I need to go in the shower, for breakfast and set to work. After work I go home, or in the gym. I go to the gym three times a week. I believe that every woman should maintain its shape. After the gym I go home, and moyus lyagu sleep. And when I do not have to go to the gym, I sit at home. So, my day ends at 23 hours. Rafal I have to tell you how my day goes and the whole week. And as you pass the day? What do you do in your spare time? I hope that you answer all my questions. I will wait for your letter. Marina.

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