Scammer Yuliya Yulka

Stakhanov Ukraine
Stakhanov Ukraine

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I'd got a message from her and bagan to communicated with each other, actually did the correspondence daily. However, oneday she didn't respond me for a week and just thought she changed her mind or found other guy to talk to.
However, she replied that why i didn't answer to her and then i said to her that "you absolutely made mistakes, this is your turn to email me because i answered her already."
After 5 minutes later, she emailed me the exact copy of first email she sent me.
I realized she was doing such a copy&paste same emails spreading to many guys and cheating. I emailed her again with all evidences she emailed me with attached file which proved she was a bitch scammer. After that, i finally got a terrible email from her with all abusing & cursing words.
Comment #171601
Same messages, different photo's.
and mine is 36 years old,
I only get messages from her on weekdays, untill last thursday,... when I checked my e-mail on friday,... no messages.
And a friend of mine suggested to google her, and BINGO there was my darling Yulya.
Hahahahahaha Dang. I even got 2 phone calls from a girl.