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Scammer with IP from Austria. Not ukrainian... Common scam story style and content.

Received: from unknown (HELO localhost) ([email protected] with plain
From: Karina

descr: Rudolf Sallinger Platz 1
descr: A-1030 Wien
country: AT
admin-c: FK1702-RIPE
tech-c: SILR-RIPE
mnt-by: SIL-MNT
source: RIPE # Filtered

role: Silverserver ROLE Account
address: Lorenz Mandlgasse 33/1
address: A-1160 Wien
address: Austria
phone: +43 5 9944
fax-no: +43 5 9944 9000
remarks: trouble: mail:
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remarks: trouble: info:

person: Friedrich Kofler
address: Rudolf Sallinger Platz 1
address: A-1030 Wien
phone: +43 1 51450 2262 2263

Hi xxx!!Your interesting is very pleasant to me!
I would like to tell you some words about myself.
I'm a romantic girl, social and sensual person.
I live in the not big place on the western part
of Ukraine, called Padgaytsy.
I'm a student. I 23 am years old. I study at the University
It is situated not far from my house.
I go to the University everyday by bus.
In my free time I like to go out with my friends,
go to the movies, theatre, dancing and so on,
also I like to be at home with good book and music on the background.
I like sports, walking in the nature, gym.
I go to the fitness regulary. I do not smoke and don't drink.
I'm positive thinking person, try to spend every
day of my life as best I can, but still I feel that
I'm lonely and I wish to share my life with
that special someone, wherever he is from.
I'm not afraid of difficalties, I like all new,
I can speak English ( I do my best to study it perfectly)
I dream to be near the man, who will understand me,
who will enjoy doing things, that I do.
Hopefully we will enjoy interesting conversation,
walking along the street, holding hands or just wathing a movie.
We will communicate everytime and say each other couple of loving words.
In our family we every day say each other pleasent words.
My family is not big: only my mother, dad and me.
I try to do my best for my parents be happy, because I love them very much.
I think, that the family is the most important in our life.
I want to have such family, as my parents do.
They are together for 30 years and I dream,
that I will meet the man, with whom I could live even more!
I hope you will like me and we will communicate more!
Sincerely, Karina

Hello dear, xxx!

How are you?

Thank you for your pleasant letter!

I'm ok, but my studying is hard and I do my best to study well.

For this i have to read different books and go to the library.

It takes a lot of time, but I feel that studing

is interesting for me and I do it with pleasure!

In my spare time I like to read books.

I like books about advantures romantic books and sometimes I read detective books.

Also I go in for sports. I like fitness very much,

because it helps me feel strong and healthy. I take care about my body and health.

I try never be ill! Because life is so interesting and I have no time for illness!

Sometimes I do exercises at home, for example, I like gymnastic.

I think,that every girl have to keep her body.

I'm thing and sportive and want to be such in future.

Also, when I'm not to busy with studying I try to help my mother with housekeeping.

I like to cook and to create something in the kitchen.

Maybe you don't know our national meal, for example,

"borsh" or "vareniki". I'm sure, that you will like these dishes.

I hope, that you will someday eat it and I will cook it for you!

Sometimes my friends come to me and for their coming

i try to do something special and tasty. My friends know, that my cooking is delishios,

thats why they love to be my guests. My parents enjoy my meal so much!

I'm happy, when I and my parents sit together in the kitchen in the evening,

eat and tell each other what did we do all day long.

Then we go to the sitting room and watch TV, my father read newspaper,

I and my mother say each other different secrets.

xxx, I want to have such strong and loving family too! What do you

think about it?

Waiting from you!!!!!


Hello,my dear xxx!
How are you?
I'm ok!
Thank you for your letter! It was very pleasant to read it.
As you already know, I like to read very much.
Romantic books are my favourite ones.
It's so pleasant to read about love,
about how much heroes in books love each other and do everything for their love.
I want such relations in real life, but it's so hard to find your another half.
Unfortunatlly, I didn't meet anybody, whom I like here in my country.
I want to be in love so much!
But in our country almost all men are rude and not understanding.
It's so pity, that I'm alone and can't find a man of my dream.
One day, my girlfriend, with whom I studing at the University,
told me, that she met a wonderful man, using internet.
She was so happy, when told me this, that I tried
to meet my special person, using internet too.
Now I see, That she was right and really it's working!!!
You are not like all men, I have ever met in real life!
You are special and, I see, you understand me and I trust you
and I think, that this is very important!!
What do you think about this?
Waiting for a letter!!!!!!

Hello, dear xxx!!!
How was your weekend? I am ok and feel very good!!
On saturday we had holiday in Ukraine - Victory Day!!
9 may is the date, when soviet union won the second world war!!!
We are indepedent only because of our grandparents!! So we honor them on this day!!
Of course, not only on this, but today they get special attention!!
Victory Day celebrated by military parade and salute.
Military parade takes place in every city and village!!!
People, who lived in times of 2 world war also take part in it!!!
Can you imagine, that part of them are really full of energy!
I also have granny, who lived during the 2 worl war and she even
was in germany as a prisoner.
From time to time she tells me how it was to be and work there...
Old people like to talk about there past..and I like to listen..
ok.. need to go for now.
Hope, you will have nice beginning of the week!!!
Take care!! Karina

Hello, xxx!!
How are you?
I'm ok.
Today was a wonderful day!!
I don't know why, I was so happy today.
May be because, I met you!!!
What did you do all day?
I, as always, got up early and went to the University.
I like to lay in the bed, but this is life, so I just need to get up!)
After University I have my lunch with my friends.
We go to the cafe, which is situated not far from our University.
Then I go for the library.
There I had to study and also enjoy reading several journals.
Especialy, I like to know how to cook new dishes. It's so interesting!
When I come home, I try to help my mother with housekeeping.
After that, I go to the fitness. i do it regulaly,
because I want to be sportive girl!!!! After sport, I come to internet club to write you.
It's very important for me to see letters from you and write to you!!
I even don't know how could I live without you and your letters!!!
At home we with my mother usually cook dinner for my father coming.
In our family it is a tradition to sit at home in the evening together
in the kitchen and then in the living room.
We enjoy just sitting together. I dream, that I will have such family
in future and will sit in the evenings with my husband!
What do you think about this?
Later I go to my room and read a book.
That is my normal working day!
Now you know how I spend time!
Write me how do you spend your working days and weekends!!
send you my kiss and hug!!!
xxx, I'm waiting for your answer!!!

Hello, xxx!!!How are you?
Thank you for your nice letter, your words about your poor sistre
made me smile and I really like your thoughts about family!!!!!
I am so sorry for my delay,
I just had crazy time, because of my studying
and had no time even to eat))) Hope, that you didn't forget
me during this time and that we will write each to other)
Please, write me your opinion about this))
Have nice day!!!

Hello, dear xxx!!
It was really pleasant to read your letter!!
How are you?
I hope, that your day is nice, like mine is!))
Today, I got up with nice mood and
the smile was on my face all the time, I don't know why!))
I smiled to everyone and people returned smile to me!
It was really nice!!
So, in the morning I kissed my parents and came to the
University. I am social person and
communicating with people is very important for me.
Maybe that's why I decided to be a journalist.
I like to know all new.
It is very interesting for me to discover this world!!
Do you agree with me?
It is also very interesting to discover you!!
After very good day, I want to come home and finish the book,
I read the romantic story, sometimes, when you don't have
your another half in real, it is so nice to read
books about love. Happy ends make me feel,
that in my life will be such happy end..!!
Hope, you have nice day too