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Scammer initiated contact by email. Purported to have discovered my email through a dating agency called "In search of happiness", and expressed interest in getting to know me, with the stated goal of finding a decent man for "a serious relationship based on honesty and understanding". Having never signed up for any such dating agency, I knew it was fraudulent, yet I responded to scammers' email, to "play along" with the scenario and see what it looks like. For about 3 months "Olga" would periodically send long detailed emails building up a narrative about the character's life and the character falling in love with me, always with a few pictures attached. I would respond briefly and positively to keep the exchange going, without providing any detailed information about myself, though details were occasionally requested. When I invited "Olga" to speak with me directly via skype or google voice, I was offered excuses of why only emails are possible, for now. Ultimately, after many emails priming me, "Olga" resolved to take a vacation to visit me. Some time later, when the time for her trip cam about, the proposition for money finally came: via
Jan 13 (1 day ago)

Isaac my love! How are you my love?
I start my letter with the main news!
This morning I have safely arrived to Moscow! I rented a small room in Moscow, the mistress of a room very good woman!
Today at me was crazy day!
I have finished all affairs and at last I can have a rest and to write you the letter!
I have good news, I successfully passed the interview at the embassy!
For reception of the visa I should give tickets in embassy and already then to me will give the visa!
I am very glad, that at me practically all has turned out!
I was faced with unforeseen difficulties!
The matter is that my expenses have appeared above my financial possibilities! I can not afford to buy a plane ticket!
My expenses have appeared above, than I counted!To obtain a visa, i must have two tickets there and back! tickets cost 670 $!
Employees of embassy should be assured, that I am not going to remain in your country illegally! They very much make thrifty use of your country and do not presume any infringements from rules, therefore all should be under the law!
The matter is that my visa is "Tourist". I need to designate exact dates of my finding in your country!
I have paid all operational expenditure, but I can not afford to buy a plane ticket! I hope you me understand!
I have paid registration of the visa and the medical insurance, and also many other documents.
Also I have paid residing at a room.
I have to ask you to help me with the purchase of tickets! I am ashamed to ask you for help, it is beyond my principles!!
My family cannot help me at present... I have been assured, that my mum can help me with this problem, but she has told, that has no possibility to find this money right now, unfortunately...
But I passed half way, I do not wish to stop on the reached! I hope for your understanding!
We very long waited for this day, I have made everything, that was in my forces!
Our meeting in your hands, from you depends our future!
Today I was in bank, I tried to receive the credit! Alas, I have no residence permit in the city of Moscow and to me have not given credit!
in the bank, I learnt about how I can get your help!
The employee of bank has told, that by means of system of remittances "MoneyGram", I can receive your help!
You should tell only my full name: Olga Leonidovna Pashkovetc!
Name: Olga!
Middlename (father's name, a patronymic): Leonidovna!
Surname: Pashkovetc!
country: Russia!
I understand, our meeting takes away a lot of time and forces! I count on you!
To you I have opened my feelings! I trust you!
Now our meeting, it only a matter of time! As soon as I will give tickets in embassy, I will receive the visa!
I hope you will help me with visa reception!
I wish to tell, that I'm fine, but I cannot tell it! I worry from for the developed situation, time plays the important role!
I try to make Skype in my laptop, but it is not possible to me, I hope, that I can make it. I not when itself did not make Skype and consequently I do not manage to make it quickly, but I am confident, that I can make it. If I cannot make it when I will arrive, I hope you will help me and will learn to use Skype.
I will use the Internet mistress apartment, therefore I not always can answer you quickly.
i miss you! I wish, that you were near to me! Day after day, every minute i think about you!
I want, as soon as possible to be in your hands! You the man of my dream!
Words it is impossible to describe my feelings and emotions! I love you! I will wait your letter! I should have a rest!
I leave my most sweet kiss on your lips! With love and forever!
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bulk mailers using a mugs list of email addys