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Hello !
It's nice to get a letter from you again.
Thank you for the photo. It would be nice again to read your letter and look at your photos.
I have deleted my profile on the web-site. Maybe this is a silly action,
but I've got your e-mail and your letter. I wouldn't make terms. But you do not want
to continue correspondence with me then I think wouldn't look for a man in your country or any other one.
It's my first time I have registered on the dating web-site.
And idea of meeting foreign man came to me not so long ago. And it's not hasty step.
About half of year I beard it mind and finally I've made it. It's very exciting step for me.
I thought that with knowledge of English and French I could live in another country.
I have skills in learing foreign languages.
Maybe you want to ask me why I'm looking for a man in other country? I could say that I'm not looking for
rich life and not looking for a prince on white horse. I'm suspicious that many men in
other countries think that Russian woman usually financially secured and if she's looking for a
foreign man then she wants to be financially secured. Maybe there are such woman, but I'm not type of woman.
The more I know that economical situation in other countries isn't much better, but Russia is moving up.
Most important is find a man who will firstly respect me as a wife. You can build love.
There is no ideal people. It's important to find ordinary and sincere man who isn't living
by past and ready to start a new life with me on his territory.
There is a lot of things I'm not satisfied in Russia and it's not about everyday life.
The only thing that keeps me in Russian is my family, or rather my Mama, which gave much to me.
She brought me up as a girl all her life will be true to one man only, which will not be a walk in the
different companies. I can not help thinking about the family and their loved ones.
For me the important relationship of trust.
Yes, I live with my mother. My father left us for a long time. He died.
He was a soldier and was killed in an armed conflict in Chechnya. You may have heard about it? ...
I will tell more about myself and family in next letter if you want, sorry...
tell me more about yourself, about your closest (friends, family). Which wife are you looking for?
I attach photos again. And waiting for your questions, don't be shy :)
Your Alina
Comment #142195
I have dated a couple of genuine Eastern European woman, and the content of their first 10-20 emails was short, shy and defensive. Yet all scammers seem to send long well scripted emails with manipulating content, along with an over eagerness to plan for your future together, but i guess its all designed to gain trust and sympathy. And i also found out when they say they have deleted their profile, it just means they have 'blocked you', so you cant see how often they are on the site.