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Translation scam using pictures of celebrity Francine Dee/ Francine Dychiuchay asian model.

Received: from [] (port=46823 helo=L7)
From: Julia
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.99.24) Professional

LugaNet ltd network
Mirniy 14/80, Lugansk,
91015, Ukraine

Likhno Dmitriy Olegovich
91015 Ukraine, Lugansk,
kv. Mirniy 14/80

Good Day xxxx,

Thank you for your letter. So I am the first. I am not married. And I
do not have children. But I dream about family so I am here. I send
you my pictures and I want you to see in my eyes, just have some
moment and see me in my eyes, I am sure that you are going to find too
much warmth and happiness, you found a person who have balance and
harmony in the life.

I think love and romance can't be separated from each other
and believe me that all lovers find always the source to beautiful
words because the feeling that you are loved is the most beautiful
feeling in the life and the only feeling that make us to feel that we
exist. You know, the nature has been giving us too many beautiful
things that is available for each of us, the nature has been giving us
the ability to love, the ability to be honest and the ability to be
what we want to be because believe me life is always about what we
want to do things and then how we are going to do it so when we know
what we want to do in our life and how to life and where and then the
next step is how to do it and as you know that the million miles trip
begin always with a simple step. We have always taking the first and
the second step and I really hope that soon we take more beautiful
steps together when I can take your hand and tell you how much I care
about to see you happy in this life.

Do you want it?

If you agree here is something about myself. I am 162 cm. tall and my
wight is 50. I have brown eyes, dark hair, I like sports, music,
camping, picnics, beach, working out/staying fit. I am kind, gentle,
down to earth, caring, respectful honest, sincere and true. I am a one
man's woman. If you want to be with me I am here to love and cherish
you forever. If not the so be it! I will be sensitive to your needs
and desires.

I am careful with my thought, for they become my word, my word for
they become my action, my action for they become my habit, my habit
for they become my character, my character for they become my destiny
I seek a good man, he can be career minded also. But I desire him
loving, caring, honest and true. He should be devoted to me as I am
devoted to him! .

I want to say that I live in Ukraine. My town is called Zhitomir. But
I was born in Uzbekistan. My parents live there. It was terrible times
in 1993. And for people it was very difficult to find jobs. People had
to find the way to survive.

And I had to relocate to my grandmother to Ukraine. I lived with my
grandmother. She was Ukrainian . My mother is Ukrainian but father is

I miss my parents so much but I cannot visit them often. Because it
costs much money.

I finished sewing college. I am seamstress. And now I work in sewing
atelier not far from market place.

I live in the communal apartment. My grandmother passed away some
years ago and now I live alone. I would be glad to have cats or dogs.
I like animals so much. But I go to the work from 8.00 a.m till
4.00p.m. And they would be alone in the room.

We had cat Klava. But she was so old and when she passed away it was
stress for me and my grandmother.

So I am on the road to you now and we know there will be some hills
and valleys, corners & curves I must thread! I am up for the journey.
I will give you that and one day you will see yourself in my heart.

Tell me what is your plans for a future life?


Hello dear xxxxx.

Thank you for you letter.
Send me your pictures.
I send you my pictures all time and you are looking problems with my pictures.
If you do not like them I will not send you.
If i send you photo after flue will not you write me?
I write you when I have brak at my work.
I am sure we will be the happiest pair together if we want to.
Thank you for writing to me. Your words make me want to hold you tight
and never let you go.
I think its great that we have this media, the Internet, and because
of this you and me have the possibility to meet each other, I want you
to have a great day enjoy yourself, I hope you are thinking about you
and me like I do.
I go to the translation firm to write you but. It is a service for
women and men who want to find Love.
So , you see that I use it too. I am sure that i made a right choice.
And I like you and I think that we can be together.
I like cooking, in the future you will taste my nice tasty
dinners(There would be fish, chicken fried with onions and cashew
nuts, carrots and cabbage, and also fish soup very spicy cooked). For
dessert we would have fresh pineapple and watermelon, but above all
this i like you the most, you are my very special favorite kind of
man, i thinking of you all the time, and I looking forward to the day
we are meeting in real life.
I would invite you to my cozy apartment we would listen to some good
music, i would ask you to stay for dinner, i make a nice tasty dishes
for us , we have a real good time, just enjoyed each others company, i
would look in to your eyes, make you smile ,laughing,
feeling save, its getting late and you say that you have to go, but i
don't want you to go, so in the doorway you telling me goodnight.
But your kiss. I will think about it all day.
I want you to know that I am a very simple person and I really want to
tell you that you give my life a wonderful meaning with all that you
have to give and all that you have inside you and I want to tell you
that you are a wonderful man and have a place in my heart and always
going to be like that because you find the way to that heart step by
step with each word that I read about you and with each beautiful
feeling that I have about you, you become bigger and bigger in my eyes
and I always feel myself proud of you and that I found you in this
My dear, I want to ask you. I sewed a white dress. What do you think?
May be it is not suit me or it is very openly.???
My dear, if we can meet this summer how we could spend time together?
Take care, have a good time and write me soon, please let me fall in
love with you.
I kiss you.


Good day my dear xxxx.

Thank for your letter.

Let's speak about Love.

I believe that love is a friendship that catches on fire and it takes
root deep in the heart and it grows stronger with each passing day.
Love is being patient with the faults of others. Love doesn't hold
grudges and love is not just about great sex. I remember what my
Grandmother told me about love. She said, take away the passion and
romance, and if you still love him with all your heart, then you are
in love. Love comes to those who still hope even though they've been
disappointed, those who still believe, even though they have been
betrayed and those who still love even though they've been hurt the
right one, so that when we finally meet the right person, we would
know how to be grateful for that gift.
What do you think about Love? I am sorry. May be you do not like that
I am so romantic person.
I am telling you this because i want to be totally honest with you,
you can trust me a 100% and my heart tells me, that we, you and I can
be the happiest pair together so I am all yours if you want me , its
a funny feeling, but its like I always have been waiting for you, I
cant explain it, but now I found you I wont ever let you go, I just
want to be with you for ever more.
I have endless thoughts about the things we can do together. We will
watch the sun set together and walk on the beach holding hands under
the moon. I will be dreaming about this tonight when I finally close
my eyes.
Our stop will be on a sandy beach pure white sand and very very fine
sand. I want it so much wishing you were with me so we could have swam
in the warm water and then lay on the sand afterward.
Life is all about sharing and I can't wait until I can share mine with
you forever.
I dream about you 24 hours a day my darling. I was dreaming about you
today when someone asked me a question and I didn't even hear her as I
was in a world that only contained you and me, she finally touched my
arm and I noticed she wanted to ask me something.
I see our relationship developing slowly and becoming stronger with
each passing day. I am sure we will have a beautiful life together.
Many hugs and
kisses for you.


How are you today? Many thanks for your e-mail.
I hope, we will continue our relationship in reality. It sounds like
we are looking for the same things and I think we might have found a
solution to both our wants and needs. I can only hope. I want you to
know, I want to be open and up front and very honest with you. It's
very hard to explain to you about my feelings. I feel something very
special about you deep in my heart and I guess, that I am falling in
love with you and I can't help it. These are my feelings about you I
am not going to apologize for falling in love with you. I cannot help,
and there is something special about you that my heart felt. Every
time I receive your letter, my heart beats faster and I get very
excited to hear your lovely words to me. I just cannot wait for the
moment we meet in reality. You are the Man, I want to touch, feel and
to smell your lovely aroma from your perfume and I believe, you are
The one I want To spend the rest of my life with and create lovely
family with you
I want that we spend all our free time together and that we will share
everything in life with NO secrets, NO lies and NO betrayals. I will
do everything possible to make the person close to me only happy and I
want hat our lives together were happy, exciting, funny, loving,
affectionate, passionate and special. Well, I think, I have said
enough for now. You probably will be in shock with my words!
You even don't imagine how much I need you, and how lonely I feel at
my empty home without my beloved Man. I wait for you, and my life is
empty without my second half. I need you in my daily life, I need you
when I wake up, when I come home from work, I need you at night and
everything my heart desires at this moment is to hug you and feel your
warmth, your tenderness and love, hug you so strongly that our souls
blend with each other and we become one whole. I hope you feel the
same to me, and that you are also waiting for the moment when we
finally meet and I see you in person.
Maybe this sounds strange to you, but I can not stop my feelings. I
guess we can not control who or when we fall in love. Do you agree? I
just can not find the right words to tell you how happy I am with you
and to find the one special person, and I have found you, my dear and
hope you feel the same for me. I do not want to lose you.
Please write back soon.
I send you quite many dear kisses.



We have to inform you that Juliya does not know English and cannot use
Internet. She has to use our translation firm. She wants to let you
know that she does not have funds to reply to your letter. She wants
you to know that she is interested in your relationships and wants to
continue your correspondence very much. If you want we can send you
the information about our services and prices you need in order to
proceed with your future communication. If you are not interested to
use our services please, inform us about it and do not give out the
information given from Juliya as it is personal and confidential.

Principal of " Union".

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter and your interest in Juliya.

You can choose the service you like.

We provide unlimited correspondence including letter translations,
printing your photos and scanning+sending your lady's photos in
limitless quantity. You can subscribe to one, two or three months of
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Dollars. The costs relatively are:

one month of unlimited correspondence - 200 USD;
two months of unlimited correspondence - 350 USD;
three months of unlimited correspondence - 500 USD.
half of the year of unlimited correspondence - 900 USD.
one year of unlimited correspondence - 1500 USD.

We can also provide the service of unlimited translation, it includes
letter translations only in limitless quantity without printing your
photos for your lady and scanning+sending your lady's photos to you.

One month of unlimited translation - 150 USD;
Two months of unlimited translation - 270 USD;
Three months of unlimited translation - 400 USD.

If you would like to use another services we can also provide letter by
letter translation, printing your photos for your lady and scanning
your lady's photos for you:

one letter translation and printing - 5 USD;
(translator service - 2 USD; Internet service - 1 USD; printing
the letter - 1 USD; taxes and other payments - 1 USD);
scanning one photo - 2 USD;
printing one photo - 3 USD.

After you decide which service you want to use you should make the
payment via the Western Union or MoneyGram in the name of our client
Juliya. You will fill in the form where you should write: name of the
receiver:Juliya Ivanova ; address: Gogolevskaya street, 4, Zhitomir,
zip code is 10012, Ukraine.

After you make the payment you send an e-mail with the following
information: your full name, the country you made the transfer from,
the sum you transferred and the money transfer control number (MTCN).

We hope for our future cooperation.

Principal of "Union".
Dmitriy Kovalenko.