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Slobidka Shelehivska village in the museum
Slobidka Shelehivska village in the museum

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I dream about all loving people find each other, and live in love and
peace the rest of their lives. I want all people be happy. I want we
have no quarrels, sorrows, wars, treachery in our lives. I want people
understand each other perfectly, so there be no misunderstanding all
over the world. I dream us to make all dreams turn to reality. I hope
we are capable of doing that. Also I want to say that I will never ask for something that I don't have myself. I think that I am a giving person, I do ask much, but I give more than I am asking for!Now my weight is 53 kg. and my height is 168 sm. I was a good pupil i speak English and French .Please pay attention on that. i need not translation . I was a good student at school, Also it will be interesting for me to learn other languages and i learn some words and expression and i hope to make a progress in further studies.
I 'm fond of culture and arts. I like to travel, sometimes i travel in the neighborhood places close to my house.
Of course It will be interesting for me to travel abroad, to look at new countries but the main goal is meet a decent man here, we will enjoy the beauty of the sea, liquid splashes of water, romantic stories, heroes with its joy and happiness.
As for my job experience. I work at Slobidka Shelehivska village in the museum. I
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kefeng. Hello,
I hope my letter finds you fit and well? Thank you so much for your wonderful letter, it is very nice to learn more about you. I'm an honest, passionate and caring woman. I am generous and very protective of my friend's and family. I think that I am a pretty good match for you (hoping you'll accept it). As far as music goes, I turn on the radio and listen to pop/ folk music, with news breaks every half hour. . I do believe in love, and it's wonderful thing. Someone I could hold close to me and through all the good and bad we shall do it together.
I'm kind and generous person of a good heart and noble feelings. I hate infidelity and I'm a very loyal person who is willing to give my life to that beloved man.
So, just few words about my family as for each person family is important. I live with my parents , we are three in the family and house owner ,We live with the house owner.
We rent a small room. We have no personal flat or house it a pity. The house owner is a woman.
I'm a single child.I wish I had brothers or
sisters, but unfortunately my family is small but I have some relatives.
My family is very kind and strong. My parents are retired now, but they are trying
to be a good shape, lead a healthy way of life. We trust each other.If I need to get an advice I can always count on my mother.The last desicion will be mine,but anyway I lways feel their support and care.
My parents were working in teachihng field in our village, they like to read very much, as for them they are honest,gentle, kind people.They can keep secrets.
As for my hobby, In summer I like to play tennis,I watch tv, I like to watch biathlon competition and figure skating.I can have training in gym, I do pilatess, I swim a little,I play tennis.I used to go to gymnastics while being a small child.I keep always those memories with me.
In this memories I have my old granny who passed away some years ago. I took her wiseness
her care to my charachter.She shared with me some advices, especially of cooking!!
I kmow some wonderful dishes. Its traditional Ukrainian food. I know you have never tried
vareniki or salad Tsezar ,holodets,cookies,pies.etc,It's so tasty!!!!
You can't imagine how tasty they are!!!I try to do my best to cook every day.Somitimes I try different recipts of chiken and fish.
what about your family?Do you spent a lot of time with them?
we haven't got any pet,I wish i had one. you know i have a dream,I'd like to have a cat,but my house owner didn't allow me to have it.
As for my free time ,its music(pop, rock, new age), art, reading. fashion. dancing(Especially tango and national dances).
I have many dreams in my life.It helps me to achive my goals in life.
Now I have a big dream to find a good man.I do not look for attractive person.I want a kind and gentle man .Unfortunatelly I could find such man in my country.
this man exists, I definatelly know this !!
I know you are also dreaming about good woman,what kind of woman would you like to find?
Please write me some lines about it,I will be waiting your letter.
i have a desire you know you more.