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Scammer from Mari El gang.

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Good day xxx .
My name is Mariya. This is my first letter to you, and I hope that does not make it great. I wish that you were interested, but not tired! So 29let me and my birthday in November 20. I am a designer. I love my work as I create a lot of ... I am very creative person, and my job is to help me start this, what I eat. People say that I am a good development (mostly to create projects for different companies). But I do not think only of my work. I am very romantic person, and I think I am ready to get the family. Seeking a person who is reliable and who wants a serious relationship. I already had a relationship with a man, but this was impossible, and now I do not want to make the same mistakes that I made earlier. For me the most important in this context, the relationship to each other. Deep inside I feel that you are who I should write that! This is my first attempt to meet someone on the Internet. And it turned out that you should be the first to whom I wrote. I will spend all their free time to see you better! So what does your ideal woman? What do you look for? I am very thoughtful woman, and I should be able to, I care for a person who really likes! You live in a city? Is this something special? As for me, I live in Cheboksary. I think that this is the most beautiful city in the world! Of course, I did not get a chance to travel the world, but when I go to the beautiful old streets in my hometown, I feel that I refer to history, and I try to imagine what happened there a hundred years ago. I love to walk in my city, not my friends that I was not disturbed. Unfortunately, I do not have a friend who can feel the beauty of nature and beauty of the city, but I. But everything will be fine. Tell me how she loved you. It is very important for me! I really hope it is good for you! I will try to send pictures to each of my letter, because I think it is important to understand with whom you speak. In one picture, I can look at this, and yet I can look at the other. I want you to see me from different sides. It would be very pleased to receive further news from you! And I hope that we will continue our conversations through the Internet.
Yours Mariya

Good afternoon xxxx .
Thanks for your letter. It was very interesting to read him. There are
some reasons for it. One of them: I never talked to the foreigner
before. I have only the Russian friends or friends from the former
USSR are the countries is similar to Ukraine or Belarus. But our
cultures are so similar so I do not feel the big distinctions while I
speak with them. But it very much differs with you. It very much is
not natural. Even as you write that... It differs... But it is very
fascinating! Today I want to tell to you shortly about my family. Each
person should have family I mean the father and mother. But so has
taken place that right now I have only my liking grandmother. My
family is aristocratic. It is not rich but everyone in my family is
and has been formed. You know that in Russia usually people which are
very much formed are not rich. Whether as it in your country? I think
that it is not correct but as to me that I prefer to be educated than
to have many money. I believe that I have very good education. I have
finished Cheboksarsky the State university and my speciality
management was. I do not work as the manager and never worked. I have
understood that it not that than I would like to be engaged all my
life. Designing is that thing in which I really I understand. I worked
as the designer for the commercial enterprises and advertisements
within already 6 years. I even make marks of some companies. I can
tell that I the good professional. Unfortunately this trade is not
well paid in our country in general and in my city also.
Notwithstanding what I am the good professional I do not receive many
money as I would like. For this reason I want to find work abroad.
Tell to me something about your work? Whether you enjoy to her? I
enjoy and now when to me of 35 years I am sure that designing of
things the best trade for me. I think that I am happy due to this
because now many people work only because they only want to earn many
money but sometimes they even hate their work. I have some friends
similar to these and I feel pity to them. In the beginning of my
letter I began to speak about my family. I have not told to you all
and you could have questions why I still had only grandmother. There
was a tragedy. But I am not ready to speak about it right now. I hope
that you will understand me when I shall tell the whole history. Do
not think that I do not speak it to you because I do not trust you. It
becomes hard for me on soul at conversation on my mother and the
father. I feel that today not correct day but I promise that next time
I shall be prepared to this conversation. Tell to me about the family
xxxx . whether really the family is important for you? You frequently
gather for a dinner or on the days off? It plays what role of your
life? I have asked you about much in the end, whether not so? I hope
that you are not offended by it. As in Russia when I ask some people
about families when I only want to know them better and to understand
them better they be offended by it. And I do not see the reason why.
Whether for this reason I have asked you are offended by my questions
whether or not.---- I hope that was not present! With impatience I shall
wait from you the letter!
Sincerely yours, Mariya

Hello ----.
How your affairs? When I have received your last letter I certainly worried what there will be your reaction to my letter. I worried because I had no sufficient force last time to tell all history about my family. And you could think that I do not trust you or something similar! But! It not so! All business only in me. I know if I shall start to speak about my family that I cannot will stop because I can speak about it during long time. My grandmother for me the closest person. She inspires me at achievement of many things, the purposes. She very wise woman and I very much respect her. Certainly we have various representations concerning a modern life. She was young when there were times of Soviet Union. And I should tell that has changed since then much. There was an amusing history with me and her when I only have finished university. I remember that I have told to you that I have the diploma of the manager. And you know that my grandmother was so happy because I had many offers of work. And she thought that it so is healthy to work even in the small company the whole life, for it the most important thing in work - stability. Certainly it is important for me also. But in the age of 22 years and now nothing has changed in my opinion, I wanted to have an opportunity to be improved. I think that awfully when the person has reached something and then it or she stops to move further. I cannot sit nothing doing. I have I am much more whole also is sure that I shall reach them. When to me there was 22 I had the purpose to be best in trade which I has chosen. I have chosen designing and I have not made a mistake. I have reached this purpose. Now many people know me, I have my own clients. And I have the steady income which is sufficient for me at present as I have no family and children. Actually I have received all that I could having generated my career in Kazan and I want to try something new! I still work as the designer, but I would be happy to try this work abroad. I believe that it everywhere variously as each country in the world differs. It as to mine work of the purposes. Also what concerning yours? Work of the purpose take only the second place in my life now. Now the family has for me the big role than career. I want to have serious attitudes with the person. I had bad experience. It is not worth even mentions. And now the most valuable character traits for me in any person - honesty, sincerity, fidelity. Each person the man or the woman has his negative features but if it or she have those 3 that I mentioned, I think, that it is the person which is undoubtedly reliable. Certainly it is difficult to understand whom the person is before to observe of his behaviour in various situations, but it is possible. It can be felt inside. As to me I never would began to talk to the person which in my opinion it is not fair or not pure with ideas I try to avoid people similar to these. And I have desire to continue dialogue with you. The truth I really do not understand why, but I think as we shall continue I shall write to each other is capable to tell precisely that I in you like also I hope that you too.
I wish fine day!!!
Yours faithfully Mariya

Hello xxxxxx.
It so is fine for hearing that we are in own way similar in our points of view. After I have read your letter I have understood that we certainly can be close to each other in the future. To start I get acquainted with each other better has decided to tell to you my history. A true history of my life. I should warn you that it is sad. When I was born everyone in my family was happy. I was the first child and so it has turned out that the only thing. My parents Alexey and Maria liked each other madly and they loved me as. I remember when I was in a kindergarten I was the happiest child. During the days off we always leaved from city and well spent time. From time to time we visited my grandmother, she mother of mine of the daddy. Parents of my mum lived and still live in Siberia and I assume that they were not in good relations with my mum and the daddy and to tell the truth I never saw them. When I was the little girl I did not care of it, now it very much will wound me, but I can change nothing. They have told that they hate me and that they do not want to know me and that I not their grand daughter. My childhood was the happiest time in my life. I adored my family and when I have gone to school, many children envied me because their parents argued much, and mine never. I do not remember their shouting against each other or on me. In the age of 9 years I could not and think that awful to mountain will take place in my life. Once my parents have decided to leave from city, they did it from time to time. And as usually they have left me with the grandmother in its apartment. I liked to remain at home with my grandmother, she had many interesting books (and I liked to read!) Especially she the big story-teller. It has taken place late at night on Sunday. When my parents have not come back home. I shall remember that Sunday for ever!!! On that Sunday I have lost my dear mum and the daddy.
During that moment I did not understand that happened with me, I only remember my grandmother speaking on phone and as she has turned pale and have fallen downwards to a floor. I very much was frightened for it and I began to shake its hands and tried to bring her round. In some seconds she has come to the senses, but I remember its eyes + not probably to describe them... It were seemed to me that they are made of a glass. Then we have gone to hospital... When I asked her where my mum and the daddy she stored silence... The Next morning she has told to me all... I needed a lot of time to understand that my dear parents have died... I cried every night and I have been simply afflicted... But then after a month, after conversation with my grandmother something has changed in my consciousness. Ekaterina (so call my grandmother) has convinced me that my parents can see me and they see all that I do from heavens. I was the 9-years child and I have decided that I shall never afflict my parents which see that I do from heavens my grandmother which cared of me and whom I loved from the bottom of the heart. I have made this decision a reality. My grandmother and memoirs on my parents play a huge role in my life. For me the life of my parents was ideal both their love and their respect to each other. I understand that they quarreled sometimes, but they were wise enough to solve their problems immediately and to not allow their child to see that they become angry against each other. In my future life I shall try to follow an example of my mum and the daddy. I think, I hope, that you will agree with me. I have entrusted my most expensive ideas to you. And if you read it you will closely know all about me and about my character. It is easy to understand why I do it by one way or another. In most cases definitely it is difficult to understand why people do some things... I do things by that way as though my parents and that way have acted as I think is correct. I do not try to tell that I is ideal. No, I am not ideal. And I think that nobody is. I hope that you will apprehend this letter seriously and will tell to me something about yourself that willallow me to learn you better and that will explain to me little bit more about you.
I hope to receive news from you soon! Good-bye...

Good day xxxxx
Thanks for your letter
At me the childhood was quiet and I was very correct girl as me brought up very well, and I am grateful to the parents
So I assume that now my turn to tell to you some interesting details: my hobbies and that as I spend my free time. One of my main hobbies are sports. I love my work but I should have a rest after her. I like to support the form. I hate a diet and I do not understand women which do it as after they stop to keep to a diet they type much more kgs than those which they had before. I am convinced that sports are a unique way to grow thin. Therefore I run every morning. I run each time various ways, I mean that I do not adhere to the same route. It would be boring. City in which I live is very big and there are many interesting places in it. Therefore every morning I run on various streets and sometimes I stop about ancient buildings or about other beautiful places. Actually it is a surprising thing because I ran during some time but still did not see the whole city. Except for that after work I go to a sports hall 2 or sometimes 3 times a week. In the beginning when I came back home from a sports hall, I was very much tired and at me did not remain any forces... But now all has changed. I come home and I still has still more many forces. Usually after a sports hall I leave on walk with my friends.
I do not have automobile and I simply like to walk. Of my friends which automobiles have some became very lazy. Even if they need to descend to the most nearest shop which there are on растоянии approximately 10 meters. They will not go on foot, they on former will go on the automobile. I think that this madness. In our life the majority of time we sit at office or on work, I think that sometimes is necessary to take a walk! Walking does us by more healthy! I think of the health much. To me 29 and I have no any problems with my heart, to cookies or kidneys. But much my friends have. Also I think much of the health as I still have not given birth to the child. And I want to give birth to the healthy child. Here that me excites first of all. And during the days off I as walk much. I love the nature, therefore I try to leave from city for a while, but it does not happen frequently. I think that I while I shall finish the story, but I remember that I promised you to tell about my country. I assume that I shall tell to you about it in the following letter. I hope that you will not be against! I only want to make so that you waited for my letters with impatience as I also wait for yours. I have already got used to write to you letters. I cannot already present my evening without that that I go to the Internet of cafe and I read the letter from you and I write the answer to you! For me it is very interesting to write to you about my life and about ideas.
Your girlfriend Mariya