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Dnipropetrovsk Ukraine

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I met her in Anthea Club but quickly see that it's a scammer using proxy server.

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Hello dear. Thank you so much for your nice words that made me really believing in the best:))

I think that you wrote to learn more about myself so I won't keep you in suspense.

I guess you have already learnt that my name is Anna. I really like my name and I am sure that it brings me luck in everything I do. I am 24 years old and I belive this is the age when all of us think alot about the future and what to do with our life. I am not an exception:)That is why I am here, I want to find my second half.

As you could notice from my profile, I am coming from the very nice country Ukraine. I am sure that you have heard about it, as our country is very nice, full of picturesque landscapes and views , people here are very friendly and kind hearted, and girls here are the most beautiful in the whole world. That's probable why I am proud of living here!!:)

And what about your country?? do you like it?? or maybe you have been always dreaming about living somewhere else. Oh, as for me I have been always dreaming about living somewhere far and far away, for example on a small beautiful island, with lots of palms,coconut trees, where it is always warm, where there no rains, where the sky is always blue and it is reflecting in the pure water of the ocean like in a mirror. Does this sound ok for you?? do you want to join me in my dream??

have you ever been to the place like this??By the way do you like traveling?? where have you been, what interesting have you seen?? I know I am a very curious one:)) but I just have never been abroad but have always been attracted and interested in something new and exciting. So, I hope that you will fulfill my curiosity!!??:)

What else I can tell about myself?? The quality that I like most of all in myself and the one that I am proud oft is that I am always ready to help and to be near when someone needs me. But it hurts me very much that very little people appreciate this. I do not want to say that I am always doing something for the reward. No it is not like this. You know they say treat other people as you want to be treated in return. I always follow this saying and I am so sorry that not everyone follows this too. And what about you, do you have some saying or maybe just some words that you like very much and you always try to follow??

I think that this is all for now, there are still lots of things I want to tell you,

so hope to hear from you soon, yours Anna

Hello my dear xxx. I am so much happy to hear from you back. I want to tell you that I am very much interested in you and I am so much excited to learn more and more!! Hope you will fulfill my curiosity!!:))

my dear, you know yesterday I we spent such a nice time with my family , it was long ago that we do not have such times very often. I live with my parents and with my elder sister, she has got married not that long ago. so I will send you some pics for you to see how I looked like there:)) my sister has moved from us with her husband and now they are waiting for the child. I am so happy for them as my sister adores kids, she is a teacher at the kindergarten and she is so happy when she is with kids. You know I have been always proud of my family. I have always admired the relationships my mother and my father have. Their relationships are based on trust and honesty. You know I appreciate honest very much.If a person is not honest with me I won't have any kind of relationships with him. I think that there is no sense to lie cause some times the truth will obligatory come on the surface, do you agree? My dear, I have disappointed in men of Ukraine because of the fact that they were not honest with me, they wanted me to be honest with me but at the same lied to me, I think it is not fair and that's why I appreciate honesty greatly! Hope that you will never hurt me with lies and we will trust each other from the beginning??!!

my dear, I hope to get your letter soon

kisses, Anna

Hello my dear man xxx. how are you there?? how is the weather there, do you enjoy it?? I am so happy to get your answer , you know I was dreaming about you, I think you have already notised that I am a very romantic person and I like dreaming.

You see now my greatest and the most desirable dream is to find my man and to create a family with him. Cause you see for me family is the most important thing in the life and I am really very serious about finding my second half and about creating a family with him. But you see I am looking for such kind of a man who does not exist at all. You know I do not need such kind of a man who will cheat on me, who every day will tell me different things, at once he says that he really enjoys our communication and he needs me, who will call me often and who will tell me that he misses and then after some time he won't pay any attention to me, he will pretend that I do not exist at all. And this all without any reason. Can you tell me why it is so??? Why life is so much complicated, it always hides some difficulties on our way, and why on my way I meet only difficulties, why destiny does not send me any happiness?? Why when I finally feel ok and when I feel that I want this moment to last forever, destiny gives me new difficulties and new obstacles and nothing more. When this happy moment, when true, real love will be in my life and when my heart and soul will stop suffer from al this pain, how long should I wait for????

Tell me this, do you know the answerers to this questions. Why I am so much unhappy and when finally I will meet my real one, the one who will be really MINE??????

I am so sorry about this letter, I promise that the next time I will tell you really more about myself and about my family for you really to be sure that you have made the right choice writing to me,

with all my warmth, Anna

Hello my darling xxx. Wow you are here again!! And this really means that I am not hopeless and such a nice man like you is really interested in me!! I am so much happy to know this cause frankly speaking I have been missing you, hope you to??!!))

I want to tell you that I have already got used to come to the Internet cafe and to write you. I really like writing to you, so I am so much excited about our communication, I really feel that we can be good matches for each other.

I think that you do not know much about the place where I live, so I live in the very nice city Dnepropetrovsk. In our region industry is highly develop, there are alot of mines different plants and factories here. But of corse the nature is also very beautiful but this is the common feature of all Ukraine. My city it is the regional centre,it is quite a big city. You know Dnepropetrovsk is the motherland of our Prime Minister Yulia Tomishenko. That lady with the plait oh her head:))

In my city there are lots of shops, cafes, people rushing to work, cars standing in the traffic jams. In one word life is boiling and we also try not to stand ahead. My mother works in the market, as a seller. My father is an engineer. As for my sister, I have already mentioned that she works in the kindergarten. Very often I visit her there cause I like kids very much and I very much dream about having my own family. I have loved kids from school and that's why probably I have chosen the profession of a teacher. This year I am finishing my studies in the Pedagogical university at the department of foreign languages. So, now you can guess why I know English!:))

Except spending time with kids and improving my English I like cooking, sewing, laughing and sharing my good mood with others. So if you want to be one of those who regularly receive my smiles and a piece of my good mood then I am waiting for your answer, can't wait to hear back from you, with all my warmth, yours Anna

Hello my dear xxx. I am so much happy to hear from you on such a wonderful today. The sun is shining brightly,the sky is blue and the small wind that is slightly caressing my hair makes my mood wonderful. I want so much to spend this wonderful time with a person who is really very dear and close to me. And you know from all the people I know I have chosen......YOU. Do not be surprised and please do not think that I am flattering you. I am a very straight person, this means that I always tell what I think.

You know lovely xxx for this time that we are communicating with you, you have become really dear and precious for me. Very often I find myself thinking and dreaming about you and about us being together, hope you do not mind??!!!:))

so, what do you think about spending some time with least in my dreams:))

I have already imagined you in a nice suit, smelling wonderful with a large bunch of rose, white and blue roses. You are standing near my door and waiting for me. So, you knock for three times, I open the door and see your face stiffen in astonishment cause I am wearing a very nice light blue low-necked dress, high-healed shoes and a small necklace in a shape of a heart, something like "la coeur de la mer" in Titanic, do you remember that blue deep one?? would you like to be with a girl like this???????

You take my hand and we go together to the nice fairy tail where there are no rules , no duties, an even no other people. But frankly speaking we do not need anyone else, we do not want other to stare at us cause we are not able to hide our feelings from others, we are not able to stop each other from kissing and showing how great and powerful our love is.By the way what is love for you?? what do you think have you ever been in love for real??have you ever noticed that even a minute without your beloved is like a year of waiting and anticipation for you? have you even felt yourself on the seventh heaventh because of the happiness just looking in the eyes of your beloved, just being always near?? You know I really believe that love gives us wings and the ability to fly but you will fly only if your feelings are really true open and sincere, when you are totally honest with your beloved, you have no secrets from each other and you are sharing everything with each other.

My dear, please, help me to get these wings again, let's fly together?? what do you think??

I am waiting for your answer with my heart full of anticipation, with all my love and warmth,Anna