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Hello !

I am in a very good mood, because I received your letter! =) Thank
you for your picture! The same with you, I adore nature, interesting
films and kisses :)

Now I give you some information about me, because I want to make
one more step to our future! Please, don't shy to ask me, if you are
curious in something.

I live in the small Ukrainian town Rovenky. I was born in another town
, it is not far from town where I am living now. I rent an apartment
with my neighbors. Very comfortable! I was in relations with one guy
from my town, but more than seven month I am without boyfriend and I
am tired to be alone. Probably you want to ask me, why a foreign guy?
I explain you. I see, men of my town are lazy. They don't want to
work, they are not reliable. I saw many examples when our girls are
happy with their foreign men. I want to try too.

I work as a choreographer in the dance studio, also I organize some
extra lessons in a school! I write you from the office of firm it's
near a place for my dancing lessons, which I rent. I work with kids
and teenagers, who like to dance. I am very flexible and I love dances
from my childhood.

I am in good relations with my parents, I visit them sometimes! I have
a stepbrother, but he has a family and lives in another city.

If I have a spare time, I prefer less active life. I like to cook,
listen music, even I like to work in the garden, when I go to my
parents! =)

I am always ready to something new in my life! I mean, if you
invite me in your country, I will accept your proposal with a joy!

I prepared for you some photos!

I wait for your reply!

Kiss from Oksana.
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pro model photos
Comment #142125
i have met in person a few genuine woman, and also had some minor dealings with scammers, and the main difference i found is these long well written emails, as soon as i receive one in the first correspondence im on my guard. all the genuine girls i have met face to face only ever sent me very short (2 lines) messages, and never called me any 'pet names' E.g. 'dear' 'love' 'honey' 'baby' 'sweetheart' ' or 'my man' and never said kisses to you, or any references to physical contact.......... but all the scammers did.