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Hi! :) I'm glad that you decided to start communicating with
me, I really appreciate your trust. Thank you very much for your
photo, are you at home? You know, people tell me that I look good, but
I've been lonely for a long time, I've never had a serious
relationship. I think it's because of my appearance and my inner
world. I know my own worth, and men now do not want to do anything,
they are very selfish and want to get everything without giving a
response. This is very stressing, so I thought that I can find a man
who is older than me, I think they have a better education and they
understand what needs to be done and how they need to behave with
girls, I'm not scared if the man is older than me, I think if he
really has manners and he knows how to be a man, then age is not a

I'm a little bit shy, so I prefer to know the inner world of a
person first, to understand who he is and what he does in life, I
think it's pretty romantic to correspond with letters, although in the
end I certainly do not mind using more modern methods of communication
like Viber, whatsapp or skype. Therefore, I hope you will not ask me
to use all this in the beginning of our relationship. And even more so
of my nude photos, if you like me, then of course I will make you
happy with my photos)

I'm 29, I'm pretty young, but considering what happens in the
place where I live it added me a lot of life experience. By the way
about the place where I live) I live in Donetsk together with my
parents, when it was a beautiful and rich city, but now unfortunately
it is in decline and constantly exposed to the risk of bombing ... and
it is now under the control of the separatists and now it has become
increasingly less good, but everyone lives in constant stress.. ??((
But I believe that soon once it all changes or I can move to a more
peaceful place) I'm an artist, I draw my paintings, I also work in a
company that deals with design projects for different rooms, but
considering the whole situation, this is not enough for now.. so the
company's business is not going well. But I sell my paintings, and if
you want I can send you a couple of it if you're interested :) And
where do you live, what work do you do? What is your hobby, tell me
more about yourself. I'm curious to know who you are, what your inner
world is and what are your life goals. I'm waiting for your reply! :)
Comment #141515
too , good to be true ...scammers for sure