Scammer Vasilieva Natalya

Kazan Russia

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Ask money for travel.

Hello ---, I am interesting with you! Please write me more
about your life there? Please send me more your photos if you have it. I don't
know that will happen, but I am glad have get acquainted with you and I will wait
your reply with impatience. I have decided to registered on a site to find my lovely
man, I hope to find my man on internet! I want also write some more about me here,
it's almost all from my profile,but I want you to know all it about me. I am 32
years old. I like the children. I have graduated in some college. I work as nurse.
I honest, loyal, careful, tender, good cooking and I love good food. I like active
life, but I never did not travel out of Russia. I do not drink and I do not smoke,
but I don't mind if people have this habits. My style of life is very healthy. I
love life - I am optimist. And I believe that most beautiful things are waiting
us in future. My growth of 174 centimeters, my weight of 57 kgs. I believe in the
God and destiny and some about my life. I was born in Kazan, and grew up in that
city. Right now I live in this city. This city location in the center of Russia.
The our weather is always cold and warm. It around 1000 km near of Moscow. I am
the only child in my family and I have no brothers and sisters. My parents grew
up strong feelings towards family in me, and I try to put same in my life. I feel
that there are nothing more that supportive, good family. I really hope to meet
my man. I don't know that will really happen, but I looking to the future with
hope and smile. I hope to receive your answer soon.
Your new friend from Russia Natalya.

Hello dear ----. I met you and you really brighten my life. I am so
happy that you came into my life, and I can only pray God that he
connected us. I didn't believe in destiny too much, but seems that I have
to start believe! I want to tell you about my dayly life here, seems it
will be usuall days. I regret of you because are you alone there just
with your son. I would like to visit you there on my vacation since 1
of June untill 24 of June, also we could have my birthday together
with you and see our destiny! We must to plan our meeting if we will
want to meet because untill my birthday we have short time, are you
agree with me? What are you think? I just sitting and dreaming with you.
I am dreaming about time then we all will be together, I am dreaming
how we could sitting at the beach and looking to the sunrise,
or sunset, or sitting at the winter near fireplace. Thinking about
each other and understand each other without words. We are just
all parts of one big family, and we are together. We are talking
how it's wonderful to be together forever. We trying to remember
that there are was the time when we live not together, and these
memories just in deep fog. It's seems for us that we always was
together. I will wait your answer.
Your baby Natalya.

Hi Xxxx! I am ok and how are you?
I would like to travel together with you and your son, but are you far
from me... I like camp and nature! I am romantic person... when are
you plan return in your home? Yes, I would like to make our meeting
when you will return... tell me dates? I want to come to you and have
my birthday with you, I learned how I can make my trip to you, I must
travel in Moscow in Embassy to make my Visa and passport and then I
could fly to you... To make my papers with visa will take around 5-6
days and then I can fly to you. what are you think? I will check my
salary today for my trip to you and if I will not have enough, can you
share charges with me? I want to meet you, can't wait more, I am in
love you!!! You can be my destiny! My heart open for you now.
Your baby Natalya.