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Hallo man
I do not know how to start this letter. To begin with, my name is Alice . I'm 29.
I was born in Armenia . Now I am in your country. I came here for a business meeting.
The purpose of my visit is to expand my business. I wanted to open several branches in your country.
I have my own business in commerce jewelry.
Your e-mail address was given to me by my friend.
You are a very handsome man, I saw your photo.
I know your phone number, but I'm too shy to call you. A little bit about yourself.
I have a man. We have been married for 5 years.
We have no children. And to be honest, I did not want to have children from such a bad person like him.
I married because of my parents. It was necessary for my parents, but not for me. My father made me do it.
I rest from him only in those moments when I leave on business trips.
But now I really regret it. He constantly drinks Vodka and terrorizes me.
I need to file for divorce, but I'm afraid that he will take my business from me.
It's a lot of money, and I do not want to just give it to him.
I know that he changes me with other women and I want to catch him red-handed.
After that, the court will be on my side. And he will not get anything.
I have very few friends in your country. I'm very bored. Every evening I'm alone.
But I want very different. I want to go outside to go to a restaurant. But there is not anyone around.
Any woman needs regular sex and masculine attention. Now I need it.
I really want to have a man next to me who can brighten up my loneliness.
I would like to walk with you along the street, drink a glass of wine, talk, get to know you.
Do not think badly. I suggest we just spend time together.
It may happen that when we get to know each other we will not want to part.
Maybe that's what you need me.
Life is a complicated thing and you never know what awaits you ahead. So can I wait for you ahead?
Only we have one small problem.
My man constantly monitors my life on the Internet, he knows the password from my mail.
He checks all my social networks. facebook, twitter.
He does not leave me any freedom. He controls everything.
But I figured out how to continue to communicate.
I will write you a letter and immediately remove all traces.
And I beg you not to answer this letter.
You just need to complete the registration on the site Click
Then you can find me on the site. My Nickname Baby
After you find my profile, you can see my phone number and call me.
I bought a new phone for myself, my husband does not know about its existence.
Of course, I could write you my number right away, but I do not know how you will react to this letter.
I hope that you want to continue communicating with me and will soon call.
I send the photo, now you know how I look.
Please call me. Bye!