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Luhansk Ukraine

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Hello, my dear Gavin!

Thank you for your letter. I was very glad to get it. Life - is such

thing where two men must be together. I hope that we could to build

our friendly or maybe more than just friendly relations.

Thanks for your photos, my honey. You like me. Your dog is good.

But first of all I would like to tell you about myself. My name is

Tanya. I live in Lugansk, it is a part of Ukraine. I'm 26 years old. I

was born on the 28 of June in 1982. I'm 163 cm high and my weight is 51 kg. My hair

isn't very long, and I'm a brunette. My eyes are dark brown. I'm kind

and clever person. I have a graceful figure and attractive appearance

because I like to go in for sport. You should know I romantic person.

I like to watch something funny on TV, because I have a good feeling

of humor. Like every girl I like caress that's why my heart looking

for love. And now I would like to tell you about my family. I had

mother and father. I had happy childhood. But in 1990 in our country

was great crisis. My father lost his work and he began to drink.

Sometimes he was beating me and my mother. Once day my father wanted

to beat my mother. She had a knife and accidentally killed father. My

mother putted into prison for 14 years. Soon my mother died because of

tuberculosis. And I become an orphan. Initially I gathered bottles and was selling the newspapers.

Then I was a seller at the market. With 15 years my breast was starting to grow.

Once I knew about work at the hotel. And I could find my future husband

there.(But I divorced with him in three years). There are was very interesting, but I wanted a photo model.

I was at many agencies, but I didn't find a work because I was little

and had a big breast. Once day young businessman arrived at our hotel.

He liked me. We had love relations. In half of year I was 20 years old

and we married. I was happy. My husband built house and had a

business. I kept house. My husband bought expensive clothes and jewel

for me. But mostly I wanted children.

My husband began to work with foreign partners and often to travel

abroad. He could to be there one or two months. As for me, I was

sitting at home. He gave a lot of money to me. I had a guard, which

watched closely at me. He told to my husband about all the places

where I was. I was in a "gold cage".I couldn't to

speak with somebody and I didn't have friends, because my

husband didn't allow this. He was at assignments about ten months.

when he was at home he was very angry. After that I finished the

courses of makeup artist of master of manicure. I wanted to learn

English, but I taught only 3 months there. Then I decided to incarnate

my old dream to be a photo model. I had a lot of money. And I employed

a photographer. We went everywhere together and he did many different

photos about me. I said, that photographer was gay. My husband agreed

with this idea. I was happy, because my dream realized.

I invited my former classmates. And then we started to journey through the Crimea.

We visited many bars and cafes and did many photos there. We had great

time there. But it's idyll finished soon. Once day I backed to home.

But I didn't to open door of my house by my key. It was found, that my

husband changed all the keys. He had new young wife, which didn't want

children. Later I knew, that he was infertile. We divorced.

Now I became lone woman. I moved from Feodosia to Lugansk. I take

small flat there. I worked as a master of makeup and of manicure at

home of my clients. I earned little money, but it's sufficiently for

me. Many men afraid of me, for some reason, in our country. That's why

I'm looking for my second half in other countries.