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Sumy Ukraine

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How are you doing?

Are you angry with me?

I missed you much! How is your hair? Are you still Vin? Then I want to see you even more than before :))

but you are bad boy with me.

You are angry with no reasons.

I am not going to prove you that I like you and I need you in my life, you should know it as I have chosen you for your smartness and witty mind.

You must be sure about me! If not, what can I do, I am far!

I wanted that photosession because I like to take photos, studio photos! I need just one man in my life, guess whom?

I know you are secure man, I know you like me and trust me, so please, stop saying such things.

I can send you even better photo for our salad!

I am sorry if I sound confused now, I am tired. These days we are working in the garden plot. I wanted to come to Sumy yesterday but my mother didnt let me go.

I dont understand anything when we are talking on the phone... and you promised to help me with English. You remember?

Everything is ok with my parents... I told them about you. But they dont even think about it as they have their own problems... I will tell you later about it.

You are calling me your princess and then writing your ironic remarks about my photos! It is unfair I need you and I am waiting for you,

kiss you many times

your Galya

hi my love! i look e-mail seldom. because need money. i really want be
> with you. belief me. i forged my phone fall down in water. when i buy new,
> i don't no.... i feel good. how are you? you say truth, i need in you. i
> like you. i miss you. i kiss you. me withdraw (money) for lesson or
> no??????????????? by by by by by by by by my love. kisses

I am trying to reply your email as sooner as possible to calm you down.

Thank you for your congratulations, first of all.

You know I often think about you.

And I know what you think… I know you better than you think.

The girl from your story thinks and feels the same about you!

Yes we really had nice time together and believe me we will have more such time!!! The whole life is ours!

No need to be sarcastic about my words… you will know my family and everything you want when you come here.

You know my situation… I hate to be unemployed.

A cousin of my friend offered me a job in Syria, to work on reception or as a waiter in a hotel for Russians. They pay for tickets and paperwork. I will try just for a few weeks, 6-8, I think. Not more than 2 months.

I can go there either at the beginning of june or july. June is better because it is cheaper.

I don’t think you can come here before June but all I ask is to wait for me.


We don’t have other options.

The calls to Ukraine will be allowed to me there, we will stay in contact through this agency.

I am not sure if I go, but I am seriously thinking about it….

Besides, I think this travel experience will be useful for me when I am going to come to you.

You are mature man, I know you are secure enough to believe me.

All this must be based on trust and chemistry between each other. If not, then ok, I can’t do anything.

You are a special man for me.

If you think I am like your other previous girls, ok then, it is your right to think so but you are wrong.

I must go now..

You are in my heart and thoughts, these days like never before because I understand your reaction about my possible job opportunity.

Kiss you tenderly


Thank your for your honesty again.

You are being sarcastic a bit now again but it s ok, this is real you. I thought you were so only in letters, where you were plating your fruit salad game but you play this in real life as well.

Why have you liked me? because I was flirting with you at the beginning and you can’t reject any pretty girl or because I was the best for me and you felt something for me? if the truth it is t he second, then what have you felt? Mere lust like when you were eating me with your eyes saying “sexy zhenshina”?

Or you wanted me to show to your friends to prove that you are still macho man and can get any girl?

I think so… you know why? Because if you really liked me you would believe me, you would trust me and respect every thought of me.

Why should I answer you’re the same questions in every letter if you ignore my answers?

if I knew you would react like this I would never asked you for to help me.

anyway I will not do it again because I will be working in summer.

Or maybe you think that if you play with many women here, then I am the same like you?


How can we be plan marriage if we met only once???

I don’t like to be pressed and you are pushing on me!! I do not deserve it!

I do not care about the girls you had before and PLEASE don’t compare me with them, it makes me mad!

My phone is really broken and my parents are about to divorce while I go to another country to earn money for life and to not ask you to help me!

These are the facts. Believe it or not , it is not my , I problem anymore.

Either you are insecure and you will never trust anybody or you just need a brainless blonde who will be a happy part of your fruit salad.

I am sorry I was thinking about it before I got your letter.

I don’t know what else to say… you don’t understand me at all when it goes about serious things.



I am surprised with everything you have written to me.

I had no any other men on my mind, only you... but now you are blaming me that I was playing with you, asking you for money. As I remember, I have never asked you for money.

I never insisted.

I don't like to read such things about myself, to be honest.

And if to be completely honest, I think you are a charming and attractive man but you need more trust.

We had a good time here , I thought everything was fine between us, I thought we have known each other but now I realize we don't understand each other at all.

And now you are discussing me with another people, though I thought I explained everything to you and I was hoping for your understanding.

To be honest, I can't get what was the initial problem between us.

But it is too late to search for it.

Take care