Scammer Ekaterina Matrosova Ekaterina

Bratsk, Russia

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Do not fall for her. She is a scammer! After telling me of how much she loved me and how she would pay her way to usa she sends me a sad story about the plane ticket being more than she expected. Wanted me to send her $600 because the $350 she had was not enough. The flights to usa from her city are almost $4000. Of course I didn’t send. Beware!
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Also is now using email [email protected]!
Comment #146069
I had this come today 14/06/18. They have sent me the same pictures. Using the same email address. I did a bit of searching and found she has a page i presume on Russian version of face book. on there she is using the name Karina Lodochkin. The pictures were same as on here. On there she has her age as 34yrs, bn 5th Feb 1984. She has 534 followers.Hi my friend !
How are you doing today ?
My name is Ekaterina , my last name Matrosova
You left your .com to me on the dating site and I decided to write you
This is my first internet dating experience and that's why I'm very worried and do not even know what to say
I'll tell you about myself, I'm from Russia
My city Bratsk, this is a small town in the Irkutsk region
We have almost 250,000 people and this is very small for Russia
For comparison, approximately 12 million people live in Moscow
But I love my native and beautiful city
So I'm a little distracted, I'll tell you more about myself
I am 42 years old and I could hardly register on the dating site and understand there
Many people asked me for Skype and something else, but I do not understand anything about this and I hardly learned the correspondence by e-mail, my niece taught me
I do not understand anything on the Internet and how everything goes on here, I'm here like a dinosaur
I'm 42 years old and I've never been married, because I have not yet met a real man
I really liked you and I would like to know you more and better, I hope for your answer and we will be able to continue communication
I'm writing through an interpreter because I can speak English, but I write with errors
I will very much wait and be very worried
Comment #146293
Ive had this person contact me again. With new pictures, which I googled there was nothing on them This is what she has written this on 19/06/2018 My Dear Friend, I'm sorry that I did not write to you for so long, I did not have internet. As the Internet appeared, I immediately wrote to you. I hope you will continue our dialogue. Do you mind?
I'm very glad that you wrote me a roger
I'm fine today, the weather is normal
I have not talked much about myself and therefore I want to say more
My height is 170 centimeters, the whole 54 kilograms
My birthday is December 5
I have been working for about 10 years as a sales manager for plastic windows
This work I like, although the patch is only about 300 euros a month, but I have enough
We have a very friendly team, in principle we have girls working, that's why we like to gossip
I live alone, I have my own apartment, which was left to me from my parents
Unfortunately, my parents are no longer there, since 3 years ago they died
I always looked at them and they loved each other so much, most of all
And I always dreamed that I would meet my man, but I'm already 42 years old, and I've never been married yet, everyone tells me that it's time to get married
But in my city, I have not yet met a real man and that's why I was advised by the Internet, here the whole world
I love sports, I want to go to the gym 3 times a week, and so maybe I look younger
I do not smoke, I use alcohol only on holidays
In Russia there is a big problem with alcohol
I also like to watch movies, romantic, comedies, horrors, all that's interesting I watch
I like listening to music, I do not have favorite bands, I listen to everything
What do you love? What are your preferences?
In your free time, what are you doing?
I think it's time to finish your letters and I'll wait for your answer
And I'm very worried