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Hi My dear friend !!! It seems to me remarkable that you
became interested in acquaintance to me. I am very glad what do you want
to get acquainted with me. How are you? How is your mood and
health? How your full name? I took your e-mail in International
marriage agency "Romantik". I very much liked your questionnaire and I
decided to write you the letter. I would be very glad if you could
to send me your photos. I hope that our acquaintance will be
to develop further. My name is Eugenia and me now 33 years and I
I hope that our age difference doesn't disturb you. I hope it
so? I always liked men aged because men in
age respect women and pay more attention. I want to tell
you have some about yourself. I live alone in the own apartment. But I
I go to my parents for the weekend and I help them. My mother worked
the doctor in hospital and now it already on pension. My parents, live on
other end of the city.
My father worked at munitions factory and now too to be on pension.
My parents are engaged in agriculture. I work as the seller in
flower shop. After work I spend free time of the house or with
my acquaintance. I can speak fluently in English. I am very much
I worry to write you the letter because it is my first experience of acquaintance
on the Internet. But I would like to know a little about you. I want to know whom you
do you work? What you in general are engaged in? To be pleasant to you your work? I
I will be glad if you respond to my letter and will tell a little about yourself.
Now I will finish my letter to you and I hope to receive from you
letters. I still have a question to you. What do you think of my photos?
Comment #141027
How are you?
It's again Elena! You can name me in abbreviated form Lena!
I waited today to see your letter!
I had a confidence, that you will write me the letter.
I hope that you have received my last letter where I wrote to you how many to me of years and my data!
As you already know, that to me of 31 years, I try to observe a healthy way of life.
How I can name you in the letters?
Last night, I wished to look the letter from you, but my laptop of the house has broken!
My nephew has not specially spilt juice on my laptop when looked cartoon films! He was frightened also of anything to me has not told!
My laptop not from last models, but all suited me! In service to me have told, that it is not subject to repair,
I plan to buy the new laptop when I will receive the salary on my work.
Now I on work, am convenient to write me letters from work.
I hope it will not prevent our acquaintance and we will find a way to continue acquaintance!
As I wrote to you in the last letter, that I was not present in social networks, and on work to me it is difficult for making,
because I do not have access to such sites from my working computer....
Now I will tell to you about the work!
I work every day, except Sunday, it only one day off in a week, but I the hardworking girl, and for me it am not difficult!
On Sunday I cannot see your letters, unfortunately...
I start to work in 09:00 in the morning.
Also I stop to work in 19:00 in the evening.
I work in the private building company.
My post the bookkeeper.
My duties include reporting delivery, calculation and wages transfer, the account of expenses and company incomes, and also payment of taxes!
I like my work.
I work behind the computer much.
I have a higher education.
I have finished training at economy faculty.
I live in city Dimitrovgrad in the last letter I wrote to you about it.
My city Dimitrovgrad is small and its population is about one hundred thousand people.
You can see my city on the Internet.
Capital of Russia, the city of Moscow.
Distance to a city of Moscow about 1000 kilometres from my city.
You sometime were in Russia?
When I decided to get acquainted with a man in the agency of acquaintances, I considered the many profiles of men.
But I have written the letter only to you.
It is difficult to me to explain my choice, because I get acquainted for the first time thus!
Possibly my heart has prompted, that I should write the letter to you.
I have got used to trust the heart.
important to me that the man was kind, sympathetic, and that he knew how to treat a woman right. after all, age is just numbers,
important soul of man, his attitude and his feelings!
I wish to ask you about sincerity and respect.
I want to make our communication with you was based on trust.
Now we only have got acquainted with you.
I hope, that the trust will appear in due course between us.
In the future I can give you the mobile phone, but now I wish to learn you better because calls will cost very expensively.
I will a little tell about myself.
I accurate also love cleanliness and for me it is important, to be always well-groomed and to be in the good form.
Your life is interesting to me.
Please, do not forget to answer my questions.
Than you are engaged at leisure?
You like to prepare a dish?
Today I send you the photos and I will be glad to see your photos in the new letter.
I should continue to work now.
Thanks for your attention!
If at you is Skype, write me it, soon I plan to buy the new laptop and to make Skype, I not when did not use this program,
but I know that many people it use also it very conveniently what to communicate and see each other in real time.
I hope, that my letter was not boring for you and all was pleasant to you!
I wish you beautiful and a sunny day!